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In The Mailbox: 02.21.23 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Armed Citizen Stops Another Mall Shooting
EBL:  So what is James O’Keefe’s new project?, Joe Biden Visits Ukraine, and CNN’s Don Lemon to get Female Obedience Training
Twitchy: White Women Advised Denying Their Own Racism Is Violent, also, Selfie Doesn’t Help The Case Of Doctor Misgendered By TSA Agent
Louder With Crowder: James O’Keefe brings receipts over who ousted him from Project Veritas, East Palestine mayor unloads on POTUS visiting Ukraine, ‘not caring’ about Ohio residents, and Meghan Markle is so ‘upset’ and ‘overwhelmed’ at South Park being disrespectful, her lawyers may get involved
Vox Popoli: Red Lines, Project Falsitas, The Marvel Implosion Continues Apace, Address to the Assembly, and Did AI Write Dem Ringz of Power?
Gab News: Introducing Gab AI
Stoic Observations: Words Of Advice For Young [Black Male] People

Adam Piggott: Lent 2023
American Conservative: Jeffrey Marsh Groomer 101 TikTok Tutorial, ‘On To Moscow!’ The NATO Leader Said, and A Time for Serious Populism
American Greatness: Anatomy of a Cover-up: The January 6 Tapes, East Palestine, Ohio Mayor ‘Furious’ With Biden’s Ukraine Visit, and California City Councilman Arrested and Charged With Multiple Counts of Voter Fraud Stemming From 2020 Election
American Thinker: The EPA Has No Credibility
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Silent Cal News
Babalu Blog: The rewards of 64 years of socialism, Pope Francis and Cuban bishops express solidarity with clergy expelled from Nicaragua, Cuban dictatorship makes 700% profit on chicken sold in dollars-only stores, and Orioles pitcher Cionel Perez refuses to play for Cuba’s National Team
BattleSwarm: DEI Continues To Infect Flagship Texas Universities, also, The Republican Andrew Yang?
Behind The Black: Red China’s continued silence about Zhurong suggests Mars rover is dead, Russians release image of coolant system hole in Progress, A lunar lava avalanche three miles wide and one mile long, Pushback: Home appraiser sues professors who called him racist without evidence, and Today’s blacklisted American: Georgetown Law School tried to destroy a student simply because he asked questions about its COVID jab and mask policies
Cafe Hayek: Still Trying To Open John Tamny’s Eyes To the Harms Unleashed by Deficit Financing
Chicago Boyz: My Experience with Covid and Paxlovid, also, ChicagoBoyz Miami Meetup, Weekend of 22 April
Da Tech Guy: DeSantis, Trump, and the Fauci Card, Tidbits and outrages, and We Interrupt Our Trump Series to note others are starting to feel a Draft coming our way
Dana Loesch: Everyone Freaking Out About Tiger Woods’ Tampon Joke Needs To Pop A Midol
Don Surber: Biden & Zelensky Celebrate Their First Anniversary
First Street Journal: WWIII Watch: Will China send weapons to Russia?, also, Are dog lives more important than humans in Philadelphia?
Gates Of Vienna: Claudia Roth Calls for More Sambos in Films, Tenants in Lörrach Must Give Way to Culture-Enrichers, and NATO on the Ropes in Ukraine
The Geller Report: 20,000 Protest War in Ukraine During Kamala Harris Visit at Munich Security Conference, also, Kavanaugh Accuser Confesses She Lied, Faces Criminal Charges
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Taking a Galaxy for a Spin, and Past Primeness?
Hollywood In Toto: Here’s Why Roald Dahl’s Books Are Getting an Extreme Woke Makeover, also, How Augmentia Captures Big Tech’s Worst Impulses
The Lid: Adam Schiff FREAKS OUT After McCarthy Makes MAJOR J6 Announcement, also, Gisele Fetterman Is A Cruel Woman And Spousal Abuser
Legal Insurrection: Man Arrested in the Shooting Death of L.A. Auxiliary Bishop David O’Connell, Exposed Military Email Server Caused ‘Internal Emails to Leak’, Republicans Criticize Biden for Visiting Ukraine Instead of Ohio Chemical Disaster Town, Adderall Shortage Continues, But Details Remain a Mystery, and Chicago: 55 Schools Have Zero Students Proficient in Reading or Math
Nebraska Energy Observer: Of Constitutions and Men, also, World Economic Forum
Outkick: LeSean McCoy Disagrees That Eric Bieniemy is Getting Blackballed by NFL, Suzann Pettersen, Laura Davies Defend Tiger Woods Over Tampon Incident, Character Issues? Georgia’s Jalen Carter Used Own Scholarship Money To Pay For A Walk-On To Eat, University Of Washington Baseball Player Ejected For ‘Excessive Celebration’ After Going Deep, and Shedeur Sanders Calls Out Lies In College Football While Defending Deion’s Louis Vuitton Luggage Speech At Colorado
Power Line: Dulling Dahl for dullards, Releasing the J6 footage, and Trump’s Appeal Becoming More Selective
Shark Tank: Grassroots Republicans Poised To Oppose Changes In “Resign To Run” Law
Shot In The Dark: Inimical, also, No Way Nohow No Signs Of Collapse Nosirreebob
The Political Hat: California To Banks: Stop Doing Business With Gun Manufacturers… Or Else!
This Ain’t Hell: CT Mayors have rare burst of clarity, Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok, and Kevin McCarthy makes 41,000 hours of J6 Capitol footage available to Tucker Carlson
Transterrestrial Musings: Russia’s Offensive, The Issue With “Elites”, and Interesting Acquisition
Victory Girls: South Park Might Get Sued By Publicity Hounds Harry And Meghan, also, Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants a Divorce
Volokh Conspiracy: SCOTUS Denies Review of Eighth Circuit En Banc Case Upholding Arkansas “Anti-BDS” Statute
Watts Up With That: Monbiot : We Must End Our Dependence on Farming, Wind, Solar, and Household Electricity Prices, and Eating less meat won’t ‘save the planet’
Weasel Zippers: Biden Greeted By Fake Air Raid Sirens In Kyiv, California Dems Say Police K9s Are Racist, Move To Ban Them, Nikki Haley Pushes For Mental Competency Test For Politicians Over 75, and NYC Mayor Attempts To Mock Ron DeSantis… Fails Miserably
The Federalist: Elon Musk Agrees With The Federalist’s John Davidson On The Dangers Of Big Tech Censorship, But Won’t Unlock His Twitter Account, Biden Declares U.S. Will Sustain War In Eastern Europe Indefinitely, Against Americans’ Wishes, Why The Supreme Court Is Unlikely To Fix The Section 230 Immunity Mess — Yet, Just Like ‘Real’ Socialism, ‘Real Feudalism’ Has Never Been Tried, and How Georgia Became Democrats’ Test Site For Their 2024 Private Takeover Of Election Offices
Mark Steyn: Night and Day, A Vax Update, and The Post-Democratic World

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