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In The Mailbox: 09.06.22 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: The Racism Problem In The Rings Of Prime
EBL: Peter Zeihan : The Old World Order Is About To Collapse, Apex, and The Country that Democrats Have Built
Twitchy: Kathy Griffin’s “If You Don’t Want A Civil War Vote For Democrats” Pitch Goes Badly, also, TPM’s Josh Marshall Still Cranky About The 2000 Election
Louder With Crowder: Ron DeSantis drops best ad I’ve seen in years, also, Adult male dancer ‘Jenna Tailia’ performs for all ages back to school show (that means children)
Vox Popoli: Dude, Take the Damn L, The Hubris of Morgoth, The Inevitable End of Empire, and The Globalists Have Lost Control

Adam Piggott: This Vagabond Life
American Conservative: Washington Is Running on Empty
American Greatness: Federal Judge Grants Trump’s Request For a Special Master to Review Seized Documents, also, A Cry of Defiance Against the Deep State
American Power: Sea Power Makes Great Powers, Red China’s Economy Won’t Overtake the U.S., Some Now Predict, and How Many Books Actually Sell?
American Thinker: Biden’s New Title IX Proposals Will Codify the Gender Derangement of the Left
Animal Magnetism: Vacation Totty II
Babalu Blog: Due to lack of resources, only 23 Cuban mills will process sugarcane in the next harvest, ‘Karla Marx,’ Charlie Crist’s running mate for Florida governor, deletes tweet mourning death of Fidel Castro, and Wife of Cuban dissident José Daniel Ferrer gets 15-minute visit, finds him malnourished, covered in mosquito bites
BattleSwarm: Ukraine: Don’t Assume Russia Will Win, also, When Storage Wars Meets Gun Hoarders
Behind The Black: Today’s blacklisted American, Red China launches two satellites with its Kuaizhou-1A rocket, South Korea’s Danuri lunar orbiter successfully makes course correction, and The evidence continues to pile up: The government’s strongarm policies against COVID were utter failures
Cafe Hayek: Covid and Climate “Science”, A Review of Robert Kuttner’s ‘Debtor’s Prison’, “Politics As the Art of Confined Compromise”, and If Labor Markets are Red Hot, Collective Bargaining Cannot Even In Theory Help Some Workers Without Harming Others
CDR Salamander: Build More Carriers and Send Some to CENTCOM
Da Tech Guy: Democrats are the vote-buying party, Report from Louisiana: Teacher Shortage, and A Reason For Hope on Labor Day
Don Surber: Special Master spoils FBI party, DC panics because Politico may drop its bias, and Did Tom Cruise slay the Red Chinese dragon?
First Street Journal: A couple of very uncomfortable questions, also, Killadelphia
Gates Of Vienna: Giorgia Meloni Confronted by LGBTQ Activist, Islam, Schmislam, Jihad in Catalonia, and Turn up the Thermostat, Get Three Years in the Slammer
The Geller Report: DEMOCRAT CHILD ABUSE: Reading, Math Scores PLUNGE, Data Shows, also, VILLAINY: Federal Prosecutors Waiting Until After Midterms to Take Any Action Against Trump: Report
Hogewash: The Usual Suspects, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Hubble and JWST Look at M74, and Rebekah Jones Criminal Trial Date Set
Hollywood In Toto: How House of Darkness Fumbles MeToo Scares, Al Franken’s Pathetic Attempt to Defang Rob Schneider’s ‘SNL’ Critique, and Critic Confessions: Are Stars Fed Up with Press Junkets?
The Lid: Homeowners Learn The Hard Way That ‘Smart’ Thermostats Come With Ugly Strings Attached
Legal Insurrection: Pushback Mounts Against American Bar Association Plan To Ditch Required Standardized Admissions Testing, Victor Davis Hanson Calls DEI Loyalty Oaths in Higher Education ‘McCarthyesque’, 50 Years On, Remembering The Munich Olympics Massacre, and Court Forces Fauci And Jean-Pierre To Answer Questions Under Oath And Produce Documents In Biden-Big Tech Collusion Case
Nebraska Energy Observer: Who We Are and How We Got here, also, Home school
Outkick: Jalen Hurts Is Improving – And The NFL Should Stop Underestimating Him, LeBron, Drake Facing Lawsuit Over Hockey Movie ‘Black Ice’, LIV Golf Now Lets Players Wear Shorts During Competition, and Tennis Player Margaret Court Says Her Serena Williams Appreciation Isn’t Reciprocated
Power Line: Walz failed, crime edition, The “Green Revolution” Is Impossible, and The Liberal Arts—RIP
Shark Tank: Michelle Kwan Considers Congressional Run, also, Brian Mast Goes Scorched Earth On Biden Over “Rainbow” Fentanyl
Shot In The Dark: Causation, also, Compare & Contrast
STUMP: Advice on the CDC 2021 Life Expectancy Report
The Political Hat: Sacramento Public Schools: Polyamorous BSDM Drag Queen Kids Are Great (Just Don’t Tell Their Parents)
This Ain’t Hell: Navy can’t seem to do separations right, Window to close for the National Defense Service Medal, Gallimaufry, and Ambassador Nancy Pelosi?
Victory Girls: Unhinged Joe Biden In Milwaukee For Labor Day, also, Hands Off My Thermostat!
Volokh Conspiracy: Malicious Prosecution Claim Against DHS Agents Can Go Forward
Watts Up With That: Coal Miners Rescue a Dead EV, Push it to the Mine for a Recharge, also, 21 Million German Households, Industry Suffer Body Blow as Green Energy Scheme Disintegrates
Weasel Zippers: F*ck Joe Biden Chants Break Out Again At College Football Games, California Declares Power Grid Emergency – Says Usage Is At 5-Year High And Grid May Collapse, Woman Who Betrayed MAGA And GOP Wants To Be “Voice Of Trump Voters” On The View, and Biden Energy Sec. On Climate Change: “California Is In The Lead” And Can Show Nation How It Is Done
The Federalist: Planned Parenthood Isn’t On The Way Out, It’s Transitioning To Gender-Bending, How Discriminatory Hiring Is Leading To Full-Blown Leftist Indoctrination At Public Schools, Unreliable Voter Rolls Poison Election Integrity, But One Group Might Have The Antidote, and Special Master Order Reveals Biden’s Direct Involvement In Trump Raid And Six Other Bombshells
Mark Steyn: I’ll Be Around, The Day After Labor, and Going with the Flow

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