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In The Mailbox: 12.05.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Director Blue: A Single #2 Pencil Outsmarts The Entire Progressive Movement
357 Magnum: Even Texas Has Fallen To Bail Reform
EBL: Oh Canada – The State Has Suggestions For Making Healthcare “Affordable”, Tesla’s Electric Semi?, and Democrat Darling Michael Avenatti gets 14 more years in federal prison for fraud
Twitchy: TIME Gives Space To “Malignantly Racist Toxic Clown” Saira Rao, also, Ana Navarro Learns The Hard Way Not To Throw Rocks At Anyone Else’s Appearance From Her Big Glass House
Louder With Crowder: ‘This type of behavior…”, also, James Woods ready to go scorched earth after ‘Twitter Files’ identifies Democrats targeting him for deletion
Vox Popoli: EVs Are Not the Answer, Of Autism and Atheism, Excess Deaths Among the Educated, and Customer Support Breakthrough
Gab News: Gab Fears Only God
Stoic Observations: ChatGPT – First Look

Adam Piggott: Just Accept that the Faux Pope wants to Destroy Tradition, also, No sex please, we’re unvaxxed
American Conservative: Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine, When Civilization Goes Underground, and Taibbi, Twitter, And The Narrative-Makers
American Greatness: Ron DeSantis Says He Plans to Hold Pfizer and Moderna Accountable For Making False Claims About Their Shots, How Corrupt is a Corrupt Media?, and Zelenskyy Tried To Push America Into World War III
American Power: Elon Musk, Matt Taibbi, and a Very Modern Media Maelstrom
American Thinker: The Democrats’ Contempt for the American People, The Media Undertakers Must be Getting Exhausted, and What If MAGA Shrugged?
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Mother of victim in Cuba’s Bahia Honda Massacre refutes regime’s official account, Over 200 protests in communist Cuba during the month of November, Pope Francis looks the other way as Nicaragua’s dictator imprisons Catholic priests, Cuban dictatorship can’t control Dengue, but erects new monument to Cuban who discovered mosquito-borne illnesses, and Ask your abuelo or papi about Gaylord Perry’s spitter [Alison Perry, Gaylord’s daughter, then aged 5: “It’s a hard slider”]
BattleSwarm: Russia’s Failure To Achieve Air Superiority, also, Is The Iranian Regime Starting To Crack?
Behind The Black: The steep interior rim of Aristarchus Crater, Curiosity’s recent and future travels amid the Martian mountains, The uncertainties surrounding India’s proposed first manned mission, and Today’s blacklisted American: Pernicious anti-white bigotry controls the government in Seattle
Cafe Hayek: Homeschooling As Evidence of the Decrepitude of Government K-12 “Education”, also, A Letter to a Progressive With Poor Reading Comprehension
CDR Salamander: December Maritime Free For All – on Midrats, also, Irregular War’s War on Thinking About War
Chicago Boyz: Anti-Concepts
Da Tech Guy: Five #Twitterfiles thoughts Under the Fedora, Another setback for military mental health, Five Sports Thoughts Under the Fedora, and My take on the Twitter Files revelations: the truth dies in darkness
Don Surber: Republicans Can’t Win Without Trump Supporters, Bidenomics leads to NYT strike, Finnish PM says Trump was right, and [no title]
First Street Journal: The racism of The Philadelphia Inquirer, In which a ‘transgender’ supportive CNN piece proves the opposite, and I got the Wuhan Flu
Gates Of Vienna: Italian Constitutional Court Upholds the Vax Mandate, “I Am Not Afraid of You”, and The Greening of the Bundeswehr
The Geller Report: Republicans Had More than 74% of Election Day Votes in Maricopa County – So Where Are Those Votes?, FBI as a Democrat Censor: Deposition Reveals Complex FBI Plot to Rig the 2020 Election, and Email Leaks: Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs Regularly Communicated With Twitter Telling Them Who To Censor
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, NGC 1, and NGC 1858
Hollywood In Toto: John Leguizamo’s One-Man War Against ‘Problematic’ Casting, Chival Is Not Dead, Why Bill Maher Doesn’t Feel Guilty About Flying on Private Jets, and How It’s a Wonderful Life Delivers Sermon of Hope
The Lid: Putin-One Foot In The Grave The Other On A Banana Peel?, also, FBI Caught Colluding With Leftist Big Tech to Censor Conservatives Online
Legal Insurrection: Egyptian Petition Demands British Museum Return the Iconic Rosetta Stone, Notre Dame Pulls Support for Pro-Life Event Over Ben Shapiro Tweet From 2010, Survey: Public Trust In Military Declining, FDA Proposes Easing Restrictions on Blood Donations from Gay/Bisexual Men, and Stanford Band Insults Christianity During Halftime Show Against BYU
Nebraska Energy Observer: Change is good, also, Populus Zion; Advent II
Outkick: Jerry Jones Responds To Criticism From LeBron James Over Old Photo, Utah QB Buries Caleb Williams After Destroying USC’s Playoff Dreams, Soccer Legend Pele Enters End-of-Life Care At Brazilian Hospital, Did Jacob deGrom Leave New York Because Of COVID Mandates?, Deion Sanders Accepts Colorado Head-Coaching Job, Gets First Shot At Power-5 Level, and Kate Upton Is Bringing Her Talents To The New York Mets
Power Line: Battery Storage Is a Fantasy, Every NPR Story You’ve Ever Heard, The Times does the Twitter Files, and Trump Is Finished
Shark Tank: Lesson Learned From Hurricane Ian – Let’s Embrace Nuclear
Shot In The Dark: Obviously Toxic Masculinity, “Dark Money Is Baaaad!”, and Convenience
STUMP: Movember 2022 Wrap-Up: Fundraising Total, Summary Video, and Post Links
This Ain’t Hell: EVs saving us gas, They’re everywhere!, Defense Secretary wants to keep vaccine mandate, and What happened at Wings Over Dallas?
Transterrestrial Musings: The New Narrative Forms, The Climate Religion, After Success, and The Official Covid Story
Victory Girls: Twitter Files: Who the Heck is Vijaya Gadde?, USPS Stealing Campaign Funds, and Respect For Marriage Act Has Leftist Detractors
Volokh Conspiracy: Trump Defines Constitutional Deviancy Down
Watts Up With That: Sea Level Is Rising – But So What?, King Coal: Reports of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated, and Claim: We Must Allow More Inflation to Address Climate Change
Weasel Zippers: Twitter Was Permanently Censoring Users At The Request Of The DNC And Biden Campaign, Hillary Clinton: Saving Babies From Abortion Is Like Soldiers Raping Women, WH Won’t Say Why Biden Has Not Campaigned In Georgia For Raphael Warnock, Catholic Bishop Responds To Hillary Clinton’s Remarks About Abortion: “Don’t Listen To This Evil Woman”, and Ex-Twitter Executive: Elon Musk Is Putting Us “In Harm’s Way” By Showing How We Censored Content At Dems Behest
The Federalist: Corporate Media Keeps Tossing Softballs At FTX Fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried, Grand Jury: Legal Counsel For Loudoun County School Board Engaged In Witness Tampering During Sexual Assault Investigation, If A Legitimate Free Press Existed, The Twitter Files Wouldn’t, Time Magazine Admits ‘Election Denier’ Is A Nonsense Phrase Invented To Smear Republicans, and The GOP Must Resist Big Tech’s Lobbying Efforts To Save Face With Conservatives
Mark Steyn: Past It, Bomb Damage: Michael Powell and A Canterbury Tale, Steyn Goes Full Humbug, and Do You Hear What I Hear?

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