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In The Mailbox: 10.24.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Counting of ballots has begun in Nye County (a pox on early voting and mail-in ballots, seriously) which gets me out of the house a few days a week and gives me some extra pocket money for the next few weeks.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: German Protesters Left In The Cold & Dark
EBL: Hey, Charlie Crist – When did your Campaign Manager stop beating his wife?, FBI and DOJ Abuses Continue, Pa. Dems Ready To Have Bogus Ballots Burst From Festerman’s Boil, and We Will All Die In The Stock Market Crash
Twitchy: Serial Liar Aaron Rupar Mocks Fox News For Its Focus On The Border Crisis, also, Journolism* Prof Claims NYT Attempt At Objective Journalism Will Destroy Democracy
Louder With Crowder: Influencer spends $11k for plastic surgery to look like boyfriend’s sex doll, ‘God will judge every last one of you’, and Touching photo of coal miner taking son to basketball game goes viral, and now the coach is getting involved
Vox Popoli: Satire or SJW?, A Succinct Summary, Boris is Back for Britain, and Warning: 115 Average IQ At Work Ahead
Gab News: Every Christian Is A Christian Nationalist

American Conservative: Satanic Drag Show – The Mask Slips, Washington’s Whoppers on the War in Ukraine, and, Where US and Ukrainian Aims Collide
American Greatness: Will  ‘Democracy Die in Darkness’ After November?, Judge Rules in Favor of California Baker Who Refused to Bake Same-Sex Wedding Cake, and RNC Launches 73 Election Integrity Lawsuits Across 20 States
American Power: 2022 May Come Down to Last Gust of Political Wind, Confessions of the Libs of TikTok, and Their America Is Vanishing. Like Trump, They Insist They Were Cheated.
American Thinker: Ol’ Man River is Not Rolling Along, When Your Family Members Cut Off Contact with You, and In Ukraine, The Democrats Have Locked Us Into A Pointless, Dangerous War
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday!
Babalu Blog: Castro dictatorship continues building dozens of tourism projects as Cubans go without food or electricity, Unable to pay $260M debt to Canadian mining firm, Cuban dictatorship agrees to settle debt with cobalt, 72% of Cubans living below the poverty line, and Castro dictatorship issuing threats to stop Cubans from protesting
BattleSwarm: Watching The Red Wave Approach Shore, also, A Look At Red Chinese Artillery
Behind The Black: Russia’s Soyuz-2 rocket launches two military satellites, India’s GSLV-Mark3 rocket launches 36 OneWeb satellites, and Who and What to vote for in Arizona in 2022
Cafe Hayek: Government Is Largely Guesswork
CDR Salamander: The Case for a 600 Ship Navy: Now More than Ever, also, OK CNO, now then Break in to Open Revolt to Get the Forces we Need
Chicago Boyz: Trafalgar, 1805, and the USA, 2022
Da Tech Guy: DaTechGuy Interview with General Don Bolduc Now on Rumble, Inflation finally cuts deep, and Five Under the Fedora Thoughts Mays
Don Surber: Arrogance costs Democrats, Democrats panic, and Donald Trump, kingmaker
First Street Journal: The Lexington Herald-Leader makes another losing endorsement, also, There’s just no cure for stupid!
Gates Of Vienna: Fade Away and Radiate, Taking the Cross Out of Christmas, Culture-Enriching Rape of a Policewoman in Naples, and Somali Knife Jihadi Was From the Class of 2015
The Geller Report: Biden’s War on America: $200 DIESEL, The DOJ Is Hiding Information About Biden’s Attempts To Interfere In U.S. Elections, and Biden’s WWIII: US Military Forces ‘Fully Prepared’ to Cross into Ukraine
