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In The Mailbox: 10.20.22 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Ninety Miles From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Box Episode #1875
A Bad American: Drag Brunch? (NSFW)
357 Magnum:  State’s Attorney’s Office for Cook County and Chicago in Shambles
EBL: Durham Loses Again: Mission Accomplished, also, Georgia Senate Update: Walker and Warnock Tied
Twitchy: Waukesha Massacre Perp – “I’m Not A Person, I’m A Human Being”, also, HuffPo Declares Rapper Big Mike More Dangerous Than Ye
Louder With Crowder: Kari Lake needs only her 20-year-old volunteer to illustrate how horrible the media is at their jobs, Author finds driving electric vehicle across state ‘very difficult,’ it took him 15 HOURS to go 178 miles, and Independent voters now view DEMOCRATS as more of a ‘threat to democracy’ than the GOP
Vox Popoli: Yes, And?, When Dialectic Exceeds Rhetoric, Hollywood is Never an Option, and How Did THAT Ever Happen
Gab News: Stop Killing Christians

American Conservative: War and Regrets in Ukraine, also, The Racial Masochism Of The Left
American Greatness: Who Denies Election Results?, Why the Left Hates Conservatism, and Stacey Abrams Suggests that the Cure For Economic Woes Is More Abortions
American Power: Vote for Peace, not Perpetual War, on Election Day, also, Voters Overwhelmingly believe American Democracy is Under Threat, But No One Wants to Lift a Finger to Save It
American Thinker: What Happens When Democrats Lose Bigly?,  also, End of the Line for #BLM?
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Biden admin announces $2 million in hurricane aid to communist Cuba, While Cubans starve, the country’s fat Prime Minister and its fake “First Lady” enjoy food festival, and It’s getting nasty in TX-34
BattleSwarm: Three Republican House Candidates to Consider Backing, also, The War Against Wokeness In Round Rock ISD
Behind The Black: SpaceX simplifies smallsat rideshare program, effectively slashing prices, October 19, 2022 Quick space links, and Moderna CEO admits to past lies: “COVID is simply the flu, harmless to the healthy.”
Cafe Hayek: Evidence That Time Makes Demand More Elastic, also, More on Some Difficult Questions of Trade Policy
CDR Salamander: What Does Sending a Firm Signal to Red China Look Like?
Chicago Boyz: Known Knowns, Known Unknowns, Et Cetera
Da Tech Guy: Jezebel and the Democrats, also, A Reminder If/When the Rolling Blackouts Come to Massachusetts, and other New England States
Don Surber: 538’s con, also, Coal state taking down BlackRock
First Street Journal: Some people would rather be less safe than cooperate with and support the police, also, The Democrats are running on everything except what matters
Gates Of Vienna: A Call for the Blue Mosque to Become Gay-Friendly, Let ’Em In!, “Since it Doesn’t Prevent Contagion, What Was the Vax For?”, and German Nursing Homes Will Be Packed With Refugees
The Geller Report: Interesting Prediction: Ex-Dem Tulsi Gabbard Will Be Trump’s VP, also, Biden To Release at Least 10 Million More Barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve In In Order To Fool Mid-Term Voters
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, As A Language Evolves, and NEOWISE Scans The Whole Sky
Hollywood In Toto: Friday the 13th Part III – Jason Gets His Iconic Hockey Mask, Netflix Rejects Woke, Stages Stunning Comeback, and Black Adam Recycles Superior Superhero Beats
The Lid: Is China Fast Tracking A Taiwan Takeover, Or Reacting To Biden Gaffes?, also, As COVID Hit, Some Fed Officials “Coincidently” Traded Involved Stocks
Legal Insurrection: Has The Democrat Dam Holding Back The Red Wave Finally Broken?, Biden Claims Dipping Into Oil Reserve Isn’t Politically Motivated, Penn State Rethinking Construction of New ‘Racial Justice Center’ Due to Budget Deficit, and “Experts” Now Warning about ‘Severe Flu Season’ and ‘Very Contagious’ Rhinovirus
Michelle Malkin: Fists of Furry
Nebraska Energy Observer: Closer, also, The Theology of American Foreign Policy
Outkick: Washington Commanders Sent A $14,000 Bounced Check To A 50/50 Raffle Winner, Mississippi State Player Sam Westmoreland Dead At 18, Nick Saban Comments On Video Showing Alabama Player Allegedly Striking Female Tennessee Fan, and ESPN Analyst, Who Said Josh Allen Deserves To Fail Because Of Dogs And American Flag, Says Lamar Jackson Criticism Must Be ‘Careful’
Power Line: A Star Is Born, Stacey Abrams explains, and Dems Hitting the Panic Button
Shark Tank: 2016 Election Denier & J6 Committee Member Stephanie Murphy Warns Of 2020 GOP Election Deniers Running For Office
Shot In The Dark: Self-Destruction, also, Dirty Harry Meets Batman
The Political Hat: Maoist Struggle Sessions Come To Reddit, also, Aktion T4 Comes To Australia…And Beyond
This Ain’t Hell: FEMA scandals post-Maria, Heritage Foundation assigns its weakest rating for U.S. Military strengthInvestigation Finds Black Airman Faked Racist Tweets, and The pussification of the Army drill sergeant
Transterrestrial Musings: Kari Lake, also, Addressing Putin’s Nuclear Threat
Victory Girls: Florida Senate Debate Sees Democrat Strategy, also, A Look At New York’s ‘Adams Tent City’ Migrant Shelter
Volokh Conspiracy: Ohio Supremes Indefinitely Suspend Judge Pinkey Suzanne Carr from Judicial Office and Law Practice
Watts Up With That: Green Energy Fail: New England Facing Rolling Blackouts this Winter, Cost Of Public Charging an EV Is Now More Expensive Than Filling Up with Diesel, and Attenborough Laments Demise of 800 Penguins “Because Climate Change”, But…
Weasel Zippers: Kamala Harris: Biden Admin’s “Real Intentionality” Is To “Re-Shift Industries” On Energy, Cosmetic Company Ulta Video Features Two Biological Men To Explain “Girlhood” To Women, Fetterman Compares January 6th To 9/11, and Activists Erupt At Occasional Cortex, Call Her A Coward
The Federalist: Lawsuit Offers SCOTUS A Chance To Smack Down Biden’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Student Loan Bailout, RNC Sues Pennsylvania For Telling Counties To Break Election Law, Amazon Spoiled Rings Of Power By Trading Tolkien For Lame Hollywood Tropes, Biden Shamelessly Depletes Our Strategic Petroleum Reserve To Buy Midterm Votes For Democrats, and Hyperventilating About Kanye Can’t Hide The Left’s Antisemitism Double Standard
Mark Steyn: Why Can’t These Jim Crow Fascists Be More Civil?, also, A Globalist Coup

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