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In The Mailbox: 10.20.22 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

It’s a blast.

If I had any brains, I would be taking a long nap right now, but since I have three days of posting to catch up on…Huge thanks to my little brother (I have all the education in the family, but he makes all the $$$) and Stacy for helping me out this week when my finances got f’d up in Vegas; thanks to them, I didn’t have to sleep in my car Tuesday and Wednesday nights.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum:  Sanctuary Is Great As Long As Northern Cities Don’t Have to Deal With the Issues
EBL: Double Threat
Twitchy: “Shut The Hell Up”, also, “Off The Charts Cringe”
Louder With Crowder: LOL: Fancy restaurant bans ‘tiny cretin of a man’ James Corden for life over being an entitled douche, also, Whoa: Former Democrat presidential candidate endorses Kari Lake for governor, will campaign with her
Vox Popoli: Excellence + Time = Greatness, Avoid Like the Plague, Chinese Flee Ukraine, and Meme of the Week

American Conservative: Our Mercenary Retired Generals, also, Trans Propaganda, Blue And Red
American Greatness: Biden Regime Told El Paso Mayor to Not Declare State of Emergency Over City’s Migrant Crisis Ahead of Midterms, also, BlackRock Stock Downgraded Over Investments in ESG
American Power: Russia Nationalizes ExxonMobil’s Holdings in Sakhalin-2 Oil and Gas Project at Sakhalin Island, Russia, also, Kari Lake Pushes Back Hard on Leftist ‘Election Denier’ Smear
American Thinker: What You Need to Know About Fentanyl, also, Lee Zeldin and the Empire State Exodus: Is Sane Government Still Possible in New York?
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Sardine Tin News
Babalu Blog: Another building collapse in Havana takes the life of a 5-year-old girl, Anti-government protests in Cuba continued Monday night, and Surprise! Cuban dictatorship sacks ministers in charge of energy, appoints new ones
BattleSwarm: Semiconductors: China Is Fucked
Behind The Black: Gemini/Apollo astronaut Jim McDivitt passes away at 93, Both the Pentagon and Europe are looking for ways to fund Starlink for the Ukraine, and Today’s blacklisted American: Students demand professor be fired for stating a fact
Cafe Hayek: Rue Britannia
CDR Salamander: The Baltic Nations are Subject Matter Experts Here, we Should Listen
Chicago Boyz: Worthwhile Reading & Viewing
Da Tech Guy:  The Tell on Democrats/Media/Tech and Stolen Elections, Report from Louisiana: 2023 Gubernatorial Election Early Outlook, and Five Patriots Thoughts Under the Fedora
Don Surber: Democrat coalition melting, 10 governorships that could flip red, and What they mean by democracy
First Street Journal: Credentialed media are finally starting to see the problems with plug-in electric vehicles, also, If you’re scared, say you’re scared!
Gates Of Vienna: Let Them Wear Sweaters, France: Culture-Enriching Child Murder in the Furtherance of Organ Trafficking, and The Greens Embrace Bans on Speaking
The Geller Report: MASS PROTESTS ACROSS EUROPE Against Food, Energy Prices, EU Green Edicts, Ukraine War, also, French General: People who resisted COVID jabs are ‘superheroes’ who ‘embody the best of humanity’
Hogewash: Don’t Get Cocky, But…, The Warm-Hot Intergalactic Medium, and Team Kimberlin Post of the Day
Hollywood In Toto: Dear George Clooney: Hollywood Is Coarsening Our Discourse, also, What Issa Rae Misses About Ezra Miller’s MeToo Pass
The Lid: They’re Ba-a-a-a-ck: COVID Public Health Emergency Programs
Legal Insurrection: Alaska’s Bering Sea Snow Crab Season Canceled, Conservative Students at University of Iowa Complain of Repeated Harassment, America’s Next Supply Chain Crisis, and The Democratic Coalition Attempt to Smear GOP Rep. Dave Schweikert Backfires
Nebraska Energy Observer: What’s in a Name
Outkick: Chargers Kicker Proudly Shares Pro-Jesus Message After Beating The Broncos, Even Mike Francesca Is Calling Out Bob Costas, Tennesee Fan Tears ACL Celebrating Vols Win Over Bama – ‘I’ve Been Waiting On That Win For 15 Years’, and Bubba Wallace Suspended One Race For Pushing Kyle Larson
Power Line: The Daily Chart: Bidenflation, Biden Wrestles Teleprompter, Loses, and Dear Esme Murphy: Fact-check this [updated]
Shark Tank: Rubio Brutally Smacks Down Demings’ Voter Suppression Accusation During Debate
Shot In The Dark: That’s Saar, Folks, also, But Why Is Keith Ellison Running All Those Ads Portraying Him As Tougher On Crime Than Dirty Harry? 
The Political Hat: Public Schools: Where Public Masturbation Is Considered Normal
This Ain’t Hell: USAR Maj make porn to fuel his congressional campaign, also, List of 195 veterans running for Congress this year
Transterrestrial Musings: In Which Scott Dworkin Is An idiot (Again), also, Crushing The Gig Economy
Victory Girls: Eric Swalwell Airs Despicable Abortion Ad, also, Tim Ryan Race-Baiting JD Vance Backfires
Volokh Conspiracy: Tiananmen Square: An enduring symbol of the Chinese Communist Party’s illegitimacy
Watts Up With That: Why The Woke Create the Disasters They Warn Of, also, They Can’t Make Green Energy Using Only Green Energy
Weasel Zippers: PayPal’s Plan To Fine Users For “Misinformation” Tied To Chinese Contractor, This Is What Happens When Democrats Run A City For Too Long, Pelosi Officially Loses Her Marbles, and Trainwreck: Biden Says He “Pushed Hard” For Right “To Marry Couples In The Privacy Of Their Bedroom”
The Federalist: Va. Democrat Plotting To Take Kids From Parents Who Won’t Trans Them Just Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud, We Need The ‘Protect Children’s Innocence’ Bill, Here’s The Truth About Criminals Pouring Over The Southern Border That CNN Is Trying To Hide, and Leftist Dark Money Group Advises Volunteers On How To Target Voters In ‘Deeply Racist South’
Mark Steyn: Autumn Leaves, Hunt’s Red October, and Case Closed

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