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, The Pillars of Creation: Hubble v. Webb, An Ancient Galaxy, and I’m Not Making This Up, You Know
Hollywood In Toto: Why Christopher Reeve’s Superman Still Matters, Devil’s Advocate Delivered Sleaze, Scenery-Chewing and Devilish Delights, Terrifier 2 Channels Woke-Free ’80s Horror, and The Lair Makes Blood, Guts and Gore a Bore
The Lid: Red Chinese Company Buys US Land for Monkey-Breeding, also, Lawsuit Accuses Big Tech And Team Biden Of Uniting For Censorship
Legal Insurrection: Critical Race Theory Concepts Pervasive In K-12, “Each group is given its own reason to blame the Jews”, “You need to keep pushing and not give up”, Protests Hit Major German Cities as Thousands Demonstrate Against Surging Energy Costs, and Liz Cheney – We Will Not Allow Trump To Beclown Our J6 Clown Show
Nebraska Energy Observer: Change is good, also, A Liturgy for Almost 2/3 of the World
Outkick: Nick Saban Says Jermaine Burton ‘Was Scared’ Prior To On-Field Altercation With Tennessee Fan, Incredible Moment As Mississippi State QB Will Rogers Helps Elderly Staff Member After Getting Blown Out By Alabama, NFL Reporters Can’t Believe Dan Snyder’s Wife Said ‘Redskins’ At Alumni Celebration, Davante Adams Mocks His Cameraman Push With Overly Cautious, Extremely Dramatic Exit While Leaving Field, and John Calipari Shares Powerful Photo Of Coal Miner Who Rushed To Take His Son To Kentucky Basketball Game
Power Line: The RNC Sues Google, Speaking of disinformation, and Ramirez’s take
Shark Tank: DeSantis “Donkey Dunks” Crist During Gubernatorial Debate
Shot In The Dark: Signs Crime Is Polling Badly, also, Enthusiasm Gap
The Political Hat: Towards A Literal Parliament Of Whores
This Ain’t Hell: Volkswagen Gets It Right, The View hosts annoyed that voters are focused on the economy, Formerly Free Canada hits new low, Sunday Poser: Marie Cruz, and Rich Johnson – Stolen Valor Double Dipper
Transterrestrial Musings: The Coming Affirmative Action Cases
Victory Girls: Disloyal If Trump Cabinet Members Run In 2024?, Pastor Explodes Truth Bomb In Front Of School Board, and Student Test Scores Fall, So Narrative Changes
Volokh Conspiracy: I’ve Read Harvard’s Brief in the Pending Racial Preferences Case, and I Have a Question, also, Judge O’Connor Rules that Boeing 737 MAX Crash Victims’ Families Represent Protected “Crime Victims” and Can Seek Boeing’s Prosecution
Watts Up With That: “Farming Needs to Stop, That’s the Single Biggest Driver of Climate Change”, “Private investors could face being squeezed out”, The Briefing Begins In CHECC v. EPA, and “Blood on their Hands”: Two Women Die, including a Mother of Four, in Climate Protest Traffic Chaos
Weasel Zippers: Tucker Carlson: MSNBC’s Open Race Hate Should Worry You Deeply, Biden Has Bizarre Zone Out During MSNBC Interview, Biden Fails Miserably While Calling For More Gun Control: “No More Than 8 Bullets In A Round”, and Biden Says “It’s Wrong” For States To Ban Castration & Mutilation Of Children
The Federalist: DOD Is Forging A Woke K-12 Army With Race And Sex Indoctrination In Military Schools, Liz Cheney’s Plan To Divide The GOP Has Failed, Court Ruling On CFPB Is Another Blow For Unconstitutional Bureaucratic Agencies, New Hampshire’s Don Bolduc Is The Latest Casualty In McConnell’s Crusade Against ‘America First’ Candidates, and Kamala Harris Is Lying About Her Involvement In Bailing Out Violent Criminals
Mark Steyn: What You Can’t See Might Hurt You – The Innocents and the Ghost Story, A Canadian Takes Number Ten, and Truckers vs Trudeau

*Not a typo. Cf. Dana Pico @First Street Journal. 

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