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In The Mailbox: 02.28.23 (Evening Edition)

Posted on | March 1, 2023 | 2 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

EBL: Trump is on the Iranian Regime’s Hit List, Tom Sizemore…RIP?, and Tradwife Rule 5
Twitchy: Dana Loesch Whups Laura Loomer In Heated Exchange Over DeSantis, also, Juddlegum Upset He And David Hogg Tagged With Community Notes 
Louder With Crowder: Awesome 9-year-old girl wrecks her woke school board for lying about ‘no politics in schools’, Joe Biden claims that even though he’s a white boy “he’s not stupid” – we beg to differ, Watch as this chick rage-quits a podcast because a dude refuses to sleep with a trans (sigh) ‘woman’, and Thug picks wrong cancer-stricken grandma to carjack, winds up in ambulance as grandma goes to chemo
Vox Popoli: They Haven’t Learned, Darker than the Dark Lord, Restoring the Mandate of Heaven, and No Truth, No Taste

American Conservative: Florida’s ‘Orban’ Renewal Project
American Greatness: Arizona Sheriff: Migrants Tell Us They Crossed the Border Illegally ‘Because Joe Biden Said We Could’, ‘Greater Idaho’ Movement to Absorb Oregon Counties Gaining Traction, and Five Ways the Trainwreck Revealed the Trainwreck
American Power: What the War in Ukraine Has Revealed About Nuclear Weapons, U.S. Aims to Chart New Course for Chip Industry, and The War Is Right And Just. But Is It Prudent?
American Thinker: The U.S. Government Created the Vaccine, Did It Also Create the Virus?, Russian Sanctions Have Proved as Useless as COVID Vaccines, and Are You Freer than You Were Two Years Ago?
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Mask Failure News
Babalu Blog: U.S. embassy’s cultural collaborations with Castro dictatorship draws ire of Cuban activists, Cuban dictatorship repairs Hotel Saratoga, but not the surrounding homes destroyed by its explosion, Cuban dictatorship earns $545 million from cigar sales in Europe and China, and Reports from Cuba: Black market sugar in Cuba now approaching $8.30 a pound
BattleSwarm: Dear Chinese Workers in 2023: Sucks To Be You, also, Remembering the Battle of Medina Ridge
Behind The Black: The shift away from government schools, at all levels, accelerates, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launches 21 second generation Starlink satellites, Ispace provides update on its Hakuto-R1 lunar lander on the way to the Moon, NASA names solar scientist as its new science head,  and Today’s blacklisted American: University tells student it will block her speech, even off campus and on her private time
CDR Salamander: One Year in the Russo-Ukrainian War: the Big Pixels
Chicago Boyz: The Hard “Nope”
Da Tech Guy: “Roald the Rotten” Dahl an unlikely hero in battle against wokism, Misconceptions Under the Fedora, Jim Abourezk: A rare bird, and Five Three Liners Under the Fedora
Don Surber: How Elon Musk Survives
First Street Journal: Someone needs to check the water supply in Loudoun County, also, Secular liberalism has infected religion, and liberal religion has infected secular politics
Gates Of Vienna: Migrants Lost in the Briny Deep Off Calabria, Culture-Enriching Looters in North Rhine-Westphalia, Semantic Marxism, and We Are All Antifa!
The Geller Report:  MUST WATCH TUCKER ON THE COVID CHINESE LAB LEAK, also, Brazil Allows Iranian Warships to Dock in Rio Despite US Pressure
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Tonight’s Sky: March, 2023, and Quote of the Day
Hollywood In Toto: Can’t-Miss Gimmick in Unseen (Mostly) Hits the Mark, Tom Cruise Gives Master Class in Humility at PGA Awards, and Liam Neeson Drops the Action, Misses the Mark in Marlowe
The Lid: Teaching Hate: Muslim Virginia School Board Member Calls U.S. Victory in WWII ‘Evil’, also, Natural Immunity Vs. Covid Vax, Government Lied Again
Legal Insurrection: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Loses Reelection, the First One Term Mayor in 40 Years, “The big lie of the diversity, equity, and inclusion industry is that we are a systemically racist country”, White Student Suing Historically Black Howard University for Alleged Racial Discrimination, Transportation IG Investigating Buttigieg Using Govt Planes for Personal Use, and Sorry, Mayor Pete – Even WaPo Admits Trump’s Regulation Rollback Didn’t Cause Ohio Train Derailment
Nebraska Energy Observer: As if 
Outkick: Cheerleader Goes Solo After Team Quits Ahead Of States, Ex-Titans OT Taylor Lewan Posts Photo of Team Dumping His Stuff Off At His Home Door, Shannon Sharpe Rips Into Brandon Miller For ‘Senseless’ Pregame Pat-Down Intro, TLIF: Leslie Manookian Pressures NFL, NFLPA On Young Athletes Suffering Medical Emergencies, and Marcus Spears Attacks Deion Sanders’ Two-Parent QB Recruiting Comments: ‘Sh*t Ain’t Funny’
Power Line: I Offer Our Governor a Wager, Clapper’s claptrap: The video, and EV Drivers Admit It: Charging Can Be a ‘Logistical Nightmare’
Protein Wisdom Reborn:
Shark Tank: Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-FL) Flaunts His Ignorance
Shot In The Dark: So Many Questions, also, Paranoid!!!
The Political Hat: University Of Chicago: Everyone Encouraged To Apply (Except For White And Asian Men)
This Ain’t Hell: Are you a parent that opposes keeping secrets about your kids from you? Christo-fascist!, Ivan looking at Javelins, US Air Force to reverse adverse actions related to COVID-19 vaccine exemption request, Reparations panel: 5 million per qualified Black Individual, and Navy Touts All Female Flyover
Transterrestrial Musings: Retconning Heller, The Bulwark, BIden’s Loan Forgiveness, and Scott Adams
Victory Girls: Mayorkas Impeachment: Will The House GOP Get The Votes?, also, JK Rowling: The Witch Trials, The Pyre And The Caprice Of Fates
Volokh Conspiracy: Thoughts on Today’s Supreme Court Student Loan Forgiveness Oral Arguments, also, A group autopsy of the Supreme Court’s oral argument on section 230
Watts Up With That: Polar Wildlife Report reveals Arctic and Antarctic animals were thriving in 2022, Grid Capacity Issues Threaten Net Zero, and Tsunami Of Green Bans: German Economics Minister Plans End Of Gas, Oil Heating Beginning 2024!
Weasel Zippers:  DeSantis Roasts Chicago Dems Before Mayoral Primary: “They’re All Trying To Outwoke Each Other”, Report: Putin Paying Palestinians To Fight In Ukraine, and Buttigieg: It’d Be Too “Disruptive” If Biden Visited Toxic Train Disaster In East Palestine
The Federalist: Helping Ukraine Defend Itself Must Not Detract From Deterring Red China, Georgia Committee Passes Bill To Stop Counties From Accepting ‘Zuckbucks 2.0’ Ahead Of 2024 Elections, Supreme Court’s Student Loan Forgiveness Ruling Could Be Bigger Than Biden’s $400 Billion Bailout, Fauci And EcoHealth’s Peter Daszak Silenced Lab Leak ‘Conspiracy Theory.’ Congress Shouldn’t Let Them Forget It, and American College Of OB-GYNs Bans Pro-Life Doctors From Conference After They Show Up
Mark Steyn: Who’s the Extremist?, also, The Full Jabba Jabba

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