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In The Mailbox: 09.23.22 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

h/t Hopalong Ginsberg on MeWe

EBL:  Biden Inflation Blues, also, Obama Had Classified Docs in an Unsecured Furniture Warehouse
Twitchy: Iranian Man Learns He Can’t Just Slap A Woman In Public Any More, also, Vet Explains Why Nobody Wants To Enlist Now
Louder With Crowder: Shop teacher Kayla Lemieux with those enormous fake knockers debuts their new poolside look
Vox Popoli: Please Don’t Hit Us, Serbia Calls Out NATO’s Double Standard, and Yes, They ARE Trying to Kill You

American Conservative: Holding Ground, Losing War, also, Leave Crimea Alone
American Greatness: FBI Retaliates Against Whistleblower After He Objects to SWAT Raids Against Jan 6 Subjects
American Thinker: Are Democrats Deliberately Choosing Impaired Candidates?, also, Can the GOP Accommodate Two Rock Stars?
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Reparations News
Babalu Blog: White House to resume visa processing at embassy in Cuba, but releases no plan to protect American diplomats, Why people still believe in socialism, and Another very old general in Cuba’s military junta dies, so do young Cubans infected with dengue
BattleSwarm: Putin Chooses Mobilization, Sham Referendum, Continuing Humiliation
Behind The Black: How private enterprise is solving the vulnerability of satellites to military attack, Musk: Starship orbital attempt by November, at the latest, and Today’s blacklisted American: Google, Paypal, Venmo team up to blacklist a gay organization
Cafe Hayek: There’s More to It Than That Which Meets the Eye
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Da Tech Guy: One More Think About All Those Scrubbed Web Sites and Secrets From Parents A Lesson from David, also, The squabbling between Conservatives and Libertarians is disheartening and unnecessary
Don Surber: DeSantis just cost Biden the midterms, also, A crisis so urgent, liberals will act in 18 years
Gates Of Vienna: The Bottomless Corruption of the Ukrainian State, also, Authorizing the Killing Fields
The Geller Report: ‘Climate Emergency’ Is a Hoax, International Study Finds, Air Force Academy Diversity Training Tells Cadets: “Don’t Say Terrorist,” “Include All Genders?”‘ Drop ‘Mom and Dad’, and COMPLAINT FILED: IRS Must Look Into Tax Breaks Zuckerberg Received For 2020 Election Rigging
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, JWST Looks at Neptune, and Welcome to Autumn
Hollywood In Toto: Why ‘Gutfeld!’ Matters Even More Than Conservatives Think
The Lid: Martha’s Vineyard ‘Sanctuary’ Deports 50 Illegal Immigrants. So Why Can’t America?
Legal Insurrection: WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Says Biden Didn’t Mean to Say Pandemic is ‘Over’, Gavin Newsom Blames Trump for People Leaving California, 1,800 STEM Scholars Argue Against Proposal in California to ‘Dumb Down K-12 Math’, and WaPo ‘Fact Checker’ Glenn Kessler Spreads Stacey Abrams’ Lie
Nebraska Energy Observer: Memory lane
Outkick: Richard Sherman Takes Unnecessary Shot At Russell Wilson, Yankees Tickets Are Going For As Much As $45,000 To See Aaron Judge Hit #62, Stephen A. Smith Says Ime Udoka Could Get Away With Improper Relationship With Woman If He Were White, and Former Teammate Puts Brett Favre In A Body Bag For Alleged Welfare Fraud
Power Line: Democrats Move to Criminalize Opposition, Thought for the Day: de Jouvenel’s Warning, and The coming Shoganate
Shark Tank: DeSantis Moves To Block Red China From Buying Land Around Military Bases
Shot In The Dark: Pet Peeve, One Definition Of Insanity, and Your Tax Dollars At Work
The Political Hat: Quick Takes – Racial Wokeness: Racial Quotas; Racial Bans; Racism For Cash
This Ain’t Hell: Some good news for a change!, Stolen Valor alleged against Ohio GOP House Candidate, and Kamala Harris meme triggers violent leftist reaction
Transterrestrial Musings: On Putin’s Speech, also, Sweden Moves To The Right
Victory Girls: Ginni Thomas To Meet With Jan 6 Committee, also, Fauci Flips On Lockdown Damage And China
Volokh Conspiracy: Vladimir Putin’s Partial Mobilization Order Strengthens the Case for Opening Western Doors to Russians Fleeing His Regime
Watts Up With That: Polar Bear No Closer to Extinction Than It Was 18 Years Ago as Arctic Sea Ice Resists ‘Tipping Point’
Weasel Zippers: Obama Foundation Is Keeping Tons Of Classified Documents In An Abandoned Warehouse, CA Dem Gov. Newsom Puts Up Pro-Abortion Billboards In Red States, Occasional Cortex Says Because Of “Burdens Of Capitalism” People Can’t Have Kids, and California Looks To Ban Diesel-Powered Trucks To Rectify “Decades Of Racist Practices”
The Federalist: How Activists Use Your Tax Dollars To Sexualize Kids At School, Republicans Using The Democratic Process To Win Local Elections Threatens Democracy, Says NYT, If Matt Walsh’s Reporting Is ‘Dangerous,’ What Is Biden-Backed ‘MAGA Extremism’ Rhetoric That Got A Teen Killed?, and Masters Gets More Support After McConnell Dumps Opportunity To Help Pick Up Arizona Senate Seat
Mark Steyn: Shaming the Shameless

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