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In The Mailbox: 12.06.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Forgot to note this yesterday, but Mark Steyn is doing a reading of “A Christmas Carol”. Part three is linked below. 

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: An Entitlement That Can’t Be Fulfilled
EBL: Kirstie Alley, RIP, Should Ronna McDaniels Stay On As RNC Chair?, and John Bolton Threatens To Run For President 
Twitchy: More Whimpering From Ben Collins About Elon Musk, also, Meet Twitter’s Newest Ex-Employee
Louder With Crowder: Elon Musk fires controversial Twitter lawyer over suppressing Hunter story, handling the ‘Twitter Files’, English teacher claims teaching kids to talk and write good is white supremacy, so she refuses to, and Oh my: Post-Liver King, Joe Rogan calls on The Rock to come clean about using steroids
Vox Popoli: Contemplating Infinity, Freedom or Foreigners, The Ultimate Troll, Brazil Wins, and Drone Attacks in Russia

American Conservative: Of Course Trust in the Military Has Declined
American Greatness: Biden Supports Keeping Vax Mandate for Troops, Stop Virtue-Signaling and Prioritize Real Marriage, and Yes, the 2020 Election Was Stolen
American Thinker: Democrat Voter Fraud: A Brief History, also, A Corrupt, Evil Regime Intent on Imprisoning Trump
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Ben Franklin News
Babalu Blog:  Cuban artist says she was censored at Miami’s Art Basel when she held up a ‘Che was a killer’ sign, Cuban woman has been waiting 5 years for her hurricane-damaged home to be repaired, and Question of the Day: Was fake Cuban president’s global begging tour a disaster?
BattleSwarm: Ukraine Hits Airbase 600 Kilometers Inside Russia, also, Followup: Ford F-150 Lightning EV Suffers Drastic Range Decrease In The Rare Weather Event Known As “Winter”
Behind The Black: Orion completes burn to send spacecraft back to Earth, Ukrainian rocket startup targets ’23 for first launch, Martian dunes, as far as the eye can see, and Today’s blacklisted American: Richmond restaurant to the Family Foundation: “No Christians served here!”
CDR Salamander: There Must be Consequences for Germany
Chicago Boyz: Fun with GPT-3
Da Tech Guy: A Somber Elon Musk Twitter Thought, The Biden Peak, and Don’t know much about history
Don Surber: Don’t feed the trolls — including NYT, WaPo and The View, “Vladimir” Zelensky goes after churches, Never Trump ?s the police state, and Supreme Court is over the target
First Street Journal: Watch out! The signs are there that the Biden Administration wants to reimpose mask mandates
Gates Of Vienna: Knife Jihad in Illerkirchberg, The Peasants of Elon’s Digital Fiefdom, Ukrainian Refugees in Poland Will Help Pay Their Way, and The Vax and Heart Health
The Geller Report: Iran Threatens to Turn the World into Graveyard for US, Israel, Saudis, also, George Soros can influence global media with ties to AT LEAST 253 organizations
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, A Golden Anniversary, How Did Socialists Cook Before Electricity?, and Nothing to See Here. Move Along.
Hollywood In Toto: Triangle of Sadness Drowns in a Sea of Socialist Wishcasting, Christmas Bloody Christmas Should Be Unplugged, The Sad, Predictable Decline of Sacha Baron Cohen, and Office Star Won’t Show Series to Her Own Kids (Maybe Never)
The Lid: Trust In Media Has Fallen To All-Time Low
Legal Insurrection: Louisiana, Missouri Release Full Fauci Deposition Transcript in Social Media Collusion Case, DOJ Subpoena to Twitter Demanded Info on Tara Reade’s Account After Accusing Biden of Sexual Assault, EU Threatens to Shut Down Twitter as Musk Eases Censorship Rules, and Republican Lawyer Harmeet Dhillon Running for Republican National Committee Chair
Nebraska Energy Observer: Free Speech Monday, also, I’m sorry but
Outkick: Joe Rogan Calls For ‘The Rock’ To Come Clean About Steroids Use, Deion Sanders Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings, Former Celtics Coach Ime Udoka And Nia Long Are Reportedly Finished After Scandal, Failed TV Host Bomani Jones Calls Deion Sanders A Sell Out For Leaving HBCU, and Is Soccer Finally Starting To Be Cool In America? 
Power Line: Saving the World With Electric Vehicles, The Daily Chart: Take Your Lithium, and Notes on the Twitter Files
Protein Wisdom Reborn: On Censorship & Its Discontents
Shark Tank: Waltz Says U.S. Faces Mineral Crisis Against Red China
Shot In The Dark: I’m Old Enough To Remember, Today’s Joke – Tomorrow’s Reality, and Heavy-Handed Metaphor Alert
The Political Hat: Normalizing Medical Homicide In Canada: By Commercials; By Mandated Doctor’s Recommendations; By Proactively Making The Life Of The Living Insufferable
This Ain’t Hell: Return of an old ‘friend’. Be All You Can Be, Canadian VA official offers assisted suicide to Canadian veteran, and Armed Forces Qualification Test
Transterrestrial Musings: Objections To Mars Colonization, Lunar Landing Pads, and The Twitter Censorship
Victory Girls: Salon Strikes Again At Candace Cameron Bure
Volokh Conspiracy: Prof. Michael McConnell (Stanford) on 303 Creative (the Web Site Designer / Same-Sex Wedding Case)
Watts Up With That: Contra Yahoo News, “Weather Whiplash” is not Threatening Autumn Weather
Weasel Zippers: DOJ Targeted Tara Reade After She Accused Joe Biden Of Sexual Assault, ACLU Threatens To Sue Hospital If It Doesn’t Perform Transgender Surgeries, and Biden Chief of Staff: “Fiscal Responsibility Is Very Important To Us”
The Federalist: Though Not Victorious, The Christian Right’s Consistent Resistance To Child Sexualization Has Been Vindicated, Why Elon Musk’s ‘Twitter Files’ Matter, Fauci Knows Everything But Remembers Nothing In His Big Tech Collusion Deposition, Dutch Government Takes Next Step In Its Climate-Crazed Crusade Against Nation’s Farmers, and MLB Still Won’t Apologize After Damaging Georgia’s Economy With Election Law Lies
Mark Steyn: Lab Leaks and Twitter Files, Doom and Decline, and “Rise! And Walk With Me!”

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