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In The Mailbox: 08.10.22 (Morning Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

h/t Hopalong Ginsberg on MeWe

357 Magnum: Don’t Bring A Knife To A Gunfight
EBL: So what were the DOJ and FBI up to today?
Twitchy: “We’re Laughing At You, Not With You,” also, “Transgender State Of Refuge” Bill Advances To California Assembly floor
Louder With Crowder: Kanye sends Pete Davidson into ‘trauma therapy’ for making fun of his Kim Kardashian break-up
Vox Popoli: The Raid on Mar-A-Lago, Indefinite Exercises, and Filthbloods Die Faster
Stoic Observations: Black Class Over Racial Affinity

American Conservative: The Failure in Uvalde Was Societal
American Greatness: Kevin McCarthy Vows Investigation of DOJ after Mar-a-Lago Raid
American Thinker: Joe Manchin May Have Just Cooked His Own Goose
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Believe It When I See It News
Babalu Blog: Cuban oil depot fire intensifies, inferno still out of control
BattleSwarm: Harris County Really Doesn’t Want Vote Audits
Behind The Black: Northrop Grumman partners with Firefly to make Antares entirely U.S. made, Debris from Russian anti-sat test causing numerous near Starlink collisions, and The Democratic Party of thugs and goons
Cafe Hayek: National Conservatives Demand the Economic Equivalent of a Square Circle, In Praise of Liberalism, and Economic Competition Is Not a Tort; Its Costs are Internalized By the Market Process
CDR Salamander: China to the Slot
Chicago Boyz: F*** you. Shut up.
Da Tech Guy: When the Biden White House calls on “experts” to support its agenda, watch your wallet, Report from Louisiana: Random Thoughts in a Transitional Week, and Who needs to teach Kids to read in Lawrence When You Can Teach them About the Evils of Whiteness?
Don Surber: NYT upset that Republicans win, Raid Trump? DeSantis is the next man up, and Even Andrew Cuomo sees the FBI abuse
Gates Of Vienna: Talking to the Elephants, They’ve Got a Ticket to Ride, And They Don’t Care!, Stop Me Before I Fart Again!, and Syrian Mujahideen Arrested in Austria and Spain
The Geller Report: FBI And DOJ Criminalizing Opposition To The Regime Is How The Republic Ends, also, Hopelessness is all the Democrats have left
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Water on the Moon, The Twenty-Four Hour Rule, and Proper Resource Allocation
Hollywood In Toto: Winners, Losers of 2022’s Summer Movies (And 1 Question Mark), Off Limits – A Conservative Assault on Late Night Clapter, and What’s Missing from the James Franco/Fidel Castro Debate
Legal Insurrection: Rhode Island School District Encourages Entire Town to Report Violations of ‘Anti-Racist’ Policy, Gibson’s Bakery Will Have to Wait To Collect, and NYPD Cops Quitting Before They Qualify for Pensions
Nebraska Energy Observer: Part Three of three
Outkick: ESPN Is In Huge Trouble With The Big Ten’s New Media Deal, Russell Wilson’s Hair Mousse Rubs Channing Crowder Wrong Way, Minor League Team Held Seinfeld-Themed ‘Elaine’ Dance Contest, and Serena Williams Announces Pending Retirement
Power Line: A simple desultory philippic
Shark Tank: Fried Accuses DeSantis Of “Defending Donald Trump Instead Of The Rule Of Law”
Shot In The Dark: Due Process, also, I’m Curious
STUMP: Meep and Media: Podcasts and Videos – Sumo, Fraud, and Math, oh my!
The Political Hat: Out: Academic Freedom. In: Academic Liberation By Woke Groupthink
This Ain’t Hell: Military Monkeypox Cases Increase x10!, Medal of Honor awardee Simanek passes on. Only 2 from Korea remain, and Milley resignation letter cited in upcoming book
Transterrestrial Musings: The Manual Transmission
Victory Girls: Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Raided By Partisan FBI
Volokh Conspiracy: Removal of Books With “Lascivious Content” from School Libraries Likely Constitutionally Permissible, also, Can Portions of States Secede from Those States?
Watts Up With That: Big Wind/Solar Roll Taxpayers, Landscape
Weasel Zippers: WATCH: Trump Campaign-Style Video After Mar-A-Lago Raid “The Best Is Yet To Come…”, ABC Poll: 69% Of Americans Say Biden’s Economy Is Getting Worse, and WH Accuses Texas Gov. Abbott Of Using Illegal Immigrants As “Political Pawns”
The Federalist: FBI Raid On Trump Confirms The Security State Picks Who Americans Are Allowed To Vote For, LGBT Activism In Sports Is Increasingly Forcing Christians Off The Field, and Public Schools Have No One But Themselves To Blame For Enrollment Drops
Mark Steyn: Motown Mo’ Times, also, The Return of Interest

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