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In The Mailbox: 01.26.23

Posted on | January 26, 2023 | 1 Comment

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Heading up to the Northern Resource Area Field HQ tomorrow so I can pull a shift in the tax mines Saturday, so tomorrow’s post may be very late.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Enabling Addiction Is NOT Compassion
EBL: Rep. Katherine Clark’s (D-MA) Violent Cop Hating Child: I am thinking some jail time might help, also, Paul Pelosi Hammer Attack Cop Cam Video To Be Released
Twitchy: Pfizer Director Loses It When Confronted by James O’Keefe – Tells Cop He Feels Very Unsafe, also, NYT Butthurt Over Sentencing Of Lawyers Who Torched Police Car
Louder With Crowder: Guy blasts gym-shamer who thinks she’s all that and makes fun of dude who dares speak to her
Vox Popoli: Thriving on Ambiguity, The Wicked Generation, The Sacrifice of the Slavs, War Plan Zero, and We Explained. You Didn’t Listen

American Conservative: This Time It’s Different, also, Adam Graham’s Brilliant Transgender Prison Scam
American Greatness: Pfizer Exec Caught on Video Discussing Company’s Interest in Mutating COVID Virus For Future Vaccines, also, House GOP Demands Information on Hunter Biden Art Sales
American Thinker: America’s Future is Bleak When Only 27% of the Younger Generations are Proud to be American, also, Given That Illegal Immigration Damages America, Why Does No One Stop It?
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily School Choice News
Babalu Blog: Castro dictatorship’s religious persecution targeting Cuban Muslims, 69 Cuban refugees died at sea in 2022 while trying to escape communism, Avana de la Torre – Fearless Cuban crusader accosts dictatorship’s lawyers in London, and Cuban students at Harvard demand certificate issued to dictatorship’s lawyer Lourdes Dávalos be revoked
BattleSwarm: Texas Sues Biden Administration Over Border
Behind The Black: SpaceX successfully launches a record 56 Starlink satellites, German rocket startup Isar Aerospace gets first American customer, NASA and Russian engineers meeting to discuss status of leaks on ISS’s Zvezda module, and Pushback: Two reporters sue ESPN for terminating them for not getting jabbed
Cafe Hayek: What Accounts for All This Stuff?
CDR Salamander: Riverine: our Stupidity is Ukraine’s Gift
Da Tech Guy: I’d Like to Expand on Ed’s Excellent Piece at Hotair Concerning Francis, Homosexuality and Sin in the Catholic Church, also, Did Kamala Harris declare that life is not an Unalienable Right?
Don Surber: Ron Or Don? also, Highlights of the News
First Street Journal: Hold them accountable!
The Geller Report: Massive Spike in Excess Deaths Sparks Calls for ‘Urgent Investigation’
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, You Are Here, and Enforcing California’s Proposed Wealth/Exit Tax
Hollywood In Toto: What Does Robert Redford Have to Say About Sundance’s ‘Loyalty Oath?’, also, Joe Rogan Skewers CNN’s ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Propaganda’
The Lid: CNN Ratings Fall Even More – Entire Lineup Did Not Equal Ratings Of One Fox Show
Legal Insurrection: Activists at UT-Austin Have Driven the DEI Agenda Into Every Corner of the School, Former Teachers Union President Arrested for Allegedly Embezzling Over $400K, Nonbinary California Teacher Brags About Helping Students Socially Transition Without Parents Knowing, NYU Prof Favors Censoring ‘Harmful’ Speech, Inappropriate Behavior on Social Media, and Tables Turned – Prof. Amy Wax, Charged With Wrongthink, Files Counter-Grievance Against U Penn Law Dean
Nebraska Energy Observer: Protect the children
Outkick: NBA Needs To Put Emphasis On Valuing Fans To Combat The Maddening Load Management Trend Among Players, Chiefs Linebacker Disrespects Joe Burrow, Bengals Offense With Ironic Statement About AFC Championship, 49ers Plan On Playing Charles Omenihu After Arrest For Alleged Domestic Violence, Former NFL Player Jessie Lemonier Dead At 25, and Ed Reed Calls Out Shannon Sharpe With Screenshots Over Bethune-Cookman Fallout, Tells Him ‘Put The Hennessy Down’
Power Line: Camp of the ain’ts, The Chauvin appeal – A second look, and Loose Ends (203)
Shark Tank: Salazar Reintroduces Resolution Denouncing Socialism
Shot In The Dark: The Tytler Spiral, also, Worse Waitress
This Ain’t Hell: More dancing in victim’s blood, also, California reparations proposal as a blueprint for the whole country?
Transterrestrial Musings: Gene Editing, American Nomenklatura, The Assault Of Environmentalism, and Predicting The War In The Pacific
Victory Girls: Meta Will Reinstate Donald Trump on Facebook and Instagram
Volokh Conspiracy: Bar Associations Threaten Pro-Se Litigant, Aided by AI, with UPL Suits
Watts Up With That: Gas-Fired Power Is Now Cheaper Than Offshore Wind Again, California Still in Drought?  Yes, No and Maybe — Part 1, and Billionaires and your natural gas stove
Weasel Zippers: Disney Closes Iconic Ride Splash Mountian For Being Racist, also, The View Says Gun Owners Have a “Mental Illness” That Must “Be Stopped”
The Federalist: After Violent Attacks Go Ignored By Law Enforcement, Pro-Lifers Take Investigations Into Their Own Hands, Interior Department Blocks Minnesota Twin Metals Mining Project In Big Win For Beijing, Corporate Media Shamefully Silent Over Atlanta Child Abuse And ‘Pedophile Ring’ Case, Colorado Condemns Jack Phillips For Being A Devout Christian – Again, and Why DeSantis Should Be Skeptical Of Promised Revisions To The White House-Backed Racist AP Class
Mark Steyn: The Afghanistanization of the West

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