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In The Mailbox: 03.01.23

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Silicon Valley delenda est.

The New Urbanism in action.

EBL: Loser Lori Lightfoot, also, Hey Japan – Free Lt. Ridge Alkonis
Twitchy: Airline Spotlights Flight With All-LGBTWTFBBQ Crew – Passengers Have Other Priorities, Ted Cruz Chews Out Merrick Garland For BS Non-Answers On Threats To SCOTUS Justices, and  Allow The View’s Harpies To Explain Why Trump Was Bad For Being Right About COVID Origins
Louder With Crowder: Chicago’s Mayor Groot loses reelection so we wish her well in her future endeavors with these career lowlights, also, Family Guy actor apologizes for ever apologizing for playing a cripple in the cartoon
Vox Popoli: The Premier Fake Science Journal, Already #1!, and Google is a Clown World Creation

Adam Piggott: Wake Up and Smell the Incense
American Conservative: Naomi Wolf & The Ancient Gods
American Greatness: Chicago Ousts Lori Lightfoot, FDA Sued for Withholding Information About Children’s Use of Hormone Treatments, and Josh Hawley Torches Merrick Garland Over FBI’s ‘Unbelievable Show of Force’ Against Pro-Life Family
American Thinker: Beating the Balrog, also, Just Call it What it Is
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: The Cuban dictatorship’s unwavering support for Russia during the past year of war in Ukraine, Havana province meets only 42% of its food production targets, and Another balcony in Havana collapses, falls on Cuban woman walking by
BattleSwarm: Taking His Deposition, Open Carry Advocate Dismantles Police Officer Who Unlawfully Arrested Him
Behind The Black: No resolution in sight for Blue Origin’s investigation into New Shepard flight abort, ULA about to be sold?, Intelsat develops airplane WiFi antenna that can access both Intelsat and OneWeb satellites, and Today’s blacklisted Americans: Pro-lifers banned from the Washington Monument because it is a “First Amendment-free zone”
Cafe Hayek: As a Facebook Commenter Said, also, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review – “Impressive material progress”
CDR Salamander: Building the WESTPAC Team we Need
Chicago Boyz: It’s A Little Late to Develop A Conscience.
Da Tech Guy: For Those Idiot Sports Writers, Etc. Unclear on the Difference between being the Subject of a “Slave Auction” and the “NFL Combine”, also, March Indulgence Calendars Ready for Download
Dana Loesch: Remembering Andrew Breitbart, 11 Years Later, also, The Second Amendment And 2024
Don Surber: Obama Begat The Tranny Circus
Gates Of Vienna: The New Normal Among Athletes: Sudden Death, also, The Vax and the Immune System
The Geller Report: Lori Lightfoot LOSES Big in Chicago Mayor Election, Director Wray Admits FBI Knew ‘For Quite Some Time That COVID Came From A Lab, and 39 Republicans Sponsor Bill To Cut Off Funding of UNRWA
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, The Tycho Supernova Remnant, and Meanwhile, in Chicago
Hollywood In Toto: Walter White Fights His Privilege, Kyle Dunnigan Mocks Hunter Biden in Hilarious Clip, and King’s Children of the Corn Still Searching for Credible Big-Screen Version
The Lid: Biden Launches The Worst Regulatory Deluge in History
Legal Insurrection: ‘Apologize for WHAT?’ We Lost Andrew Breitbart 11 Years Ago, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policies Are on the Decline, Female Faculty More Likely to Support Speech Restrictions, Campus Investigations, Deplatforming,  and Pentagon Burdens Warfighting Commanders with New Transgender Policies for Military Personnel
Nebraska Energy Observer: Higher, Further, Faster
Outkick: Police Accuse Ja Morant Of Threatening Teenager With Gun After Allegedly Hitting Him During Pickup Game, Eagles Star Calls Out Former DC And Current Cardinals Head Coach Over Super Bowl Loss, Minnesota Vikings General Manager Says Wide Receiver Justin Jefferson Has Say In Roster Decisions, The Wrong Call: Against The Wishes Of Most Of Its Fans, The PGA Tour Will Remove The Cut In Elevated Events, and Duke Player Flops In Humiliating Fashion, Draws Technical Foul On Opponent
Power Line: America’s Public Schools Are a Disaster, Disunion? It’s Not So Unpopular, and Get those lies straight!
Shark Tank: Gimenez – US Must Decouple From Red China
Shot In The Dark: How Do You Think He Does It?, He Who Controls The Past Controls The Future, and The Bull Leaves The China Shop
The Political Hat: They Fear The Traditional Nuclear Family
This Ain’t Hell: Air Force selling out Army, Patriotism is Not a Pejorative, VA hospitals facing police staffing shortages, and Vaccine Vets- No Thanks
Transterrestrial Musings: A Sea Change In The Industry?, Don’t Let The Door Hit You, and The Greatest Cover Up In Human History
Victory Girls: Garland Insists DOJ Does Apply The Law Equally
Volokh Conspiracy: A Textualist Defense of the Major Questions Doctrine
Watts Up With That: “The Last of Us” – Global Warming Zombies
Weasel Zippers: “I Wanna Make It Clear – I’m Gonna Raise Some Taxes”, Mayor Groot Voted Out, Plays Race Card On Its Way Out, Top Dem Warns “Literally Hundreds” Of Democrats In Congress Don’t Want Biden As Nominee, and Joe Biden Malfunctions While Reading From His Gigantic Teleprompter
The Federalist: Why It Matters That I’m A Mother, Not A Generic ‘Parent’ Or ‘Grown-Up’, Here Are Three Dead People Jocelyn Benson Wants To Keep On Michigan’s Voter Rolls, Questioning Biden’s Ukraine Policy Doesn’t Make You An ‘Isolationist’, Biden’s DHS Just Revealed How It Plans To Use Your Tax Dollars To Interfere In U.S. Elections, and Federal Court Says Pro-Life Maternal Care Centers Don’t Have To Hire Abortion Activists
Mark Steyn: Second-Class Citizen, also, We Laughed No More

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