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In The Mailbox: 02.22.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Off to Nashville for another Confinement con, which will definitely be less woke & annoying than last weekend’s Life, The Universe, & Everything. No disruption in the daily posting, though.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

The Daily Show is still worthless, even without Jon Stewart.

EBL: Ash Wednesday, also, Weirdo Trump Grand Jury Foreperson in Georgia
Twitchy: Chuck U. Schumer Panics Over Release of J6 Videos To Tucker Carlson, Trump Grand Jury Forewoman’s Pinterest Page Is Real And It’s Spectacular, and Gaslight Detectors Explode Everywhere As VP Harrs Explains Why We Have More Money
Louder With Crowder: Smug teacher claims she knows what’s best for your kids because she has a Masters’s Degree and you don’t, Guy who tried to shoot Kyle Rittenhouse is suing him for being a better shot, and Jen Psaki Lands MSNBC Show and Swears She’ll Be Honest, But We Have Doubts
Vox Popoli: Organizational Assassinations, also, Under 7 Percent

American Conservative: The Passing of the Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, also, Better to Burn the Books
American Greatness: African Fashion Designer Who Lost Her Suitcase at an Airport in 2018 Says She Recognizes Her Outfits on Biden’s Former Nuclear Waste Guru, also, James and the Giant Preach
American Thinker: Social Security is Broke, but American Taxpayers Just Gave Ukrainian Pensioners a Double-Digit Raise
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Most of Cuba goes dark again after third major power outage in a week, Cuban priest: ‘Cuba is sinking, we’re living in a sinking ship’, and For Cuban baseball players, the best way they help the sport is to leave the island
BattleSwarm: 2023 Greg Abbott Declares War On 2020 Greg Abbott
Behind The Black: SpaceX ready to launch Starship prototype #24 into orbit, Despite a complete lack of any customers, Spaceport America in New Mexico now plans to build a “reception center”, NASA signs deal to launch Israel’s first space telescope mission, Cliffs inside 285-mile-wide Schiaparelli Crater on Mars, and The new normal: persecuting an expert witness because he testified for the defense in a political-charged trial
Cafe Hayek: An Open Letter to Michel Martin, also, Capitalists Supply the Rope for Their Own Hanging
CDR Salamander: Vietnam: the Great Strategic Opportunity
Da Tech Guy: The Anglican Communion Gives Up Christianity For Lent
Don Surber: Who Needs Nikki?
First Street Journal: Why is the Pope taking religious actions in a political squabble?, also,  Are dog lives more important to “animal rights activists” than defending your own dog, and yourself, from an attacking dog?
The Geller Report: President Trump Delivers Truckloads of Water, Food to East Palestine After Train Derailment to Huge Crowds, also, Biden Gives ANOTHER HALF A BILLION DOLLARS To Ukraine, Nothing To Ohio
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Processing Hubble Images, and You Keep Using That Word
Hollywood In Toto: The Hollywood in Toto Podcast Returns!, JP Sears, Chandler Juliet Mock Chelsea Handler’s Childless Video, and Jesus Revolution Shows Spiritual Side of Flower Power Era
The Lid: NY Times Op-Ed: Masks Did Nothing For Covid
Legal Insurrection: Liberal Law Professors No Longer Love the Supreme Court, Jewish Profs Claim CUNY Targeting Them for Retaliation for Complaining About Anti-Semitism on Campus, California Budget Deficit is Even Worse than Gov. Hairgel Initially Projected, and Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Reveals ‘Overhaul’ for Education, Banning CRT and Offering School Choice
Nebraska Energy Observer: The Way We Were
Outkick: Baltimore Orioles Top Executive Says Booking Concerts Is a Higher Priority Than the Team, ‘Important Packers Source’ Believes Aaron Rodgers Will Return To Green Bay Next Season, The NBA Got Destroyed In Their All-Star Ratings And It’s Their Own Fault, Bronny James, Not A 5-Star Recruit, Goes In Top 10 Of ESPN’s Latest 2024 Mock Draft, and San Diego Padres Owner Doesn’t Care About Money, ‘We’re Here To Win A Title’
Power Line: Today on the ‘Dump Biden’ Beat, The Price of Bidenflation, and Remembering the indispensable man
Shark Tank: DeSantis Supports Fully Defunding Planned Parenthood
Shot In The Dark: The Sikh Face Of White Supremacy, Believe In Miracles, and Ripped From The Headlines Of Pop Junk Culture
The Political Hat: Utah vs. Diversity Statements
This Ain’t Hell: Ah, those trustworthy mullahs, Iran’s activities in the Persian Gulf area has everyone’s attention, VMI Alum Defy Woke Policy, and Pentagon Tells Military Members to Stop Eating Poppy Seeds
Transterrestrial Musings: Life On Earth, also, Vietnam
Victory Girls: Georgia Jury Leak By Giggly Forewoman Could Tank Trump Prosecution
Volokh Conspiracy: Why Congress Should Pass a Ukrainian Adjustment Act
Watts Up With That: Rank Innumeracy on The Cost of Electricity from Renewables, also, Senator Kennedy Shocks Climate Cultists
Weasel Zippers: DeSantis Hammers NYC Mayor After Criticism, More Than 30 Illinois Public Schools Have No Students Proficient In Math Or Reading, and Kamala Harris Claims Biden “Reduced” Heating, Electricity Costs Amid Inflation Crisis
The Federalist: How A Texas Lawsuit Over Proxy Voting Could Nuke Biden’s Entire $1.7 Trillion Spending Spree, Harry and Meghan Learn The Hard Way That Comedy Is Still Legal In America, If Augustus Gloop Can’t Be ‘Fat,’ What’s The Point Of Roald Dahl’s Kids’ Books?, 80 Years Ago, Archbishop Fulton Sheen Predicted The West’s Current Godless Struggle, and Idaho Republican Introduces Bill To Prevent Ranked-Choice Voting From Rigging His State’s Elections
Mark Steyn: Strapping Lads, also, Last Laughs and Last Legs

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