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In The Mailbox: 12.19.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Public education.

357 Magnum: Hollywood Getting Woke & Becoming Irrelevant
EBL:  Black Adam, Musk Done At Twitter? and So how is the Avatar sequel doing at the box office?
Twitchy: Here’s the reason liberal women walk with such swag & confidence
Louder With Crowder: Taylor Lorenz got herself suspended by Twitter. No one knows why and we’re all laughing too hard to care, Jeffrey Epstein victim claims to have sex tapes he made of certain  friends with underage girls, and James Cameron doesn’t understand why there isn’t an empowering female warrior who is six months pregnant
Vox Popoli: A Ticket-Taker’s Holiday, The Economics of Clown World, 2-2 (4-2), and Black Magick War

American Conservative: Is This Winning?, also, Why You Should Go To Church This Christmas Sunday
American Greatness: 10 Steps to Save America, Only Ron DeSantis Can Win in 2024, and The EV Zero Emissions Scam
American Thinker: Why Are Communists Determined to Destroy the US?, Deep State Suspicions, and It’s ‘Trump Will Never Be President’ All Over Again
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Cuba went from the world’s tallest Christmas tree in 1957 to banning Christmas a decade later, With Cuba’s labor force decimated by mass exodus, dictatorship looks to enforce ‘anti-laziness law’, Despite food and medicine shortages, Cuba’s dictatorship keeps building more apartheid hotels, and Lifestyles of the Rich and Communist: Wife of Cuba’s sock puppet president wears $6,300 Cartier watch
Baldilocks: Who Runs Things?
BattleSwarm: Peru’s New President Is On Team Riot, also, Two Juicy EU Scandals Bubble Up
Behind The Black: SpaceX completes third launch in less than two days, L3Harris to buy Aerojet Rocketdyne for $4.7 billion, Could the Apollo 11 lunar module still be orbiting the Moon?, and Today’s blacklisted American: Law firm fires lawyer of 44 years for expressing the wrong opinion
Cafe Hayek: History “Disprivileges” This Person’s Understanding, Vernon Smith on the Fall of Nature, Getting Adam Smith Right, and Vernon Smith on Adam Smith (and on Adam Smith’s Interpreters)
CDR Salamander: Cyber Lessons of the Russo-Ukrainian War with Shashank Josi – on Midrats, also, “Support You and Your Family” – Really?
Chicago Boyz: Monastic Technology, 2022, also, Christmas Story
Da Tech Guy: Virginia finally bans TikTok, Very Quick Under the Fedora Thoughts, I’m going to reserve judgement on the Vatican’s Move on Fr, Pavone for now, and Hope for the future: Lightfoot badly trails in first poll of 2023 Chicago mayoral race
Don Surber: The Dummy Who Invented The Artificial Heart, We are letting weirdos run things, Praising Garland for ignoring a law Biden co-wrote, I paused Google Ads, and Germans screwing up NATO
First Street Journal: Kara Alaimo exercised her #FreedomOfSpeech and CNN’s #FreedomOfThePress to decry conservatives’ Freedom of Speech and of the Press, Philadelphian Amanda Marcotte is very, very upset that 35 transgender people have been murdered this year, but doesn’t care about 496 killings in her home town, and Killadelphia: the city is tied for third place all time in murders, with 13 days left in the year
Gates Of Vienna: Buyer’s Remorse About the Vax, A Nation of Snitches, Enricher vs. Enricher in Montpellier, and Germans Must Prepare to Shiver in the Dark
The Geller Report: FDA Now Says Pfizer’s COVID-19 VACCINE Linked to Blood Clotting, Arizona Judge Approves Kari Lake Request to Examine Ballots, Freed J6 Political Prisoner, Former West Virginia Delegate Denounces Kevin McCarthy, and FBI Had 80 Agents Monitor Joke and Satire Accounts To Silence Conservatives
Hogewash: Dihydrogen Monoxide in Space, M47, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, and I’m Not Making This Up, You Know
