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‘Mashed Tater’: Ace of Spades Frantically Seeks New Target of Fat Jokes as CNN Axes Unpopular Pudgy Bald Guy

Posted on | August 18, 2022 | Comments Off on ‘Mashed Tater’: Ace of Spades Frantically Seeks New Target of Fat Jokes as CNN Axes Unpopular Pudgy Bald Guy

Really, I could just throw a link to Ace of Spades on this story and be done with it, because what can be said about Brian Stelter that Ace has not already said? While I don’t think Ace coined the nickname “Tater” for Stelter, he certainly popularized it, and if you’re a Tater hater, AOSHQ has been daily must-reading for the past six or seven years. How many thousands of Tater jokes has Ace made since Stelter arrived on CNN? Any attempt to estimate the number is futile, like trying to count the stars in the sky. And did any media personality more perfectly embody Trump Derangement Syndrome than CNN’s chubby clown? There was a symbiotic relationship between Ace and Tater, and I’m sure Ace is mourning the loss of his favorite punching bag:

CNN is dropping its Sunday show Reliable Sources while its host, Brian Stelter, is exiting the network.
A spokesperson for CNN said, “CNN will end its Reliable Sources program on Sunday, August 21st. As a result Brian Stelter will leave the company. We appreciate his contributions to the network and wish him well as he embarks on new endeavors.”

(Translation: “Good-bye, fatso.”)

The show’s team was notified of the cancellation on Thursday. Their jobs also are being cut, but they will be given the opportunity to apply for new jobs at CNN, according to the network. The network did not say what programming would replace the one-hour program. . . .

(They could air Spongebob Squarepants reruns and get higher ratings.)

His exit is one of the biggest moves so far at the network under new chairman and CEO Chris Licht, who joined the network on May 1. . . .
Stelter also has been a frequent on-air presence during CNN news programming, particularly in commenting on Donald Trump and his attacks on the media. That made Stelter a frequent target on the right — and from hosts on Fox News — for his coverage of Trump and the CNN rival. . . .

(Actually what “made Stelter a frequent target on the right” — and by “the right,” they mean mainly Ace of Spades — is that he’s fat, he’s bald, he has no discernible talent, and nobody ever really liked him, which is why his ratings were worse than reruns of Spongebob Squarepants.)

Stelter was one of [former CNN boss Jeff] Zucker’s high-profile hires, having been lured away from The New York Times. Just out of college, Stelter joined the Times in 2007, and quickly made a mark for his frequent scoops and social media presence. . . .
Last week, longtime CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin announced that he was parting ways with the network.

Wow, losing both Stelter and Toobin in the span of two weeks — what will Ace do now? The Punchline Shortage of 2022 has arrived.



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