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In The Mailbox: 12.22.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Our favorite Sumerian death goddess discovers Christmas.

357 Magnum: Concealed Carry Stops Michigan Carjacking
EBL: Thank you, Senators Mike Lee and Rand Paul, Bail for Bankman, and Clap Comrades Clap
Twitchy: Not Everyone Is Inspired By This Recolored American Flag Posted By Ukrainian Official, also, Mom Who Paraded Drag Queen Son On TV Whines About Pervert Posting A Pic Of Child
Louder With Crowder: O.G. Ice-T (original gangster) comes to Elon Musk’s defense and tells haters what to do with their Twitter
Vox Popoli: There Are No Bank Reserves, also, Suddenly in Norway


American Conservative: Feliz Navidad From Groomer Grandpa, also, Zelensky Takes Washington
American Greatness: Kari Lake Expert Witness: Missized Ballots That Caused Election Day Chaos Could Not Have Been An Accident, also, Kari Lake Trial: Election Day Chaos in Maricopa County Was Enough to Change the Results, Pollster Testifies
American Thinker: 5 Freedom-Based Solutions to Mass Shootings, also, Orwellian Language and Democrat Doublethink
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily West Coast Meltdown News
Babalu Blog: Another repressive thug for Cuban dictatorship is identified, along with some accomplices, U.S. court decides in favor of Cuban dictatorship in trademark dispute over Cohiba brand cigars, and No Feliz Navidad card from Peru to Mexico
Baldilocks: If He Can Do It So Can I
BattleSwarm: Russian Atrocities Earn Ukraine New Kit
Behind The Black:  Perseverance deposits first core sample for pickup later, India buying land for new spaceport on India’s southern tip, Bursting lava bubbles on Mars, and Today’s blacklisted American: The FBI’s purge of conservatives forces one agent to sue
Cafe Hayek: John Tierney Explains and Decries the Covid-Fueled Further Politicization of Science, also, On Mapping Onto Reality Our Theoretical Understanding of Comparative Advantage
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Da Tech Guy: The Three Dangers of the Frank Pavone Case: Danger Two: the Sin of Pride, also, The Progressive war on the Holiday that Must Not Be Named continues unabated
Don Surber: Bidenana Republic, also, The war on Americans from within
Gates Of Vienna: Who Would Have Thought Climate Change Could Kill So Many People So Soon?, also, Excess Mortality in Germany, Part Four
The Geller Report: 8th Century B.C.: Discovery of King Hezekiah Inscriptions Among ‘Most Important’ Archaeological Finds Ever
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, IC 443, and Gaming the Supreme Court
Hollywood In Toto: James Cameron Learns Hard Lesson – You’re Never Woke Enough
The Lid: The FBI Destroyed Its Once Great Reputation
Legal Insurrection: Former NYU Finance Director Charged With $3.5 Million in Fraud, Israel: Prime Minister Netanyahu Announces Formation of New Coalition Government, Three DEI Staffers Resign From Princeton University, Accusing School of No Support, and Omnibus Bill’s Monstrous Linkage of “Family Planning” to “Biodiversity”
Nebraska Energy Observer: There’s a balance
Outkick: Trevor Bauer Will Be Immediately Reinstated, LeBron James Makes It All About Himself With Ridiculous Photo Edit Despite Lakers’ Loss To Kings, Undrafted Washington Commanders Player Breaks Down After Pro Bowl Selection, Juwan Howard Loses His Cool, Again, Yells ‘Don’t F-cking Touch Me’ At His Own Player Holding Him Back From Official, and Former Broncos RB Ronnie Hillman Dead At 31 After Battling Cancer
Power Line: Was January 6 Pelosi’s Fault?, High in the Upper Valley, and The Daily Chart: The Shocking EU Energy Subsidies
Protein Wisdom Reborn: When Gender Theorists Attack
Shark Tank: Harmeet Dhillon Poised To Pull Of Major RNC Election Upset
Shot In The Dark: I’m Old Enough To Remember, also, The Final Word
The Political Hat: 12 Posts of Christmas, 2022 (Day 10)
This Ain’t Hell: The Russian military must tackle problems it faces in Ukraine, Twitter + Pentagon = Information Ops, and Army veteran initiates federal lawsuit against police officers who punched him during stop
Transterrestrial Musings: Vega C, Mitch McConnell, and James Cameron
Victory Girls: FTX Fallout: Guilty Pleas And Extradition
Volokh Conspiracy: Did The Ways & Means Committee Play The Supreme Court On Trump’s Tax Returns?
Watts Up With That: Academics Pursue Project to ‘Decolonize Physics’
Weasel Zippers: Woke Film Critic Accuses New Avatar Movie of “Cultural Appropriation”, Marines Receive Woke Report Which Says To Stop Calling Drill Instructors “Sir,” “Ma’am”, and Omnibus Bill Earmarks $750K For Trans Group That Wants To Inject LGBTQ “Discourse” In Elementary Schools
The Federalist: No, AOC, Abortion Is Not A Jewish Sacrament, Get Crafty This Christmas! These Easy, Low-Cost Holiday Poppers Will Add Joy To Your Table, In States That Limited Abortion After Dobbs, Biden’s Federal Agencies Are Pushing It Anyway, and Want To Cure Your Screen Addiction? Form A Luddite Club
Mark Steyn: Tmss Do not Use, Latkes and Prayers, Rotherham Reject, and As Ye Give, So Shall Ye Receive

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