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In The Mailbox: 01.23.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Happy Lunar new year!

357 Magnum: T-Mobile Hacked For The Eighth Time Since 2018
EBL: Antifa’s Atlanta Getaway, FIRE JEFF ZIENTS, and Year of the Rabbit
Twitchy: April Ryan Tries To Tie Gas Prices To Race, Croggles Energy Secretary Granholm, also, Gov. Hairgel Explains Why Guns Are Bad While Surrounded by Armed Security
Louder With Crowder: College soccer player got benched after refusing to take a knee for social justice, now her coach owes her $100k, NFL Legend Tony Dungy defies media haters, addresses March for Life about the power of prayer, and Gringa Hilaria Baldwin brings back fake Spanish accent to yell at reporters chasing husband Alec (who killed a woman)
Vox Popoli: US Disavows Navy SEAL, Suddenly, An Unexpected Twist, Red China Buys SF Publisher, He’s Not Wrong, and They Lied, is How
Stoic Observations: Black Suffering

Adam Piggott: Spiritual Battle
American Conservative: Constitutionalism in an Age Without Limits, The DEI Republicans, and Creating a Russian Bogeyman
American Greatness: Lies, Damned Lies, and Gun Statistics, How RNC Policy Lost a Winnable House Seat, Is the Justice Department Pursuing Biden Just to Get Trump?, and FBI Agent Who Investigated Trump-Russia Collusion Has Been Arrested For Colluding With Russia
American Power: When Students Change Gender Identity, and Parents Don’t Know
American Thinker: The Real Purpose of Drag Queen Story Hour, The Disturbing Precedent behind Dangerous COVID Shots, The War on Competence, and President Deep State?
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Cuban dictatorship on trial in London over millions in defaulted loans, Cuban dictatorship opens new luxury apartheid hotel for foreign animals, Russia sends ‘experts’ to toy with Cuba’s unfixable economy, or so they say, and Cuban police pepper spray mothers and their babies standing in line for diapers
BattleSwarm: Toss-able Suicide X-Wing Drone, also, “Beijing Mini-Me” Xiongan Is China’s Largest “Rotten Tail” Project
Behind The Black: First launch from Shetland Islands predicted for the fall, First Vulcan rocket arrives at Cape Canaveral, Martian crater with mound of ice? mud? hardened sand?, and Today’s blacklisted American: Game publisher fires employee for expressing conservative opinions
Cafe Hayek: The Primacy of the Consumer-Welfare Standard, also, What Was Uniquely Important About American Revolutionaries?
CDR Salamander: The Navy’s New Mission with Bryan McGrath – on Midrats, also, Can we Learn Something From the Air Force?
Chicago Boyz: What’s the Deal with Construction Productivity?
Da Tech Guy: Shades of Treyvon Martin in LA or Clemenza Must not have been available, ChatGPT says…sue the schools!, and Jonathan Roumie hits it out of the park at the March for Life
Don Surber: So Irrelevant They Won’t Stop Talking About Him, Turning California Into Hell, and Highlights of the News
First Street Journal: Amanda Marcotte gaslighting on stoves, All the News That’s Fit to Print? and Why, it’s almost as though gun control laws don’t work!
Gates Of Vienna: EVs Turn Ferries Into Death Boats, You And Whose Army?, Sweden Can Kiss NATO Membership Goodbye, and Culture-Enriching Knife Incident on the Bus in Mestre
The Geller Report: 21 Year Old Surfer Evan McMillen Dies Suddenly, 35-Year-Old Middle School Coach and Teacher Dies Suddenly in Front of His Class, Utah Doctor, Others Charged With Giving Saline shots Instead of Controversial Covid Vaccine, and 10.9 Million 2022 Midterm Mail-In Ballots ‘Unaccounted For’ in California
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Mmmmm, Coffee, An Older View of Andromeda, and Nothing to See Here. Move Along
Hollywood In Toto: Kavanaugh Doc Director Laughably Plays Victim Card, Comic Sam Morril Rages Against Big Tech Censorship, and A Terrible, Awful No-Good Week for Hollywood
Legal Insurrection: FBI Offers $25K Reward for Info About Attacks on 10 Pro-Life Centers, Antifa Members Arrested in Atlanta are White and Five Aren’t Even From Georgia, Vanderbilt Prof Calls College Math a ‘White, Cisheteropatriarchal Space’, Study Claims People Need to Battle Climate Change by…Drinking Less Coffee, and “There are signs of weakness in MIT’s commitment to academic freedom”
Nebraska Energy Observer: Classic sports Saturday, Third Sunday after Epiphany, and Monday Culture
Outkick: Bomani Jones Tanks Again On HBO, Shannon Sharpe Issues Apology For Ridiculous Altercation During Grizzlies-Lakers Game, Cincinnati Bengals Are A Monster Snarling At NFL, Defeating Narratives And League’s Best Teams, Peyton Hillis Home From Hospital After Saving Kids From Drowning, and Stefon Diggs Behavior During, After Bills Loss Serves As Reminder Of Past Issues
Power Line: More Documents In Slow Joe’s House, Thought for the Day/Week: Tocqueville on the Roots of MEOW, and How Dumb Can a Politician Get?
Shark Tank: Donalds Says Democrats May Not Want It, But Debt Ceiling Negotiations Are Going To Happen
Shot In The Dark: Deja Vu All Over Again, Emblematic, and Win-Win
This Ain’t Hell: Navy SEAL, AWOL, killed in Ukraine, Ask me anything…MCPON goes on Reddit, DIRCIA nomination blocked by senator, and The Festival of John Moses Browning
Transterrestrial Musings: Meet President George Santos, The Biggest Rat, The California Dream, and Gerard Van Der Leun
Victory Girls: Kardashian Goes To Harvard; Hilarity Ensues, American Mom Who Praised Red China Gets Flak, and Trans Women Threaten Real Women With Decapitation
Volokh Conspiracy: Canada Grants Refugee Status to Russian Fleeing Conscription, also, Justice Gorsuch’s Dissent from Denial of Review in an Excessive Fines Clause Case
Watts Up With That: UK to Ban Plastic Spoons, In Pennsylvania, Will Josh Shapiro Unlock Decades of Affordable Energy?, The Mexican Sun Sets on Making Sunsets, and UK Coal Plants Fired Up AGAIN as Renewable Energy Output Fails
Weasel Zippers: Kamala Harris Explains How Weather And Climate Work -Word Salad Ensues, Biden Talks About Police Officers, Has Absolutely No Idea What He’s Talking About, Nancy Pelosi Walks Back Outrage, Flip Flops On Classified Documents, and ABC Poll: Biden’s Leadership Ratings Underwater On All Major Issues
The Federalist: Like DeSantis, Every Republican Lawmaker Should Block College Board’s Critical Race Theory Class, America Needs More Unapologetic Christians Like Tony Dungy, AAP’s Obesity Treatments Prioritize Big Pharma Over Children’s Health And Wellness, None Of Biden’s Excuses For Having Classified Documents Make Any Sense, and Vimeo Nukes ‘Dead Name’ Documentary Highlighting The Horrors Of Transgender Ideology
Mark Steyn: You Think You’re Funny? The Nice Guys and the Modern Film Noir, Tal Bachman: New Year’s Day, part three, and The Deafening Silence

You know what time it is.
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