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In The Mailbox: 11.15.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.
357 Magnum: Climate Hypocrisy In Egypt
EBL: Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?
Twitchy: Gone In Sixty Minutes – Twitter Employee With “Moral Duty” To Resist & Protest Now Former Employee, also, “Trump Or Death” Protest Doesn’t Pass The Smell Test
Louder With Crowder: Elon Musk fires a bunch more people for sassing him in public, then goes on Twitter to laugh about it, also, Brilliant: Dave Chappelle performed fake monologue during SNL dress rehearsals so they didn’t know what he’d say live
Vox Popoli: Wakanda Never, They Never Said He Was Wrong, The Irrelevance of Optics, False Flag #237, and I Just Don’t Care

American Conservative: Puberty Blockers And Medical Lies, also, Blame the Deep State for Carnage in Ukraine
American Greatness: Election Machines Report More Votes than Ballots in Two Virginia Swing Districts, Gov. Greg Abbott Invokes ‘Invasion Clauses’ To Beef Up Border Security, and Biden Skips Gala Dinner With World Leaders at G20 Summit in Bali
American Power: The Normie Center Strikes Back, also, Control of Congress Comes Down to California
American Thinker: Trump/DeSantis 2024, The 2022 Mid-Terms Exposed the Existence of Two Americas and the Overwhelming Importance of the 2024 Election, and There Was No Cheating, Peasant!
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Pothole Vigilante News
Babalu Blog: Cuban-Canadian files official request for Canada to sanction Cuba’s Castro dictatorship, U.S. delegation in Cuba today, ready to kick-start renewal of perfidious Obama-era ‘Thaw’, and How deep Blue Miami turned Red
BattleSwarm: China’s Lockdowns: Even Crazier, also, Ukraine Update for November 15, 2022: Dnipro Crossed?
Behind The Black: Red China launches remote sensing satellite, Watching the first SLS launch tonight, and November 15, 2022 Quick space links
Cafe Hayek: Vernon Smith: “Markets Are Incredible”
CDR Salamander: German Clear Voices are There if You Look
Chicago Boyz: Quote of the Day (Inflation Edition)
Da Tech Guy: Report from Louisiana: All Politics are Local, One Important Reminder, and Homage to Syd
Don Surber: Trump changed diplomacy for the better, Mom sues Pornhub for selling video of her 12-year-old son’s rape, and Trump-supporting congressman challenges Manchin
First Street Journal: Mid-Terms Post Mortem: Did Democrats “Democracy Is On The Ballot” Work?, Climate Cultists Smash Tablets At Top Of Mt. Sinai, and Good News! Diesel Supply Down To 25 Days
Gates Of Vienna: They Worked Their Will on John Barleycorn, Getting Away With Murder, The Corona Shell Game,  and SOS! Armed Forces!
The Geller Report: Texas Gov. Abbott Invokes Constitutional Authority to Declare and ACT On an Invasion at Southern Border, Republicans Take The House of Representatives Despite Widespread Democrat Election Rigging and Fraud, and MORE ARIZONA DATA: Only 17% of Maricopa Election Day Voters Were Democrat, But Democrats Claim To Win 50% of Delayed Election Day Totals
Hogewash: Zooming in on the Cone Nebula, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Time Lapse of a Light Echo, and I’m Not Making This Up, You Know
Hollywood In Toto: How Pop Culture Tackled the ‘Kill Baby Hitler’ Question, Morning Show Still the King at Skewering Identity Politics, and Costner Reaches Out to Yellowstone’s Red-State Faithful
The Lid: If Republicans Want To Win In 2024, They Must Reject Trump
Legal Insurrection: Princeton University Offering a Course on ‘Black and Queer’ BDSM, Gettysburg College Delays Event Meant for Those Who are ‘Tired of White Cis Men’, New Free Speech Policy at UC-Hastings College of the Law Eliminates ‘Heckler’s Veto’, Ronna McDaniel Wants to Remain RNC Chair, But Lee Zeldin’s Supporters Want Him to Run, and Journalist Sam Stein Tries to Rescue Sen. Markey After Trying to Fight Musk, Who Didn’t Take the Bait
Nebraska Energy Observer: Post Election, also, Just because…And an update
Outkick: Single Tom Brady Is 2-0 Since Divorce & Made A Major Social Media Change, Everyone HATES Nathaniel Hackett And Josh McDaniels, U.S. Men’s Soccer Team Replaces Red, White, And Blue With LGBTQ Pride Colors, Mistakes By Eagles & Refs Cost Philadelphia Undefeated Season, Taylor Heinicke Crushes Busch Light After Beating The Eagles, and Warner Bros. Discovery Pessimistic About Keeping NBA On TNT
Power Line: Persecution and the art of Dave Chappelle, The Daily Chart: How Are Those Russia Sanctions Working?, and Abbott Calls Out the Guard [Updated] 
Shark Tank: Rick Scott Challenges Murder Turtle For Minority Leader Post
Shot In The Dark: A Plan So Simple John Fetterman Could Carry It Out, Metaphor Alert, and The New Minnesota Flag
STUMP: Movember 2022: Age Trends in Prostate Cancer Mortality
The Political Hat: Public Schools Protecting Furries
This Ain’t Hell: Both Koreas in on the action? Biden wants Xi’s help, Maricopa County election judge provides firsthand account of fraud, Phony SEAL – Custer’s Last Stand II, and Russia Strikes Poland
Transterrestrial Musings: A Fool And His Money, “Stochastic Terrorism”, and Democrat Donor Monsters
Victory Girls: NBC Suspends Reporter Over Retracted Paul Pelosi Story
Volokh Conspiracy: “The Sordid Business of Dividing Us Up”, also, Balkinization Symposium on Andrew Koppelman’s ” Burning Down the House: How Libertarian Philosophy Was Corrupted by Delusion and Greed”
Watts Up With That: Winter Warning to Biden Administration (New England Energy Shortages Ahead?)
Weasel Zippers: Biden DHS Secretary Insists The Southern Border Is “Secure”, Maryland School District Unveils LGBTQ Book List That Teaches Words “Intersex,” “Drag Queen” To Pre-K Students, Lib Bashes Her Father At His Own Funeral As A Trump-Supporting Racist, and AOC Race Baits: Republicans “Targeted A Black Man” In WI Elections
The Federalist: Catholic Bishops Gave Biden A Pass In 2020 And Now Christians Are Paying For It , Where Was All The Right-Wing Political Violence Democrats Warned Would Plague The Midterms?, Michigan Parents Sue School Board For Allowing Pornographic Books In Schools, and Now Is The Time To Boot Failed GOP Leaders, Not Bicker About Trump Vs. DeSantis
Mark Steyn: Against the Great Reset, The Way You Look Tonight, and Recreating with the King’s Deer

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