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In The Mailbox: 12.01.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

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Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Two Total Strangers Save Mom & Kids From Home Invader
EBL: Where in the world is Miguel Almaguer?, also, USA vs. Netherlands
Twitchy: Apple’s CEO Not Eager To Answer Reporters’ Questions About Red China Protests, also, Media Matters Toady Banned “For No Reason” On Twitter
Louder With Crowder: Check out this guy so fed up with China’s lockdowns he’s ready to go all Shaolin kung-fu on the health ‘experts’, Don Lemon becomes surprising voice of reason, and Brute chucks left-wing protesters blocking traffic like they’re a bunch of useless sacks of soy
Vox Popoli: That Which Did Not Kill Them, also, Banzai!

Adam Piggott: Snow on the Doorstep, also, Greasy Pole Podcast #23 – The Manosphere is Over episode
American Conservative: Biden’s Poster Boy For Perv Arrested On Felony Charges, also, On Marriage, Betrayal
American Greatness: Lee Z for RNC – Renewing the Nation’s Cause, If You Really Wanted to Destroy the United States, California State Senator Scott Wiener Accused of Sending Hateful Homophobic Message to Himself, and Stop Adopting the Left’s Pseudomorality
American Thinker: Wokism at Arlington, Triggering the Great Reset, and Beware — Michelle Obama’s Book Launch of her 2024 Campaign
Animal Magnetism: Vacation Totty IV
Babalu Blog: The budding love affair between Biden and Maduro, With uniforms donated by China and no textbooks, the school year begins in Cuba, and Cuban dictatorship has spent more on luxury hotels in 2022 than on healthcare or agriculture
BattleSwarm: Jobs For Gender Studies Majors
Behind The Black: Soyuz-2 rocket launches Russian milsat, Webb and Keck telescopes track clouds on Titan, Viking-1 might have landed on a field of Martian tsunami debris, and Today’s blacklisted American: Princeton considering blacklisting John Witherspoon, Founding Father and signer of the Declaration of Independence
CDR Salamander: Galrahn … Rest in Peace
Chicago Boyz: The Art of the Remake, XIX
Da Tech Guy: I blame The Chosen for this Change in Me, The December Indulgence Calendar is out, and The Respect for Marriage Act violates four clauses of the First Amendment
Don Surber: They’ll dump on DeSantis. They already have, also, Liberals sell out unions
Gates Of Vienna: Alberta First, also, The Lying Liars of Pfizer
The Geller Report:  Far-Left Radical Hakeem Jeffries Replaces Pelosi as House Leader, Elon Musk Confirms Twitter ‘Interfered In Elections’, and Major News Outlet Casually Admits China Interfered in the 2022 Election to Boost Democrats
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Sonification: Pismis 24, and No “Safe Space” for a Pro-Life Lawyer
Hollywood In Toto: Disney Blinks, DeSantis Snags First Huge Win of 2024 Campaign, also, Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night Remains a Major Curiosity Item
The Lid: Kanye On Infowars – Insults Jews, Blacks, And His Own Face
Legal Insurrection: Berkeley Law Dean Opposed Dropping LSAT Requirement, Finds Way To Accomplish Same Thing, U. Cincinnati Young Democratic Socialists Demand School Provide Free Laundry, Gun Related Homicides of Black Men Climb to Rates Not Seen Since the 1990s, Stacey Abrams’ Group Attempted To Purchase Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate In “Bizarre Deal”, and Senate Passes Measures to Avert Oncoming Railroad Strike
Nebraska Energy Observer: Better watch out
Outkick: Jemele Hill Desperately Needs You To Buy Her Book, Don Lemon Is Right, Arrest Warrant Issued For Antonio Brown, LeBron James Questions Why Media Asks Him About Kyrie Irving But Not Jerry Jones In Condescending Post-Game Lecture, and Joe Biden Invents New Football Position, Wanders Away with Microphone
Power Line: Sam Brinton: Their physics, their husband, Democrats Tried to Enlist IRS to Attack Conservative Nonprofits, and The Daily Chart: World Cup Half Empty?
Shark Tank: Marco Rubio, Occasional Cortex Come Together In Rare Moment Of Political Harmony
Shot In The Dark: “If You Can’t Stand It, Stand It No Longer”, also, Two Americas
STUMP: Movember 2022: Prostate Cancer – Geography and Race/Ethnicity
The Political Hat: Modern Education Part IV: Groomed Trans By School
This Ain’t Hell: The Ukrainian military used sea drones against Russian ships, Valor Friday comes twice this week, and Americans see the military as too politicized
Transterrestrial Musings: “There Is No Climate Emergency”
Victory Girls: FTX Crypto Founder Claims He Only Sort Of Lied, also, Is Disney Japan Using Pooh To Poke At China?
Volokh Conspiracy: Eleventh Circuit Quashes Trump Effort to Block Federal Government Access to Mar-a-Lago Documents, also, Supreme Court Will Hear Case on Legality of Biden Loan Forgiveness Plan
Watts Up With That: COP27 Greenwishing: Progressive Discontent, also, The World as We Know It Ends If It Can’t Find Its Bearings
Weasel Zippers: DeSantis Rips Apple For Crushing Free Speech In China, US: “Vassal of The CCP”, Dem Rep. Katie Porter: Democrats “Are The Party That Delivers A Strong And Stable Economy”, UN To Hold Annual Event Marking Israel’s Founding As A “Catastrophe”, and Treasury Secretary Yellen Blames Americans “Splurging” For Record-High Inflation
The Federalist: China’s ‘Paper Revolution’ Could Be The Beginning Of The End For Xi, PA County Cements Suppression Of ‘Thousands’ Of Voters By Flip-Flopping To Certify Disaster-Plagued Election, Thank Sam Bankman-Fried For Democrats’ 2022 Ground Game, Fairfax County Schools Used To Assign Homework., and Poll Worker Gives An Inside Look At ‘Complete Chaos’ In Maricopa County On Election Day
Mark Steyn: Sniffing Hair Through the Window, also, So What? (Encore)

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