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In The Mailbox: 08.04.22 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

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Ninety Miles From Tyranny: Visage a Trois #384
EBL: You Know It’s Bad When the Biden Administration Calls You Corrupt, also, RIP Vin Scully 
Twitchy: “You’ve Got Your Own Plane”, also, “What Are Y’all Doing?”
Louder With Crowder: Bad News For CNN, also, Demi Lovato Has Changed Her Pronouns Again – Why You Should Care
Vox Popoli: Trust the Fiction, No Worries, It’s Just a Drill, and The Sacrificial Lamb Approaches
Gab News: The Christian Quest

Adam Piggott: Napoleon’s Village
American Conservative: The Democrats’ Weak Bench, The George Soros Bait and Switch, and, The Voice of the National Pastime
American Greatness: Matt Gaetz Introduces Bill Banning IRS from Acquiring Ammunition, also, The Big Lies We Cannot Question
American Thinker: The Covid ‘Vaccine’ Scam, also, Armageddon Looms For The Democrat Party
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Cuban mothers and their children block road into Havana in protest, demand meeting with Diaz-Canel, Protesters in Cuba take to the streets in at least 10 towns, and The Cuban Dictatorship’s Illicit Affair With Remittances
BattleSwarm: Is Russia’s Economy Collapsing?
Behind The Black: Momentus has now deployed seven of ten customer payloads from its Vigoride tug, NASA imposes new rules for any private launches to ISS, and Where to get legal help if you have been blacklisted by today’s control freaks
Cafe Hayek: Good Medicine; Wrong Prescription
CDR Salamander: To Build the Fleet We Need: Demand Humility & Challenge Arrogance
Da Tech Guy: The death toll from lockdowns, “No Job Is Worth It”, and The #unexpectedly chronicles Yet another of the Left’s Useful Idiot’s Usefulness expires
Don Surber: The cargo cult of climate change, Mask mandates flip parents Republican, and Visa may have to pay child porn victim
Gates Of Vienna: Those Frisky Culture-Enrichers, Austrian Police Girl Gets Culturally Enriched, and A Merger of the Bundeswehr With the Police?
The Geller Report: Trump-Backed Candidates WIN in U.S. Midterm Primaries, also, Soros, Biden Spearhead Efforts Against Election Integrity Ahead of Midterms
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Vin Scully, R. I. P., and Meanwhile, in Baltimore
Hollywood In Toto: Bullet Train – A Bugs Bunny Cartoon… With Less Realism, also, Dread Pirate Roberts Recalls ’70s Cinema for Today’s World
The Lid: “Inflation Reduction Act” Is A Boondoggle Of Corporate Giveaways That Makes Inflation Worse
Legal Insurrection: Northwestern Requiring Literature Majors to Take Diversity Courses But Not Literature, “America Stands With Taiwan”, and Ron DeSantis Declines Invitation to Appear on The View
Michelle Malkin: Nick Kristof’s Shamhill Clown Show
Nebraska Energy Observer: Breakpoint
Outkick: Longtime Broadcaster Vin Scully, ‘Heartbeat of the Dodgers,’ Dies At 94, Phil Mickelson, 10 Other LIV Golfers File Lawsuit Against The PGA Tour Challenging Their Suspensions, and NBA Guard Iman Shumpert Arrested At Dallas Airport For Packing Several Ounces of Weed
Power Line: Tim Walz meets the voters
Shark Tank: Chet Stokes Smears DeSantis Endorsed ‘Angel Mom’ Kiyan Michael
Shot In The Dark: As The Kids Get Ready, also, We’re Not In Kansas Any More
The Political Hat: Justice Alito On Rights And Freedom
This Ain’t Hell: Sigh…the Brits just don’t get it, Need help to find family of Quincy, MA Vietnam POW, Republican House incumbent, who voted to impeach Trump, loses primary, and Longtime sports announcer, Navy vet Vin Scully passes
Transterrestrial Musings: Reversing “Death”, Clashing Scientific Paradigms, and The Timeline Moves Back
Victory Girls: White House Tries Afghanistan Debacle Rewrite, also, Will Sinema Hold Out Against Democrat Pressure?
Volokh Conspiracy: WV v. EPA: Some Answers about Major Questions (But Not All the Answers We Need)
Watts Up With That: Tonga Eruption Blasted Unprecedented Amount of Water Into Stratosphere
Weasel Zippers: FBI: Quoting Thomas Jefferson Makes You A Potential Domestic Terrorist, Batgirl Tested So Poorly With Audiences, Warner Bros Canceled The $100 Million Woke Project, and MSNBC: After Supporting Dems By 38 Points In 2016, “Hispanics Are Now Voting Dem By Just 13 Points”
The Federalist: The Only ‘Principle’ Never Trumpers Care About In Candidates Like Peter Meijer Is Trump Hatred, Pro-Lifers Need Not Despair Over Kansas Abortion Setback And Here’s Why, and Delaware’s Plan To Allow Widespread Unsupervised Voting Violates Its Constitution, Lawsuit Says
Mark Steyn: The Respectable Men Who Protect the Gang-Rapists

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