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In The Mailbox: 09.08.22 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

A sad day, this is. I guess we can’t make jokes about her and Keef being the last humans standing at the end of time any more. 

Ninety Miles From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Box, Episode #1833
EBL: Uncharted
Twitchy: Watch Ron DeSantis Troll Gavin Newsom Over California’s Energy Headaches
Louder With Crowder: Trans activists stage protest outside government building and poured urine on themselves. Read that again., also, Mike Rowe barbecues troll who tagged him in ‘fraud’ meme accusing him of s***ing on college graduates
Vox Popoli: Better Buckle Up, Amazon’s Diary of Anne Frank, A Cold, Dark Winter, and Grifters, Grifters Everywhere

American Conservative: Up With The Carceral State, also, European Winter Holiday With Ursula Antoinette
American Greatness: California Teachers Union Accused of Spying on Parents Who Wanted Schools to Reopen
American Thinker: Democrats Dangerously Copy The Tactics Of Famous Fascists
Animal Magnetism: Vacation Totty III
Babalu Blog: Cuban dictatorship warns it will respond with force to any protests over blackouts, also, Image of the Day: Cuban children taught outdoors because their school is in imminent danger of collapse
BattleSwarm: Ukrainian Counteroffensive In Kharkiv?
Behind The Black: Red China’s Long March 2D launches two military satellites, Pushback: Libs of TikTok threatens Twitter with lawsuit if banning continues, and 1-in-5 Democrats and 1-in-3 women Democrats think men can get pregnant
Cafe Hayek: Bellante and Picone on Card and Krueger
CDR Salamander: 5 Years, 17 Lives, 1 Navy
Da Tech Guy: Education during Covid: A failing grade, I’m Old Enough to Remember when the Irish Weren’t in Favor of Authorities Locking UP Irishmen Over Religion, and A Reminder for NE Fans and Sports Radio folk
Don Surber: ITEM 1 : Vogue reported that actress Jennifer Lawrence has the sadz, Trump tried to save SF, and Tech companies take Trump’s advice and leave Red China
First Street Journal: Hold them accountable!
Gates Of Vienna: Matteo Salvini at Lampedusa, Omnicide, and Send in the Lawyers
The Geller Report: MEDIA COVERUP: Another Massive GREEN DISASTER, Amazon Took Solar Rooftops Offline Following Major Fires, Electrical Explosions, also, Dutch Farmers Topple Agriculture Minister Leading Climate Agenda
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, JWST Looks at the Tarantula Nebula, and California to Outlaw Gasoline Powered Cars
Hollywood In Toto: Adam Carolla: Actors Fear Even Criticizing COVID-19 Rules, Jennifer Lawrence’s Intolerance Hurts the Country. Here’s Why, and Barbarian Gives 2022 Another Gonzo Horror Experience
The Lid: LMAO-Fauci & White House Get Bad News In State AGs’ Censorship Lawsuit
Legal Insurrection: Unhinged ‘Comedian’ Kathy Griffin Says Vote for Democrats in November or Expect Civil War, Doocy Calls Out Jean-Pierre Over Tweet Claiming Trump Stole 2016 Election, and Update – Mandy Nagy 8 Years Later
Michelle Malkin: Whiny Media McWhiner of the Month
Nebraska Energy Observer: History is a pact between the dead, the living, and the yet unborn*
Outkick: Lawmakers Question University of South Carolina Over BYU Cancellation, Adult Man Snags Ball Intended For Young Girl, PGA Tour Revokes Cam Smith’s Parking Spot, Remove Photos Of Him At TPC Sawgrass After Jump To LIV Golf, and Absolute Scenes Unfold At Dodger Stadium As Craig Kimbrel Continues To Dominate With Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ As Walk-Out Song
Power Line: Triumph of the shill: What say you?
Protein Wisdom: Hump Day Shrapnel
Shark Tank: Demings Releases Pro-abortion Ad Attacking Rubio, Who Responds
Shot In The Dark: Conflict Of Interest, also, Out There With All Those 19-Year-Old Cooks
This Ain’t Hell: Short takes, Calling All Barracks Lawyers: Legal Question, and How’s That Again?
Victory Girls: Fetterman Campaign Has Lots Of Problems
Volokh Conspiracy: The Dormant Commerce Clause and Geolocation: Some Background About Federalism
Watts Up With That: Electric Cars Are Not “Zero-Emission Vehicles”
Weasel Zippers: Biden Claimed He Knew Nothing About Raid On Trump Home – But Search Warrant Shows He Set Events Into Motion That Led To It, 1:4 Democrats Believe Men Can Become Pregnant, and Baltimore Issues Boil Water Advisory After E.Coil Bacteria Found In System
The Federalist: Court: Fauci, Biden Officials Must Cough Up Records Of Collusion With Big Tech, To Restore Americans’ Faith In Elections, Fix Sloppy Record-Keeping  , and Brittany Aldean Has Nothing To Apologize For
Mark Steyn: Ins and Outs, also, The Biggest Scandal in History

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