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In The Mailbox: 11.08.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

If you aren’t listening to The Other Podcast’s Election Night Special, why not?
Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg & Rising Crime
EBL: Kathy Hochul Doesn’t Get Why Crime Is A Big Deal For New Yorkers, also, Astronomers have detected another ‘planet killer’ asteroid 
Twitchy: John King Urges Viewers To “Stay Off Social Media” & Trust CNN For Election Reality Checks
Louder With Crowder: Kid Rock UNLOADS on ‘fraud’ Oprah’s support of John Fetterman, also, Get the popcorn: Elon Musk makes a MAJOR midterm endorsement that leftists are gonna go berserk over
Vox Popoli: The Importance of Maneuver, You Are Not Alone, Winds of Change, and The Free Money Stopped
Stoic Observations: Pissy Itches, also, The Struggle Is Real

Adam Piggott: The Stuff of Revolutions, also, I need your help on my next book
American Conservative: Bjork, Avant-Garde Reactionary, also, The Coming Storm Over The Trans ‘Tuskegee Experiment’
American Greatness: Democrats Are Failing the Democracy Test, The Pathetic Democratic Pantheon, and COVID Amnesty? Hell, No!
American Power: The Democrats’ Insurrection Flop, The Collapse of Biden’s Woketopia, and ‘We Are Moving Backwards’
American Thinker: A Voter’s Primer: The Seven Health Policy Habits of Insanely Progressive People, The Constitution Is A Treasure That Is Worth Saving, and ESG Boomerangs on BlackRock
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Castro dictatorship gives Cubans ‘tips’ on how to get by with just 3 hours of electricity a day, ‘The people who are really working will remain in Cuba; they won’t be able to escape’, Cuban dictatorship pretends to oppose rampant prostitution, pedophilia, and human trafficking, and Violence south of the border
BattleSwarm: Turkey Bitchslaps Russia, Californians Hit The Gun Range, and LinkSwarm for November 7
Behind The Black: One of two solar panels on Cygnus capsule fails to deploy, Hurricane threatens SLS on launchpad, November 7, 2022 Quick space links, and Midnight repost: How the localized nature of Democrat vote tampering will influence the 2022 election
Cafe Hayek: Opponents of Globalization Continue to Offer Only Weak Arguments, also Certainty is Dangerous
CDR Salamander: NATO’s Next Leader: Serious Times Need Serious Leaders
Chicago Boyz: What is the Purpose of a Senator, also, What is the Purpose of Holding & Expressing Political Beliefs?
Da Tech Guy: Under the Fedora Sports Thoughts, The Navy chose death over life, and A Leftist Trope Finally Challenged After Four Years
Don Surber: Affiliates should dump Kimmel, De-Sanctimonious? Really?, also, Welcome to post-Twitter hell, lefties
First Street Journal: Maybe Larry Krasner ought to consider the possibility that not all of the juveniles he treats leniently will turn out to be good guys?, The plague of public-sector unions, and How can the American left so blithely want to increase the chances of a nuclear war?
Gates Of Vienna: Christianity Must Be Erased From Münster, If I Had a Hammer, How Our Military Crumbles, and Streamlining the Great Replacement in Germany
The Geller Report: “Widespread Outage” in Pennsylvania Voter Database As Election Day Nears, Judge allows lawsuit by Pennsylvania moms over first-grade transgender lessons to move forward, and Fetterman Sues to Have Illegal, Undated, Misdated Ballots Counted in PA
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, The Remnants of a Dead Star, and A Galaxy On Edge
Hollywood In Toto: How To Blow Up A Pipeline Pushes Free Speech Boundaries, Panic Time? Oscar-Bait Movies Keep Tanking at Box Office, and Oscars Flip Bird to Red State USA, Name Jimmy Kimmel 2023 Host
The Lid: Remembering Kristallnacht -The Night Of Broken Glass, Russian Troops Stand Up Against ‘Incompetent’ Generals in Latest Mutiny, and Fetterman Bragged, American Flags Fell Over: “Perfect Metaphor”
Legal Insurrection: Academics Join Failed Petition to Cancel Book by Justice Amy Coney Barrett, The Democrat Circular Firing Squad Begins Ahead of Anticipated Midterm Election Drubbing, Charlie Crist Slammed for Calling Florida Surgeon General a ‘Quack’, and Ninety-Six Percent of Political Donations From Ivy League Go to Democrats
Nebraska Energy Observer: Change is good … and scary!, also, The Eve of Reconstruction
Outkick: NFL Ratings Are Down Thanks To Amazon Prime And Thursday Night Football, NBA Referee Allegedly Referred To Mavs Guard Spencer Dinwiddie As A ‘B*tch *ss Mother F***er’ After Technical Foul, Tennessee Reign As #1 Short-Lived, Gets Humbled By Defending Champion Georgia, Houston Astros Win the 2022 World Series, Celebrate Manager Dusty Baker, and LSU’s Tradition Of ‘Respecting The Tiger’ Creates Extremely Cool Image During Epic Field Storm After Win Over Alabama
Power Line: Can the FBI Be Saved?, Thought for the Day: The Idiot Vote, and NBC deep-sixes Pelosi story
Shark Tank: Crist Slams Religious DeSantis Ad, Despite Previously Comparing Himself to Christ
Shot In The Dark: Open Letter To All Minnesota DFLers, also, Why I’m Voting Republican
STUMP: SUMOvember: the tournament is coming!
The Political Hat: 2022 Election Predictions
This Ain’t Hell: Quick updates, USCG Recruitment Woes, Yet Another Politician: Legit Veteran or Photoshop Warrior?, and Clyde Shavers, a veteran that Republicans are attacking
Transterrestrial Musings: The Faux Climate Crisis, A Tragic Anniversary, and The Sad State Of Boeing
Victory Girls: Democrats: Misinformation Will Flourish On Twitter After Layoffs, The Pudding President’s Insults Continue, NY Dem On Inflation: ‘Let Them Eat Chef Boyardee’, and Abrams: Blame Voter Suppression And Misinformation If I Lose
Volokh Conspiracy: November 7 as Victims of Communism Day—2022
Watts Up With That: Biden Says Coal Plants “All Across America” will be Shut Down, Replaced by Solar and Wind, also, “No More Drilling”: Climate Crusader Joe Biden Announces the End of Oil and Gas
Weasel Zippers: Stacey Abrams: My Poll Numbers Are Low Because Black Men Are Too Stupid To Support Me, Biden Has Given Taliban-Controlled Afghanistan Over $1 Billion In U.S. Aid Since Botched Withdrawal, Biden’s Approval Rating Among Independent Voters Sinks To 28%, All-Time Low, and Dem Rep. James Clyburn: Republican Win Means “End Of The World”
The Federalist: Black Celebs Don’t Hate Herschel Walker’s Privilege, They Hate His Ideas, My Family Can’t Afford To Recycle Thanks To Democrats’ Obsession With ‘Environmental Justice’, Planned Parenthood’s Support For California’s Abortion Amendment Is About Cash Flows, Not Health Care, Corporations And Advertisers, Stop Falling For The Left’s ‘Anti-Hate’ Scam, and Democracy Isn’t At Risk, Democrats Are
Mark Steyn: Krill or Be Krilled, Whipped at the Yard, A War to Render All Wars: All Quiet on the Western Front on Netflix, and Diversity Is Where Nations Die

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