Hollywood In Toto: Barbie Woke Propaganda Push Already Under Way?, The 20 Best TV Shows of 2022, and Here’s What You Missed About the Overrated Bodies Bodies Bodies
The Lid: Differences Between Christmas And Hanukkah (With Tongue Firmly In Cheek), also, Biden Making U.S. Citizenship Test Easier so Dumber Foreigners Can Feel Included
Legal Insurrection: Some Democrats Resisting Party’s Plan to Hold South Carolina Primary First, Europe Cools Toward ESG in Light of Energy Realities, University of Richmond Receives $625K Grant to Advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Washington U. Med School Lecturer Warns Students Not to Debate Her on CRT or ‘Systemic Oppression’, and Ethnic Fraudster Sen. Elizabeth Warren Pressures Elon Musk Over Twitter By Bullying Tesla Board
Nebraska Energy Observer: Change is good, also, Advent IV: Love
Outkick: Topless Argentina World Cup Flashers Are Alive & Not In Jail!, Patriots Lose Game On One Of The Most Boneheaded Plays Of All-Time By Jakobi Meyers, Brittany Mahomes Calls Out NFL After Husband Gets Rocked On Violent Sack, Roger Goodell Causes Widespread Confusion By Showing Up At HBCU National Championship To Support Nephew, and College Football Playoff Game Played In Snowy Weather So Cold It Caused Beer To Explode
Power Line: Sunday morning coming down, Notes on the Twitter Files, cont’d, and Earth to Joe Biden
Protein Wisdom Reborn: The Noxious Racism Of “Disparate Impact”, also, I Am Woman, Hear Me Giggle & Scree
Shark Tank: Rep. Scott Franklin (R-FL15) Explains GOP Opposition To Puerto Rico Status Act
Shot In The Dark: Mission Creepy, also, Vibrant! Vibraaaant! VIBRAAAAAAAANT!
STUMP: Geeking Out: What Does COVID Vaccination Status Have to Do With Motor Vehicle Accident Risk?
The Political Hat: 12 Posts of Christmas, 2022 (Day 5), (Day6), and (Day7)
This Ain’t Hell: Is this heaven? No, it’s Iowa….bbrrrrrrttt, Potential changes to Arlington National Cemetery burial eligibility could disqualify most, Russian soldier describes the Ukraine War as “destruction of the Russian people”, Map and compass. Wha…?, and Uncle Frank Biden’s Purple Heart
Transterrestrial Musings: Anthropology, also, Leftist Journalists
Victory Girls: Sam Brinton Is In Your Schools, Vatican Defrocks Pro Life Priest Frank Pavone, and “Defeated” Border Patrol Braces For Next Wave, SCOTUS Issues Reprieve
Volokh Conspiracy: Happy Saturnalia!
Watts Up With That: Germany’s Gas Reserves “Emptying at Record Speed” As Country Struggles to Keep Warm, Lights On, How Michelin Covered Up Industrial Deforestation by its Indonesian Partner in “Eco-Friendly” Rubber Venture, and No evidence for BBC claim that Churchill is simply getting too warm for polar bears
Weasel Zippers: Biden Says After He Was Elected VP (In 2008) He Awarded Uncle (Who Died In 1999) A Purple Heart, Top Biden Advisor Can’t Explain Why Biden Refuses To Visit Southern Border, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH): “I Don’t Hear A Lot About Immigration Except From People On The Far Right”, and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) Threatens Big Tech Unless They Censor More Content
The Federalist: The LGBT Alphabet Lobby Has Come For Its Own Women, AOC’s Climate Change Movie Bombs At Box Office, Want Proof Our Government Is A Cash-Gobbling Ball Of Incompetence? Look No Further Than The Post Office, David French: Yes, The Dispatch Takes Money To Help Leftists Keep The Internet Conservatism-Free, and With Russia Hoaxer Jim Baker On The Inside, The FBI Primed Twitter To Kill Hunter Biden Story Long Before It Broke
Mark Steyn: Go Where the Journeyman Leads: Steve McQueen and Nevada Smith, A Child’s Christmas in Wales, Blue Christmas, and The Mark Steyn Show – live Monday to Thursday!

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