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In The Mailbox: 11.03.22 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Uvalde 911 Tapes Being Released
EBL: You’re Fired ¯\_(?)_/¯
Twitchy: Oliver Willis – “At Least Rush Limbaugh Is Still Dead”, also, Alleged Comedian John Fugelsang Asks Kurt Schlichter To Leave Him Alone After Sending A Million DMs
Louder With Crowder: Elon Musk’s latest tweet dunking on AOC continues to make her look silly (and she keeps digging)
Vox Popoli: The UFO Disclosure Campaign, That Pretty Much Sums It Up, KABOOM!, and Pray for Daddy Warpig

American Conservative: NPR: Top 40 Radio For Satanists, A Bellwether For Australian Christians, and Will Biden Gamble on a Ukraine Coalition?
American Greatness: The Left Were the Mad Scientists, We Were Their Lab Rats, also, The Walls Are Closing In on Woke DAs
American Thinker: Now the Disgraced COVID ‘Experts’ Want ‘Amnesty’?
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Corvid News
Babalu Blog: Cuban dictatorship trying to silence family members of the Bahia Honda Massacre, Flour shortage leaves nuns in Cuba unable to produce hosts for the sacrament of Holy Communion, and Dengue epidemic rages uncontrolled in Cuba; children among the hardest hit
BattleSwarm: Bibi VI: The Bibing
Behind The Black:  American freedom sets a new yearly record for rocketry, Crash prediction for Long March 5B core stage narrows, FCC chief proposes agency reorganization of its space-related bureaucracy, and Today’s blacklisted American: Instagram bans pro-life student group at Auburn for being pro-life
Cafe Hayek: On Emily Oster’s Proposed ‘Pandemic Amnesty’, also, Southern Economic Journal: “The Resale Price Maintenance Policy Dilemma: Comment”
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Chicago Boyz: The Lightning Rod
Da Tech Guy: The Difference between a Fake Fact Check and a Real one, also, There is evidence that the Biden regime and social media corporations have entered into a partnership to censor Americans
Don Surber: Democrats die in an echo chamber, also, No one cares what Biden says
First Street Journal: Killadelphia: If your refuse to define the problem, then you can never find the solution!, also, Lies, damned lies, and statistics
Gates Of Vienna: Culture-Enriching Trick-or-Treat in Austria and Germany, Poison in my Bloodstream, Christianity Must Be Erased From Berlin, and When the Music Stops
The Geller Report: Biden – We Will Steal It and You Will Like It (Or Else), also, Biden Regime Openly Interfered With Brazil Presidential Election As Millions of Brazilians Protest Rigged Results
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, What’s Up for November, 2022, It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over, and Nineteen Eighty Four and 1984
Hollywood In Toto: Can Top Gun: Maverick Save the 2023 Oscars?, NY Times: Hollywood Is Having Second Thoughts About Going Woke, and Armageddon Time Looks Back (Not So Fondly) at ’80s, President Reagan
The Lid: Tucker Carlson Shreds Biden Hate Speech — “The Guy Who Showered With His Daughter Is Telling You You’re a Bad Person”
Legal Insurrection: Coal is Back Due to Need of Energy Security, Jake Tapper’s Primetime Show is Latest Casualty at CNN, Morningstar Agrees to Eliminate Anti-Israel Bias In Investment Rating System, and Historian Michael Beschloss: If GOP Wins ‘Our Children Will be Arrested and Conceivably Killed’
Nebraska Energy Observer: There is no way
Outkick: Robert Griffin III Wants To Buy The Washington Commanders, Blind People Are Pissed At Jerry Jones’ Halloween Costume, NFL TV Ratings Are Destroying The World Series, Ray Guy, Only Punter in the NFL Hall of Fame, Dead At 72, and Houston Astros Complete Second World Series No-Hitter, Third In MLB Postseason History
Power Line: What If Biden Is the Best They’ve Got?, If he had a hammer, and What Are the Pollsters Missing?
Shark Tank: Casey DeSantis Announces 1.1 Committed “Moms For DeSantis”
Shot In The Dark: Denialists, also, Seer In The Headlights
STUMP: Memento Movember 2023: the Motivation – Stu and the Sex Mortality Gap
This Ain’t Hell: Study shows more attacks on pro-lifers than pro-choicers by huge margin, Another Politician Accused of Stolen Valor, and 2022 Veterans Day Deals and Discounts
Transterrestrial Musings: Lifelong Democrats In Portland, The Trust Thermocline, and “Journalism”
Victory Girls: Fetterman to Win in Pennsylvania? Not So Fast, also, Dems And Repubs Agree – Katie Hobbs Should Not Certify Arizona Election Results
Volokh Conspiracy: Colloquy on the Arbitrariness of Racial Classification in Monday’s Oral Argument
Watts Up With That: WSJ Editorial Board Mocks the COP27 Global Warming Flagellants, also, The Climate ‘Crisis’ Isn’t What it Used to Be
Weasel Zippers: Biden Chief Of Staff Threatens Americans Before The Midterms, Bill Clinton: GOP Wants Voters To Be “Miserable”, Fetterman Spews More Gibberish In Latest Campaign Rally, and The View – Americans Are Worried About Inflation Because They Are Stupid
The Federalist: There Can Be No ‘Amnesty’ On Lockdowns Without A Reckoning, What The Next Conservative Administration Can Learn About Personnel From Musk’s Twitter Takeover, Thought The Private Takeover Of Government Election Offices Was Just For 2020? Think Again, Panicky Texas Democrats Beg Biden DOJ To Interfere In The Midterms, and 3 Big Questions Elon Musk Should Answer About His Plans For Free Speech On Twitter
Mark Steyn: My Sharia Amour, Failures and Fairy Tales, and Just Say No

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