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In The Mailbox: 02.28.23 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Playing catchup today since I didn’t get home to Tonopah until around 9 PM last night.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

“SF Chronicle declares not using ‘Latinx’ is transphobic.”

Director Blue: The Real Roots Of The Financial Crisis
EBL: Putin’s Ukraine War 1st Anniversary, Scott Adams and Dilbert Get Cancelled, and Abraham Lincoln’s Cooper Union Speech of 1860
Twitchy: Siraj Hashmi Busts Jennifer Rubin For Sad DeSantis Swipe, also, Not A Good Look – Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) Fundraising In Hollywood
Louder With Crowder: 11-year-old shocks school board reading from the “smut” available in his school library, also, Nancy Pelosi gets heckled at a cafe with tough questions you’d think a journalist would ask her
Vox Popoli: Rare and Expensive, Brer Zelensky, Revisit Your Assumptions, and Convergence Literally Kills
Gab News: What Martyrdom In The West Looks Like

Adam Piggott: A Snowy Lent Sunday
American Conservative: Ukraine Is Afghanistan All Over Again, The Long March Through the Museums, and Anglican Vicar Fired For Christian Sermon Loses Court Case
American Greatness: Actor Woody Harrelson Faces Backlash After Joking on SNL About Big Pharma Cartel Pushing Drugs, also, Government Report Concludes Lab Leak to be Most Likely Coronavirus Origin Theory
American Thinker: And Just Like That, Natural Immunity is No Longer a Conspiracy Theory, also, The Solution to Ballot Fraud
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Cuba tangled in darkness, Cuban mothers forced to donate breast milk for starving infants as food shortages worsen in Cuba, and Cuban dictatorship throws hissy fit over cancellation of hundreds of its fake Facebook accounts
BattleSwarm: The Tank Museum on The Tanks Going To Ukraine, also, The Tank Isn’t Obsolete, Russia Is Just Using Them Stupidly
Behind The Black: IBEX in safe mode, Astroscale raises $76 million in private investment capital from Mitsubishi, space tourist Maezawa, and others, Manned Endeavour launch tonight on Falcon 9 scrubbed at T-2:12, and Drilling success for Curiosity in the marker layer?
Cafe Hayek: More Than Any Other, This Understanding Is the Distinguishing Feature of True Liberalism, also, The Glories of Globalization
Chicago Boyz: Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, as Viewed From the Early 1950s
Da Tech Guy: The Biden Administration in One Paragraph, The Navy just doesn’t understand SWOs, and Dating Apps and Bigotry
Don Surber: The Left Proves Dilbert’s Point, also, The National Divorce Has Begun
First Street Journal: Lies catch up to you, also, You can never solve a problem unless you admit what the problem is, and Philly’s Democrats won’t do that
Gates Of Vienna: When Dismemberment is a Family Affair, Not-So-Innocent Oseghale Gets Life in Prison, The Descent into Anarcho-Tyranny, and Let Them Come to Berlin
The Geller Report: Katie Hobbs, the Governor of Arizona, Allegedly Accepted Bribes From the Sinaloa Drug Cartel, also, Biden Shoveled $36 Billion In Taxpayer Funds To Bail Out Teamsters For Mismanaged Pensions
Hogewash: First, Willy Wonka, Now, James Bond, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, NGC 3370, and I’m Not Making This Up, You Know
Hollywood In Toto: Here’s Why ‘SNL,’ Late Night Won’t Touch Biden, Harris and Mayor Pete, Woody Harrelson Shreds Big Pharma, the Media, ‘SNL’ (And Its Audience), and A (Mostly) Great Week for Free Speech
The Lid: Judge Orders District To Pay $100K In Legal Fees After Barring Moms Reading District Approved Porn Books At Board Meeting, also, Pistol Pete Misfires Again
Legal Insurrection: Media Pounces After Florida Death Row Inmate Uses Final Words to Blast Ron DeSantis, Democratic Party of Nevada in Chaos Two Years After Bernie Sanders Supporters Took Over, Former Reuters Science Writer Slams Climate Hysteria Promoted by Today’s Media, University of Idaho Murder Suspect ‘Could Face Firing Squad Under Proposed Law if Convicted’, and Oversight Committee Chairman Comer Requests to Interview Seven Southern Border Chief Patrol Agents
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Invocabit: First Sunday in Lent, and Diversity Education is Destroying Education
Outkick: Fake Boxer Jake Paul Handed First Career Loss By Tommy Fury Via Split-Decision, Lindsay Brewer Hits The Beach In Hawaii Before Her First Race Of The Season, Olivia Dunne Was Back In Action And Her Sister Lost Her Mind, Shaquille O’Neal Hits Griddy, Shuts Down LSU Basketball Star After Pulling Up To Alma Mater For Daughter’s Recruiting Visit, and Charles Barkley Rips NBA Load Management Problem: ‘People Working In The Steel Mill Are Tired Too’
Power Line: Our Criminal Justice System Is a Farce, The Fetterman Question, A confederacy of louts, and From Malaise to Malice
Protein Wisdom Reborn: When Will We Learn?, also, Hey, longtime pw readers
Shark Tank: Byron Donalds Reintroduces Financial Freedom Legislation
Shot In The Dark: Unexpectedly, also, Inconvenient Energy-Dense Fact
The Political Hat: Fighting Wokeness With Nondiscrimination In West Virginia
This Ain’t Hell: Foreign adversaries soon to be unable to purchase Virginian agricultural land, Monkeypox Fail? Release the Super Pigs!, VA Employees with criminal history related to drugs, Northern California diner halts veteran group’s use of room, and Mikey ticks off Ted Cruz. This should be fun
Transterrestrial Musings: The Covid Lab Leak
Victory Girls: “Christo-Fascist” Parents Deserve To Be In The Dark, also, 1619 Project Creator- Chinese Not Oppressed By Mao
Volokh Conspiracy: How powerful are AR rifles?, also, Higher Education “Reform” in Florida
Watts Up With That: British Net Zero Insanity is the Cause of Winter Food Shortages, Childish Beliefs Drive Lethal Energy and Agricultural Agendas, and How FERC can protect the grid from wind and solar
Weasel Zippers: Jill Biden Says Joe “Intends To Run” For Re-election, Biden National Security Advisor “Can’t Confirm Or Deny” Intel Saying COVID Began As Chinese Lab Leak, Joy Behar: East Palestine Got What They Deserved Because They Voted For Trump, Elon Musk: Media, Education System Are “Racist Against Whites And Asians”, and Chicago Dem Mayor Lori Lightfoot Blames Racism For Her Failing Re-election Campaign
The Federalist: In A Just World, Cocaine Bear Would Sweep The Oscars, How A Pregnancy Center Saved Me From Homelessness, Addiction, And Despair, Lawsuit Forces Los Angeles County To Remove 1.2 Million Ineligible Voters From Rolls, and That Warren Burger Quote Gun Grabbers Love Is Ahistorical — Not To Mention Sort Of Fake
Mark Steyn: Hope in Hell: Don Ameche, Ernst Lubitsch and Heaven Can Wait, Where Do You Go to, My Lovely?, The Mark Steyn Show – live Monday to Thur …okay, Wednesday, at least, and Tal Bachman: Should Zoos Exist?

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