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In The Mailbox: 09.19.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

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357 Magnum: Violent Felons Don’t Stop Being Violent Felons
EBL: Why did Martha’s Vineyard kick those illegal Venezuelan migrants out to the mainland?
Twitchy: “If You Are A Republican, You Are A Nazi”, also, CBC – While Ben Shapiro Doesn’t Belong To Any Hate Groups, He’s Radicalizing Young Men
Louder With Crowder: Kanye goes America First, cancels Gap deal over Red China connection, also, School board clears room of minors before reading ‘filthy’ book available in their school
Vox Popoli: Suicide is not Murder, Why Russia Hasn’t Mobilized, They Didn’t Get the Saline, and Third-World USA

American Conservative: Trans Mega-Ta-Tas In Clown World Canada
American Greatness: Wish You Weren’t Here, Equal Justice, They Said, and It’s Time to Stop the Left’s ‘Fact Check’ Scheme
American Power: [Six] Republicans Won’t Promise to Accept 2022 Results
American Thinker: Biden’s Reichstag Fire, also, The FBI: Disturbing the Peace and Creating Inter-Party War
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Extreme poverty in communist Cuba increased 111% in 2021, While Cubans suffer food shortages, Castro dictatorship holds international gourmet festival, Demonstration at Marlins Baseball Park in Miami today to protest MLB’s discrimination against Cuban players, and The left gives Red China a pass on climate change and global warming
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm for September 16, also, Petition To Remove El Paso Democrat DA Moves Forward
Behind The Black: SpaceX launches 54 Starlink satellites on Falcon 9, Cosmonaut Valeri Polykov, holder of the record’s longest stay in space, passes away, SpaceX fires seven engines on Superheavy prototype #7, and Today’s blacklisted American: Leftist thugs at University of New Mexico threaten conservative speaker and audience with violence
Cafe Hayek: Cato Journal: “Cable Reregulation” (with Bob Ekelund), Challenging John Burtka to a Debate on Trade Policy, and Some Empirical Evidence on Deflation
CDR Salamander: A Mid-September Midrats Melee!, also, If They Name Them “Yamato” and “Musashi” I will Probably Stroke Out
Chicago Boyz: Book Review: Lydia Bailey, by Kenneth Roberts
Da Tech Guy: What Do the People of Martha’s Vineyard and Pontius Pilate Have in Common?, I called it! Navy to rename the USNS Maury, and The Scream TV ad is a chilling warning about crime in Chicago and Illinois–and the danger of the Democrats’ SAFE-T Act
Don Surber: Is CNN making Fox nervous?, Martha’s Vineyard sent illegals to a Superfund site, and  The recession the media ignores
First Street Journal: Child rearing is the parents’ responsibility, not the teachers’, also, Once again, The Philadelphia Inquirer does not cover a story that doesn’t fit Teh Narrative
Gates Of Vienna: Send ’Em Back? The ECHR Says No!, The Mocro Mafia Targets the Crown Princess, and Berlin’s Resident Palestinian Terrorist
The Geller Report: Chicago Bears DENY Mayor Groot’s Proposal To Stay In The City Of Chicago, DeSantis: ‘There Will Be More’ Illegal Migrant Buses, Flights, and McDonald’s CEO Warns Chicago Mayor Lightfoot that Soaring Crime is Leaving its Corporate Staff Too Terrified to Return to HQ
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Terzan 4, and I’m Not Making This Up, You Know
Hollywood In Toto: I Came By Isn’t What You Expect, Dear Hollywood: Be More Like Trace Adkins, and New Karate Kid Sequel Shows Folly of Modern Hollywood Groupthink
The Lid: Newsom Signed 40 New Green Bills in Most Aggressive Climate Hypothesis Push
Legal Insurrection: Albany DA Investigating Alleged Duplicate Signatures on NY GOP Gubernatorial Nominee Lee Zeldin’s Petitions, Gibson’s Bakery Thanks Legal Insurrection And Its Readers, Debunked: Histrionic ‘Kidnapping’ Claim Against DeSantis, Abbott, and Congressional Commission to West Point: Cancel Robert E. Lee
Nebraska Energy Observer: Change is good – Girl talk, also, “It was very easy to die that day,”
Outkick: Clay Travis: ‘Duke Volleyball Player Is A Fraud’, Paige Spiranac Threw Out The First Pitch In Milwaukee, Absolutely Nobody Showed Up To Watch UCLA Football After All-Time Low Attendance Record, and Eli Manning Goes Undercover As Penn State Football Walk-On Quarterback, Hilarity Ensues
Power Line: A Huge Win for Free Speech, When the axis tilts, and Jan Karski’s message
Shark Tank: Charlie Crist’s Campaign Is Loaded With Special Interest Money
Shot In The Dark: Government Of, For, & By Merriam Park NIMBYs, also, The Shorter MNDFL
This Ain’t Hell: Army reports drops in test scores, qualifications, Vindman speaks: And it’s all Trump’s fault, and Influencer received payment offer to spread J6 and Anti MAGA propaganda
Transterrestrial Musings: On Starship Prices, History Taught Backwards, and Continuing Progress
Victory Girls: Ukraine Weapons Black Hole Just Grew, also, The Left’s Human Trafficking Histrionics
Volokh Conspiracy: Why the Florida and Texas Social Media Laws Violate the Takings Clause
Watts Up With That: Wildfires are the “Old Normal” for the Pacific Northwest, Denying Access to Energy: The New Normal?, and Checkbook Journalism: Bought & Paid for Climate ‘News’: NPR Announces Facebook’s Zuckerberg & Rockefeller Foundation Will Be funding NPR’s ‘Climate Desk’
Weasel Zippers: Biden Reportedly Pressuring FBI To Fabricate “Extremist” And “White Supremacist” Cases, Here’s The 82 Democrats Who Denied The 2016 Election, Kamala Harris Fumes Over Illegal Immigrants Sent To Her DC Residence, and 60 Minutes Interview: Biden Admits His Student Loan Bailout Is Illegal
The Federalist: Florida Education Consultants Teach Teens The United States Is Systemically Racist, Top Foreign Funder Of Transnational Terrorism Funds Think Tank That Staffs Democrat Presidential Administrations, If Martha’s Vineyard Tried To Prove It Cares About Immigrants, It Failed Miserably, and Democrats Are Astroturfing Climate Alarmism Among Latinos As Families Suffer From Record Inflation
Mark Steyn: Baby Talk, Do You Take This Woman? Myrna Loy and Third Finger, Left Hand, and We Gather Now to Keep Her Memory Green

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