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In The Mailbox: 11.11.22 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Happy Veterans’ Day to all my brothers & sisters in arms. Mind you don’t get sick from all the free/cheap goodies.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.

Shouko Komi wishes you a happy Friday.

EBL: Veterans Day
Twitchy: Chris Cillizza Knows Who’s To Blame If The GOP Doesn’t Take The Senate, also, Hillary Posts A Shameless Veterans’ Day Pic
Louder With Crowder: More conservatives get turned off after Donald Trump’s latest anti-DeSantis rant, also, Kathy Hochul flies to Puerto Rico, satisfies her fetish of being maskless around masked children
Vox Popoli: Twitter Flirts with Bankruptcy, Elon Lied, and The Oathkeepers Glowed
According To Hoyt: We’re Not Going Back, Cancer, and Oh, PLEASE!
Monster Hunter Nation: WriterDojo S3 E18: What’s In A Name? (The Importance of Character Names)
Stoic Observations:  Letterkenny
Gab News: The Path Forward – Build & Balkanize

American Conservative: The States Choose Death, Old Notre Dame Man Yells At Hallucination, and Old Mar-A-Lago Man Yells At Cloud
American Greatness: Texas Judge Blocks Biden’s Student Loan Debt Plan, also, McCarthy May Not Have The Votes To Become Speaker
American Power: With House Majority in Play, a New Class Takes Shape, Red States Are Growing, While Blue States Are Mired in Decline, and Trumpism Is Toxic
American Thinker: Why Do You Still Hate Donald Trump?, Why Democrats Accuse Us of What They Do, and Three Primary Factors Stopped That Red Wave
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Shoplifting Friday
Babalu Blog: Mother of Cuban toddler murdered in Bahia Honda Massacre taken into custody by State Security, Forget all the Republican political “experts” and all their blatherings, scribblings and hocus-pocus–It’s as PLAIN AS DAY!–and very simple: all America needs for its salvation: is MORE CUBANS!, and Most repulsive postage stamp of the year
BattleSwarm: Breaking News: Russian Retreat Complete, Kherson City Liberated
Behind The Black: SLS rides out hurricane; engineers now assessing damage, Advanced Space wins lunar orbiter contract with Air Force, Divers for documentary discover large piece of Challenger, and Pushback: VMI alumnus cancels $1 million bequest because of the school’s support of critical race theory and its slandering of those who disagree
Cafe Hayek: On Moving Beyond Covid
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Chicago Boyz: At the Tomb of Couperin – Thoughts on a Centenary
Da Tech Guy: Elections, Perspective and the Triumph of Count Rugen
Don Surber: Woke is just another word for plagiarism, also, MAGA is bigger than one man
First Street Journal: Another Federal Judge Says Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Is Illegal, also, We’re Saved: Actor Changes Name To Spread Awareness Of Climate Apocalypse Or Something
Gates Of Vienna: It’s Hard Being Green, Trolling for the Teeny-Bopper Vote, and Special Class
The Geller Report: Montana Votes to Deny Medical Care for Born-Alive Infants And Let Them Die, also, Biden’s Student Loan Handout Struck Down By Federal Judge
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, JWST Looks at a Nearby Dwarf Galaxy, and I’m Not Making This Up, You Know
Hollywood In Toto: Chandler Juliet Wages Hysterical War on All Things Woke, also, Sam & Kate Flashes Upside of Star Power, Nepotism
The Lid: Biden’s New Methane Rules Will Affect Human Lifestyles
Legal Insurrection: Two More Eastern Oregon Counties Vote to Join ‘Greater Idaho’, Legacy Media and Lincoln Project Now Bashing DeSantis, Promoting Trump, Biden Border Official Chris Magnus Told to Resign or be Fired But Won’t Do It, Cornell University “Apologizes” To Ann Coulter, and E-Bikes Catching Fires Four Times a Week in NYC
Nebraska Energy Observer: Veteran’s Day
Outkick: Deion Sanders Makes It Clear That He Is Not Talking To Nebraska About Head Coaching Job, NFL To Honor John Madden’s Legacy With Special New Tradition On Thanksgiving Day, Houston Astros Fire General Manager Week After Winning The World Series, Paige Spiranac Rushes To Olivia Dunne’s Defense, and Al Michaels Trolls Benched Baker Mayfield For Being An Idiot
Power Line: What’s the matter with Arizona?, Thoughts from the ammo line, and Unquiet flows the Don
Protein Wisdom Reborn: “Now Who’s Being Naïve, Kate?”
Shark Tank: Florida Encourages Veterans To Become CRNAs
Shot In The Dark: Dubious Identity, Veterans’ Day, Berg’s Law – On Final Approach, and The Future Is In The Best Of Hands
The Political Hat: When Even Academia Honored The Brave
This Ain’t Hell:  Veteran’s Day, The Wall at 40, Valor Friday, and School board elections became a ‘red undercurrent’
Transterrestrial Musings: Covid Amnesty, Elon Is Right, and Life-Support Milestone
Victory Girls: Trump And Certain Democrats Are Sore Losers, also, Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — “PYRRHIC POTATO VICTORY” Edition
Volokh Conspiracy: Biden Administration to Require Federal Contractors to Report and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Watts Up With That: Polar bear habitat update, USA Facing a Dangerous Shortage of Heating Fuel, and THE CURSE OF COP27
Weasel Zippers: Biological Male Wins Miss America Pageant In New Hampshire, White House Refuses To Say Why Biden Has A “List” Of Reporters, and Jemele Hill: MSNBC Racist For Firing [Racist] Black Host
The Federalist: Midterm Voters Rewarded Elected Officials Who Stood Up To Covid Tyrants, Democracy Dies When Americans Stop Scrutinizing Partisan Election Administration, Rubio Suggests Senate Republicans Should Consider Ousting McConnell From Leadership, Delayed Results Are Killing Americans’ Trust In Elections, and Democrats Who Were Counting On Demographics Being Destiny Had It All Wrong
Mark Steyn: Minor League, Live Around the Planet: Friday November 11th, and Out for the Count

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