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In The Mailbox: 10.05.22 (Morning Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

This time it’s for real?

357 Magnum:  Black Women Own Guns and The Media Notices
Director Blue: Fork In The Road
EBL: Loretta Lynn, RIP
Twitchy: Politifact Uses Truthful Statements From DeSantis & J.D. Vance As Evidence They’re Liars, also, Janet Yellen Says Administration Has Made Equity Job #1 For Their Economic Agenda
Louder With Crowder: Genius makes $21,000 selling 3D printed guns at gun buyback and New York’s Attorney General is PISSED, also, Anti-energy activist tries ever so hard to get her message out while being carried away by police
Vox Popoli: The Mandate of Hell, A Hitherto Unthinkable Restraint, The Nobel Committee Knows, and Red Chinese Warning

Adam Piggott: The Last Pipeline into Europe, also,  The Italian election outcome
American Conservative: Trans Tyranny: The Dangerous New Phase
American Greatness: Donald Trump Files $475 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against CNN, also, Voters Give Biden 45.5% Approval, Prefer GOP to Control Congress 46.5% to 44.4% in New Insider Advantage Poll
American Power: Demand for Cars Faces Test With Rising Rates 
American Thinker: Where Artificial Intelligence Can Expose Leftist Vote Fraud
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Thin Veneer News
Babalu Blog: ‘A Tale of Tyranny in Three Acts’, With Cubans fleeing by the thousands, communist Cuba faces increased difficulties, and Communist Cuba’s ‘Rapid Response Brigades’ look awfully familiar
BattleSwarm: Important Lesson: Don’t Trust Alex Jones
Behind The Black: Spinlaunch completes 10th test launch, this time for outside customers, also, Chandra takes an X-ray look at early Webb infrared observations
Cafe Hayek: Does Industrial Policy Suffer the Knowledge Problem?
CDR Salamander: Want a Nuke Wargame? I’ve Got One for You
Chicago Boyz: Book Review: Rockets and People – Sputnik 65th Anniversary Rerun
Da Tech Guy: Novena to St. Matthew for the FBI Agents involved in the Mark Houck Arrest: Day 7 More Whistleblowing More Disgrace, Do I detect a tiny hint of Brady?, and Five Russia/Ukraine Thoughts Under the Fedora
Don Surber: Gotta spend $5 trillion to lose $10 trillion, also, Nike’s demand chain problems
First Street Journal: More ‘journolism’ from the Lexington Herald-Leader, also, Mayor Jim Kenney just can’t think things through
Gates Of Vienna: Giorgia on my Mind, The Caravan of Light Arrives in Austria, Giorgia Meloni Makes Herself Clear, and Wayward Imam Nabbed in Belgium
The Geller Report: NOT FLORIDA: Biden Goes to Puerto Rico to Assess Hurricane Damage, Announces $60 Million Relief Plan, also, Vermont Girls’ HS Volleyball Team BARRED From Their OWN Locker Room After Opposing Tranny
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, also, Hubble’s View of DART
Hollywood In Toto: Rockers Take Dramatically Different Approaches to Cancel Culture, What We Stand For … and What We Stand Against, Why Bros Failed: Bogus History, Cultural Resentment, and Why Private American Is a Modern Day Death Wish
The Lid: Berkeley’s Version Of “Ghetto Benches”
Legal Insurrection: North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Over Japan, Nurse of 39 Years Loses Job After Refusing to Participate in ‘Implicit Bias’ Training, and Conservative Candidates Working to Flip School Boards Across the Country
Michelle Malkin: The Great Parental Replacement
Nebraska Energy Observer: Cui Bono?, also, I got out
Outkick: Aaron Judge Hits Home Run No. 62, Breaks Roger Maris’ AL Record, Jennifer Lopez Proves She Still Has Her Fastball, Did Najee Harris Accidentally Say He Took Money At Alabama?, and SMU’s Football Team Hit With Bad News, Mustangs On The Brink Of Major Problems
Power Line: Mr. Melugin goes to Washington
Shark Tank: Demings Accused Of Supporting Drug Dealers’ Release In Venezuela
Shot In The Dark: Feeding Our Benefactors, also, In Cold, Alcohol-Thinned, Probably Mentally Ill Blood
The Political Hat: The San Francisco School-To-Clinic Transgender Pipeline
This Ain’t Hell: Last WWII Marine Ace Passes, J.R. Majewski still riding the phony pony, and Almost 15,000 pharmacies out of Tri-Care, pols want to know why
Transterrestrial Musings: Norm Augustine, Tannenberg Revisited, The Onion, and The Coal-Miner’s Daughter
Victory Girls: Fauci Awards EcoHealth Alliance $3 Million Grant To Study Bat Viruses
Volokh Conspiracy: Today in Supreme Court History: October 4, 1965
Watts Up With That: Berlin Antifa Group “Goes on Hunt” For High Energy Users… Heated Pools “Immediately Collectivized”, Claim: Bitcoin Worse For the Climate than Beef, and Hindawi and Wiley to Retract over 500 Papers Linked to Peer Review Rings
Weasel Zippers: Death On Wheels: Planned Parenthood Deploying 37-Foot Abortion RV Near Red State Borders, Stacey Abrams Absurdly Claims She “Never Denied The Outcome” Of 2018 Loss, Dem Rep. Cori Bush Doubles Down On “Defund The Police”: “We Can’t Get Caught Up In The Words”, and Biden Makes No Sense: “Sent Not Only A Congresswoman, The Most Congresswoman In The Congress”
The Federalist: Lawsuit: Biden’s Taxpayer-Funded Student Loan Bailout Is ‘Not How Lawmaking Works In America’, Heritage Action Super PAC Drops Seven-Figure Ad Buy In Arizona Senate Race As McConnell Abandons Blake Masters, With New Documents, The Biden Administration’s Targeting Of A Pro-Life Dad Just Got Crazier, and As NYT Identifies The Mysterious ‘Perla,’ All The Media’s Martha’s Vineyard Lies Unravel
Mark Steyn: Sorry State

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