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In The Mailbox: 11.16.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.
357 Magnum: Armed Citizen Stops Kidnapping
Ninety Miles From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Box, Episode #1903
EBL: The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, Opps! Ukraine shot those missiles into Poland, also, Francisco Pizzaro Captures Inca Emperor Atahualpa at the Battle of Cajamarca
Twitchy: Woman goes viral for berating her “racist, Trump-loving, cis white” father at “funeral”, also, Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) didn’t appreciate Elon Musk’s japery
Louder With Crowder: ‘Joe Biden is the face of left-wing failure’, also, Elon Musk, man enough to admit when he’s wrong, ‘rehires’ Ligma and Johnson back to Twitter
Vox Popoli: Calling Rome to Repentance, Meme of the Week 006, “British”, and She’s Going To Blow

American Conservative: Against The N.I.C.E. Conditioners
American Greatness: Democrats Sue to Demand Extra Day of Voting in Georgia Runoff Election, Far-Left Dark Money Group Spent Over $1.5 Billion for Left-Wing Causes in 2021, and Trump Announces 2024 Presidential Run
American Thinker: The Unpopular Cure for Our Electoral Woes, Key Takeaways from the FBI Whistleblowers Report, and Americans Haven’t Suffered Enough 
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: MSC Cruises under investigation for using Cuban slave labor on its ships, Photos of the Day: Well-fed Communist Oligarchs vs. daily bread for Cubans, and Cuban dictatorship sends slave doctors to World Cup in Qatar despite health care crisis in Cuba
Behind The Black: NASA’s SLS rocket successfully launches Orion toward the Moon, Red Chinese pseudo-company Galactic Energy launches five satellites into orbit, A hidden baby star, seen in infrared, and Today’s blacklisted American: Half of today’s students support the death penalty for some speech
Cafe Hayek: More on Personal Liability for Lockdowners
CDR Salamander: Chaos is a Ladder: Opportunity in the High North
Chicago Boyz: Thoughts on the Waukesha Christmas Parade Trial
Da Tech Guy: Acceptable Terms
Don Surber: Trump won without you, National Review, also, Trump dances on the graves of the media
First Street Journal: Lots Of Young People Took Long Fossil Fueled Flights To COP27 Or Something
Gates Of Vienna: Ye of Little Faith
The Geller Report: Philadelphia Soros-Backed DA Larry Krasner impeached by Pennsylvania lawmakers in GOP-led effort, Maricopa County Election Judge Says Voting Machines Were Programmed to Reject Ballots on Election Day, and “This Wasn’t an Election”
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, NGC 3293, and Cleaning House at Twitter
Hollywood In Toto:  K-von’s Essential Promises Jokes You Can’t Tell (But He’ll Tell ’em Anyway), also,  She Said Offers Powerful Snapshot of Harvey Weinstein’s Downfall
The Lid: Matt Gaetz Proposes SPICY Rule Changes To Congress, The Establishment Will HATE
Legal Insurrection: Nancy Pelosi Claims Democrats Have “Always Been” Unifying The Country, University of Florida Student Protests Fizzle as Ben Sasse is Named New School President, Yale Allegedly Pressured Suicidal Students to Leave School and Reapply, and Steve Scalise Wins Unanimous Support of House Republicans as New Majority Leader
Nebraska Energy Observer: Country Roads
Outkick: Brittney Griner Faces Horrific Conditions In Russian Prison, UCLA Proposes Terrible Idea To Save Money In The Big Ten, UVA Cancels Football Game After Horrific Killings, Jemele Hill Attacks OutKick In Desperate Attempt To Boost Failing Book Sales, and Joe Rogan Questions Kyrie Irving’s Persecution For Tweeting A Film Amazon Sells
Power Line: Organized Theft Is Big Business, The Daily Chart: The Electric Car Partisan Divide, and Musk admits mistake
Protein Wisdom Reborn:
Shark Tank: Mast Adds His Support To Mayorkas Impeachment
Shot In The Dark: Curious, also, For The Children
This Ain’t Hell: Air Force’s turn in the barrel, Phony Veteran’s Day Story – What’s the Deel?, and Charges dismissed for Marines involved with San Diego Zoo gondola incident
Transterrestrial Musings: Community College
Victory Girls: Missile Hit In Poland Was Likely Ukraine Misfire
Volokh Conspiracy: “Enforcing the First Amendment on Campus Won’t, by Itself, Address the Problem of Academic Freedom”
Watts Up With That: Nationwide Cold Wave Continues with Numerous Low Temperature Records Likely to Be Set…Intense Great Lakes Snow Event on The Way, also, Africa: The Place where Claims Renewables are Cheaper Go to Die
Weasel Zippers: Spanish Government Celebrates Communist Party With Commemorative Postage Stamp, Thanksgiving Dinners Will Be 20% More Expensive This Year, Schumer Now Says Democrats Want Immigration Bill Because Of Population Decline, Calls For Amnesty, and Raphael Warnock: “America Has A Pre-Existing Condition — It’s Called Racism, It’s Called Classism, It’s Called Bigotry, It’s Called Xenophobia”
The Federalist: Court Blocks Biden’s Loan Bailout But It Already Bagged The Votes It Was Designed To Buy, Why Did Gen Z Turn Out To Vote For Democrats And Against Their Own Interests?, ‘National Conservatism’ Is A Dead End, and Corrupt Media Have Created A Hilarious Problem For Themselves In Time For Trump’s 2024 Campaign
Mark Steyn: Lest We Forget (Albanians), Culture Trumps Politics, and The Consolidation of Wealth and Power

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