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In The Mailbox: 12.20.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Sadly, This Is Not Babylon Bee Or The Onion
EBL: Harvey Weinstein found guilty regarding one victim in California criminal trial, It’s A Wonderful Life, and The Murder Turtle Sells Out the GOP Base (again)
Twitchy: Man With WW1 Explosive Lodged In Rectum – Jokes Write Themselves, Twitter Files #8 Reveal How Twitter Helped The Pentagon Run Covert Online PsyOps, and Tranny At Center Of Wi Spa Protests Arrested For Indecent Exposure After Going On The Run
Louder With Crowder: Feds paid Twitter MILLIONS to suppress news, and Elon Musk claims they aren’t the only ones
Vox Popoli: Gammacaust on Gab, On Thought Leadership, Debt Bubble Close to Popping, and The Chinese Listened
Stoic Observations: When I Look At The World

American Conservative: Canadian Lives Unworthy Of Canadian Life, also, See, Here Is Water
American Greatness: ‘Buckle Up America’: Kari Lake’s Election Challenge Will Go to Trial, also, Appeals Court Blocks Biden Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors
American Thinker: Why Did the FBI Want Joe Biden to Become President?, also, Reflections of a Baby-Boomer
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Party Flipping News
Babalu Blog: DHS tips off the Castro dictatorship on Cuban refugees in the U.S. claiming persecution and torture, Cuban activist living in Bolivia expelled from that country for criticizing the Castro dictatorship, and Pro-dictatorship agricultural lobbyists meet with diplomats at Cuban embassy in Washington, D. C.
Baldilocks: I Am The Door
BattleSwarm: What If Russia’s Partial Mobilization Is Actually A General Mobilization?, also, Another Cold Blast Heading To Texas
Behind The Black: InSight fails to respond during scheduled communications session, Russians preparing replacement Soyuz for launch to ISS, Rocket Lab reschedules first Wallops launch to January, and Pushback: Blacklisting Virginia Tech soccer coach loses effort to get lawsuit dismissed
Cafe Hayek: David Henderson on “The Abject Failure of Central Planning During Covid”
CDR Salamander: Japan Rising
Chicago Boyz: Nuclear News
Da Tech Guy: I Have No Idea What Musk is Doing, Off-label use of diabetes drug as a weight loss tool, Under the Fedora, and Pittsburgh: Is downtown at a crossroads?
Don Surber: Biden prescribes transgender surgery, also, NYT attacks the Supreme Court
First Street Journal: Killadelphia
Gates Of Vienna: Excess Mortality in Germany, Part One, My Kingdom for Horse-Paste!, It’s Nobody’s Business But The Turks‘, and Is the Pope Catholic?
The Geller Report: TWITTER FILES 7: Treasonous FBI Was Directly Working As An Asset For The Biden Crime Family, Analysis of RNC Spending Since 2017 Shows Millions Were Spent on Private Jets, Limousines, Luxury Retreats, Broadway Shows, The Nazis Over at NY Times Publishes Swastika Shaped Puzzle on First Day of Chanukkah, and South Dakota Gov. Noem Proposes Legislation to Restrict Chinese Purchase of US Farmland
Hogewash: A Crater on Mercury, Follow the Money, and Ho Hum, Another Possible Government Shutdown
Hollywood In Toto: Tim Robbins: ‘Orwellian’ COVID Rules Based on Politics, Not Science, Elf Beats Woke Empire of Light (and Other Hollywood Horror Stories), and Hollywood Must Learn from Tom Cruise … or Else
The Lid: White House Struggles to Define ‘Border Czar’ Harris’ Role in Immigration Policy
Legal Insurrection: Energy Groups Suing Biden Administration for Failing to Hold Mandated Gas and Oil Lease Sales, Arizona Judge Allows Two of Kari Lake’s Election Challenge Claims to go to Trial, Holy Names University in Oakland Closing After Spring 2023 Semester, and U.S. Postal Service to Spend Almost $10 Billion for Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure
Nebraska Energy Observer: Steam Airplane Drivers and American Guys, also, No politics today…too much
Outkick: Eagles QB Gardner Minshew Skips Practice To Deliver Heartfelt Tribute At Mike Leach Memorial, 4 Penn State Players Get Teslas As Part Of NIL Deal, Pittsburgh’s Pat Narduzzi Hears North Carolina QB Drake Maye Was Offered $5 Million To Leave But Doesn’t Name School, Booger McFarland Drank ‘A Little Whiskey’ To Stay Warm During NFL Games, and A Grand Total Of 20 People Showed Up To A Brittney Griner ‘Homecoming’ Celebration In Waco, ESPN Doesn’t Seem Happy About It
Power Line: Welcome to Stanford Kindergarten, Sorry About Those Jobs, and The Post on the Twitter Files
Protein Wisdom Reborn:
Shark Tank: DeSantis Takes Aim At Teachers’ Union Dues, also, Is Anthony Sabatini The Real “Enemy Of The American People”?
Shot In The Dark: NPR’s War On Things That Just Work, also, Twitter – Not The Only Fed Sock Puppet
The Political Hat: 12 Posts of Christmas, 2022 (Day 8)
This Ain’t Hell: Keeps his job, even promoted, Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok, and The Marines are sexist!
Victory Girls: Marjorie Taylor-Greene & Lauren Boebert – Stoopid Mean Girls, also, Sam Bankman-Fried Gets Extradition Deal And More Details
Volokh Conspiracy: Congress Moves Forward on Electoral Count Act Reform
Watts Up With That: Attention Poor People, Step Away from The Fuel. It’s Not for You. And Stop Using It Anyway. Thank You, also, Space Based Solar Power: Like Terrestrial Solar, but More Expensive
Weasel Zippers: House GOP Leader Calls For Investigation Into Past FBI, CIA Abuses, Supreme Court Blocks Biden Admin From Lifting Title 42, and Proud To Be An American? Stanford Says That’s Offensive
The Federalist: Latest ‘Twitter Files’ Bombshell Shows FBI Neck-Deep In Russian Disinformation Lie To Kill Hunter Biden Laptop Story, Top Lessons Investors Should Take Away From The Collapse Of FTX, For Falsely Accusing Bakery Of Racism, Oberlin College Finally Coughs Up $36M Settlement But No Apology, House Republicans Threaten Legislative Gridlock For Senate Colleagues Who Support Reckless Omnibus Bill, and King Charles Can’t Refute Meghan’s ‘Racism’ Charges Because He Is A Self-Flagellating Globalist
Mark Steyn: Rolling in Doha, I’ll Be Holmes for Christmas, Room at the Inn…for Migrants, and Fowl Play

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