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In The Mailbox: 02.10.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts. Sure enough, after I whined publicly about being sick, I started feeling better. Still not 100%, but at least I can string links together after work.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.

Real and spectacular.

EBL: Happy Valentine’s Day: Julie Banderas is back on the market, Turkey and Syria Earthquake Death Toll Could Greatly Exceed 20,000, Did Biden Blow Up Nord Stream?, and We Need More American Lithium
Twitchy: Microsoft-Owned Ad Group Blacklists Conservative Media Including Twitchy, also, After Months Of Lying, Corporate Media Admits Fettermonster’s Health Is “Horror Show”
Louder With Crowder: ‘When you know your purpose…’, also, UPDATE: Project Veritas Board Might Be Breaking the Law By Ousting James O’Keefe
Vox Popoli: Japan Signs Up for Suicide, Russia’s New Red Lines, The USA Attacked Germany, Suicide UK, An Unnatural Disaster, and When Rhetoric Becomes Reality
According To Hoyt: Doing the Arithmetic, Them Over There, and Finding Ways
Monster Hunter Nation: MarsCon- David Weber Weighs In, The MarsCon matter is settled, and Larry is a marketing genius

Adam Piggott: It’s Time for a Spiritual Battle based upon 100% Truth, Good Times, Bad Times, and Pissing into the Wind of Doom
American Conservative: A Cog in the Gates Machine, Viktor Orban: The West’s Lone Anti-War Prophet, Trans Kids Medical Malpractice Shocker, and Madonna Faces Old Age, Flinches
American Greatness: Report: Joe Biden Ordered Covert CIA Operation to Blow Up Nord Stream Pipelines, Biden Administration to End Title 42 in May, and MTG Goes Nuclear Against Former Twitter Exec For Banning Conservatives While Allowing Child Porn
American Power: Insurrection: Trans Extremists Break Into Oklahoma State House With Intent of Stopping Democratic Vote on Law, also, The Highest Principle
American Thinker: If Reparations Are Owed … the Democratic Party Should Pay Them, also, Those Abandoning Blue States Should Abandon Democrats, Too
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News, Animal’s Daily State of the Union News, and Rule Five Constitutional News
Babalu Blog: Cuban political prisoner asks Biden to keep the Castro dictatorship on sponsors of terror list, Reports from Cuba: The costs of the Cuban state’s monopoly on foreign trade, and Scam alert! Cuba begins privatizing medical care, bills to be paid by Cubans abroad
BattleSwarm: Two Videos About Velma, 24,000 Austin Area Residents Still Without Power, American Business And Chinese Money, and LinkSwarm for February 10
Behind The Black: Progress freighter launched to ISS, SpaceX completes 33-engine static fire test today of Superheavy prototype #7, India successfully launches its SSLV rocket on 2nd attempt, NASA awards launch contract to Blue Origin’s unlaunched New Glenn rocket, and Pushback: Civil rights complaint filed against California school district for running segregated program
Cafe Hayek: Or Maybe the Woke Are Full-On Comatose, A Tendentiously Alleged Connection Between Trump and the Kochs, and The Great Ken Elzinga Speaks at GMU Econ
CDR Salamander: American Realism in the Russo-Ukrainian War with Rebeccah Heinrichs, The Old Ways are the Same as the “New Ways” – Except for One, Our Navy at its Best: “Yeah, we can do that.”, The Democratic Party’s Strange Internal Struggles on the Russo-Ukraine War, and Fullbore Friday
Chicago Boyz: Lighter than Air: Balloons and Dirigibles in Warfare, Back to Google’s (Alleged) Beginnings, and The Last Straw of US
Da Tech Guy: The Key Words in Stacy McCain’s Piece on Zachary Teytlebaum, Lori Lightfoot proves targeting opponents over Samuel Bankman-Fried contributions is effective, Williams vs Musial in Left as Trump vs DeSantis as the Nominee, Yes to the FBI at Latin Mass, and Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address proves Progressives abhor reality
Don Surber: Rules For RINOs, also, Biden’s Sanctions Backfired
First Street Journal: The left tell us that they support racial integration, but they really do not, Killadelphia, You in a heap o’ trouble, boy!, and We wicked Catholics and our Assault Rosaries!
Gates Of Vienna: Greater Idaho Moves a Step Closer, The Flag is Still Flying, Terror Threats? What Terror Threats?, Islam Bans Freedom of Speech for All Human Beings, and The Economics of Greater Idaho
The Geller Report: Biden Moves Towards World War With Russia To Cover Up His Criminality in Ukraine, Democrat Bill To Vaccinate of Children Without Parental Consent, and ‘When Will He Resign and Go To Hell?’
