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In The Mailbox: 09.23.22 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.

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357 Magnum: Does Manhattan’s DA Even Believe Rape Is A Crime?
EBL: The Persecution of FBI Whistleblower Steve Friend
Twitchy: Joe Biden Blames Republicans For Inflation, also, Governor Hair Gel Had A Plan To Eliminate San Fran’s Homeless Problem In 10 Years – Back In 2008
Louder With Crowder: Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) WRECKS Biden’s economic policy in only two minutes, also, Gay rights activist SLAYS against another school board looking to indoctrinate ten-year-olds
Vox Popoli: Correction, Abandoning the Indefensible, and Doug Wilson is a Christian
According To Hoyt: Sorry And A Sad Announcement, also, Let’s Separate State and Education
Monster Hunter Nation: WriterDojo 23 Ep11: the Problem With Problematic Authors, also, Armstrong and the Mexican Mystery
Stoic Observations: What Manner Of Black Man?

American Conservative: James Bond, Eunuch, Giorgia Meloni: The Woman Of Europe’s Future, and The Sexual Revolution Eats Its Own
American Greatness: Democrats Continue to Lie About Police Deaths on January 6, also, Martha’s Vineyard Residents Wallow in Their Disgusting Hypocrisy
American Thinker: The Current Crime Wave Is Unlike Any Ever Experienced In America, Running the World into the Ground, and K–12: The Science of Illiteracy
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Silent Majority Friday
Babalu Blog: A dozen Cuban July 11 political prisoners on hunger strike, 15 others seriously ill and denied medical care, Three more baseball players flee communist Cuba in the span of 48 hours, and The price of the U.S. dollar in Cuba keeps going up, up, up…
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm for September 23, also, Details On Russia’s Mobilization
Behind The Black: Astrobotic gets ESA’s first commercially purchased lunar lander payload, Range gives NASA waiver to launch SLS on September 27th, despite a questionable flight termination system, and Pushback: Professor fired for making joke wins $165K settlement from university
Cafe Hayek: Don’t Trust Antitrust
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Da Tech Guy: Odd Ime Udoka Thoughts Under the Fedora
Don Surber: Mother Africa didn’t want you, also, Hunter may end Democrat privilege
First Street Journal: Do ‘progressive’ prosecutors equal bloody streets?, Being taught about white privilege by The Philadelphia Inquirer, and With 100 days left in the year, Lexington is just one homicide short of tying its all-time record
Gates Of Vienna: Train is Moving!, The Dutch State of the Union, and The Muslim Brotherhood in France, Part 5
The Geller Report: Pennsylvania County Sues Dominion Voting Systems, also, Ron DeSantis Shows Biden How It’s Done
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Fact Checking a Fact Chekist, and Don’t Know Much About History
Hollywood In Toto: How Bad Words Paved Jason Bateman’s Path to Ozark, also, Canceled Stars & Shows Find New Places to Shine
The Lid: Zuckerberg Sued Over Attempt To Control 2020 Election
Legal Insurrection: John Fetterman Campaign Walks Back Idea to Free Second-Degree Murderers From Prison, ‘Road to Hell for America’, Mondaire Jones Called out During House Meeting After Spouting Debunked Lie About Brian Sicknick’s Death, and CDC Officials Now Warning That STD Epidemic in US is ‘Out of Control’
Nebraska Energy Observer: Scattershot Friday: Purdy Edition
Outkick: Albert Pujols Hits 700th Career Home Run, Celtics Coach Ime Udoka Suspended For Entire Season, Woke Off: Malika Andrews Tops Stephen A. In Battle Over Victimhood In Ime Udoka Suspension, and NASCAR’s Latest Ratings Dive Is More Alarming Than You Think
Power Line: Conservatism Is Prohibited, Thoughts from the ammo line, On Feeding Our Future, a Blockbuster Development, and Thought for the Day: Chesterton on Virtue and Vice
Shark Tank: Team Rubio Says Demings Is Hiding
Shot In The Dark: Campaigning 102, also, The Real Enemy
The Political Hat: Firing Line Friday: The Southern Imagination
This Ain’t Hell: Fat Leonard Captured, Valor Friday, Air Force cadets told to use use gender-neutral language, and Jennifer Rubin claims that the media is protecting Trump supporters
Victory Girls: Newsom Twists Bible For Abortion Billboards, also, Jan 6 Twitter Whistleblower Bravely Outs Herself
Volokh Conspiracy: Yeshiva University Loses On The Shadow Docket, Wins On The Penumbra Docket
Watts Up With That: America Is Successfully Pursuing ESG = Extreme Shortages Guaranteed, also, LIVE AT NOON CDT: Bankers Reject Net-Zero Transition
Weasel Zippers: Incoherent John Fetterman Tells Crowd, “Send Us Back To New Jersey! Send Me To D.C. For You!”, GOP Lays Out Plan To Fix America, Schumer Immediately Calls It Radical MAGA Whatever Whatever, and In Just Over Two Years Since Biden Was Installed As President, Americans Have Lost $4,200 Per Household
The Federalist: Flint, MI Clerk Resigns After Elections Group Calls Out Lopsided Number Of Democrat Poll Watchers, Democrats’ War On Charter Schools Is Sending Families Into The Arms Of The GOP, Left-Wing Group Writes Playbook For Biden’s Federal Takeover Of Elections, and ‘Woke Homophobia Is Real’
Mark Steyn: Live Around the Planet: Friday September 23rd, also, What a Fool Believes

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