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Spokes in Saturn’s Rings, Now v. Then, and A Special Thank You
Hollywood In Toto: Here’s the Bravest Part of Bill Maher’s Latest Anti-Woke Attack, David Gilmour Calls Roger Waters ‘Antisemitic to the Core’, Grammys Cower Behind Anonymous Votes to Blast Woke Overreach, and Megyn Kelly Calls Disney’s Proud Family CRT Push ‘Absolute Filth’
The Lid: Mark Levin To Congress: You Have More Power To Stop Biden’s Rogue Admin Than You Think, also, Biden Lied About Debt Ceiling, Social Security, And Medicare In SOTU Address
Legal Insurrection: Eastern Washington University Reportedly Expects Janitors to Have a Position on Diversity, Palestinian Terrorist Drove Car Into Commuters – Kills Two Israelis Including 6-Year-Old Boy, John Fetterman Struggling in Senate, Air Force Shoots Down China’s Plans for Giant Corn Mill Close to North Dakota Base, and Tony Dungy Won’t Apologize or Stay Quiet About His Christianity and Pro-Life Views
Nebraska Energy Observer: That Was the Week That Was, A Republic, if You Can Keep It, and Think it through
Outkick: CNN Reportedly Attempting To Hire Charles Barkley, Bills’ Trainer Who Performed CPR On Damar Hamlin Receives NFL MVP Vote, You Have To Respect Anthony Davis’ Reasoning For ‘Ignoring’ LeBron James’ Record-Breaking Shot, Arizona State Angry With Pac-12 Conference, Open To Leaving, and Tiger Woods Announces He’ll Be Playing In The Genesis Invitational, Golf Twitter Reacts Accordingly
Power Line: A Day with DeSantis, Special Counsel Crosses the Rubicon?, Thoughts from the ammo line, and Burt Bacharach dies at 94
Protein Wisdom Reborn: Angertainment & Adam Frisch
Shark Tank: Salazar & McCaul Welcome Nicaraguan Political Prisoners, also, Gaetz Demands Answers About Lobbying “Revolving Door”
Shot In The Dark: Drip, Ma’Donn, I’m Old Enough To Remember, and Also Ran
STUMP: Was COVID a top cause of death for children?, also, Public Pension Concept: Plan Long-Term for Long-Term Promises, and Don’t Give Contribution Holidays
The Political Hat: Florida vs. Woke Indoctrination In Higher Education, The Death Agenda Of Euthanasia: Scheduling Death; Advertising Death; Partial Victory Against Death, and Firing Line Friday: What Now for the Ghetto?
This Ain’t Hell: Booted from Board of Education for defending the Constitution, Unauthorized access at Joint Base Andrews results in shot being fired, Valor Friday, American forces and their Asian allies are ready for battle, and High Toxin Levels at Okinawa Marine Base
Transterrestrial Musings: What Russia Got Wrong, Impressionism, What Future For The SLS?, An Angry Astronaut, and The Static Fire
Victory Girls: Manchin Is Mad But Democrats Aren’t Listening, Democrats Desperately Declare Hunter’s Laptop Trivial And Half-Fake, Abortion Is The Top Democrat Value, and Gender Affirming Care For Trans Kids Is Appalling
Volokh Conspiracy: What’s With the Pseudonymity in the National Air & Space Museum / “Rosary Pro-Life” Hat Lawsuit?, GWU Law Student Gov’t Directs People to Stop Saying/Writing “Illegal,” “Alien,” and “Assimilation” re: Immigration, and Another Judge on the Acela Corridor Takes The Thirteenth Amendment Seriously
Watts Up With That: The Nation Flounders on Miami Sea-Level Rise Story, A Reliable Electricity Supply – Six Months and Half a Dozen Years, and Net Zero or Good Enough?
Weasel Zippers: Biden’s Economics Advisor – Job Creation Is “Not The Standard For How We Measure Jobs Created”, Idris Elba Says He No Longer Describes Himself As A “Black Actor”, James Carville Declares Republicans “White Trash” After State Of The Union, Former Twitter Exec Claims Censorship Actually Creates More Free Speech, and Hakeem Jeffries Absurdly Claims Dem Policies Have Lowered Costs And The Deficit
The Federalist: House Republicans Block DC Law That Would Allow Illegal Residents To Vote, Exposé Reveals Shadowy Left-Wing Network Works To Censor, Deplatform Conservatives, ‘Anonymous Sources’ Are How Corporate Media Launder Smear Operations As News, How More HSAs Could Help Dig Us Out Of The Hole Of Disastrous Medicaid Expansion, and ‘Detransitioners’ Are Being Abandoned By Medical Professionals Who Devastated Their Bodies And Minds
Mark Steyn: Tal Bachman: New Year’s Day part four, Has OfCom Popped Steyn’s Balloon?, An EIB Reunion!, and The Mark Steyn Show is back!

*Pretty sure the Twitchy crew isn’t using nadsat here. 

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