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In The Mailbox: 03.02.23

Posted on | March 3, 2023 | 1 Comment

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: How Do You Legislate Against Blocks Of Steel? also, Officer Andres Vasquez-Lasso
EBL: Everyday is the Ides of March for Paul Ryan
Twitchy: Occasional Cortex’s Met Gala Ethics Problem Just Got Worse, also, David Hogg Slams NRA “Keyboard Warriors” For Ignoring His Debate Request, Maj Toure Offers To Help
Louder With Crowder: Tiktoker faces major backlash for calling out Jeffrey Marsh, but she hits back hard with receipts, Marvel actor dumps over what crap Hollywood has become: ‘You’re making movies for 16-year-olds and China’, and Nearly-Nude Man Dances Around in Bondage For An Audience of Babies And We’re Supposed to Be Ok With It
Vox Popoli: The Folly of Ukraine, The End of the Involuntary Non-European, Hence the Library II, and The Cupboard is Bare
Stoic Observations: A Denial Of Free Will

Adam Piggott: Thoughts on Death
American Conservative: The Antiwar Conservatives Rise, Why South Africa’s Collapse Finally Came Down to Eskom, and Russian Realism
American Greatness: Christian School in Kansas City Gets Woke With LGBTWTFBBQ Messaging And Goes Broke, Hershey’s Faces Backlash After Featuring Biological Male in Ad Honoring International Women’s Day, and Voters Suspect Federal Involvement in J6, Want Tapes Released
American Power: The Conversation About Ukraine Is Cracking Apart
American Thinker: CNN and Election Disinformation, A Subtle Way for Establishment Republicans to Sabotage Trump, Is Resistance Futile?, and How to Lose in 2024
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Chicago News
Babalu Blog: Biden cuts short Cuban officials visit to U.S., but fearing retaliation, allows tour of Coast Guard base, Shocking! Leaking ceiling creates ‘puddles of blood’ inside Havana hospital, The Cuban Communist Party really loves ‘elections’, and Reports from Cuba: About food rations and Cuba’s future
BattleSwarm: Ukraine Steps Up Drone Strikes
Behind The Black: Rocket Lab might forgo use of a helicopter in recovering its Electron 1st stages, UK’s bureaucracy blasted for delaying Virgin Orbit launch, A Martian glacier waterfall?, and SpaceX successfully launches its Endeavour capsule carrying four astronauts
Cafe Hayek: The Economic Ignorance Is Stunning, also, Good Sense Spoken to Congress by Jay Bhattacharya, Martin Kulldorff, and Marty Makary
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Da Tech Guy: Give a Thumbs Up & Sub to Ladd & Don and maybe a five spot in Zilla’s old tip jar, also, The World Health Organization Pandemic Treaty is a smorgasbord of Progressive subterfuges
Don Surber: Invest In New Mexico, Not Ukraine
First Street Journal: The internal segregation in Philly is only going to increase, also, Don’t waste time and money trying for a death sentence which will never be carried out
Gates Of Vienna: Elections in Holland
The Geller Report: American Fighting for Ukraine Defects to Russia, Blows Whistle on Nazism, War Crimes, also, Houston Methodist RN Jennifer Bridges Exposes the Hospital’s Appalling, Fatal Behavior
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, also, Exploring Venus
Hollywood In Toto: Hunt Her Kill Her Makes the Most of Its Limited Budget & Setting, Operation Fortune Offers Generic Guy Ritchie Mayhem, and Joe Rogan on Biden Administration: ‘These People Are Utter Fools’
The Lid: Biden Chuckles When Talking About Two Brothers’ Fentanyl Deaths
Legal Insurrection: Liz Cheney Joining U. Virginia’s Center for Politics as ‘Professor of Practice’, Catholic College Denies Formation of Conservative Group Over ‘Belief in Two Sexes’, Fetterman’s Chief of Staff Won’t Tell Anyone How the Hospitalized Senator is Introducing Legislation, Chip Roy Calls Out Fellow Republicans: Will They ‘Honor Their Campaign Commitments to Secure the Border?’, and “You can’t assume that there is discrimination just because different groups have different outcomes”
Nebraska Energy Observer: I’ve told you
Outkick: LSU Issues Warning Statement After Olivia Dunne Promotes A.I. Helper That Violates Code Of Student Conduct, Former NFL Player Willie McGinest Hit With Multiple Felony Charges Stemming From Alleged Brawl, Deion Sanders Is In The Middle Of A Religion Controversy With Atheist Group Stating ‘He’s A Coach, Not A Pastor’, Bruce Pearl Goes Ballistic On SEC Officiating, Compares Alabama Basketball To Football Team In Angry Rant After OT Loss, and NFL Ref Jerome Boger Retired Today So The Internet Revisited His Worst Calls, Of Which There Were Many
Power Line: Biden Demands Race Discrimination, Liberal Girls Are Depressed, and United Airlines Touts All-LGBTQ Flight Crew; Customers Not Amused
Shark Tank: Former Judge Accuses DeSantis Of Violating U.S. Constitution
Shot In The Dark: More Than Zero, Urban Progressive Privilege – Alone, and Tina Smith Is A Filthy Liar
The Political Hat: Quick Takes – Academic Madness: Woke Janitors; “Power, Inequity, and Justice”; “Abolish the Family”
This Ain’t Hell: DoD tells troops to stop literally flying the flag, National Archives backlog holding up veterans, Code for gun retailers allows credit cards to track gun purchases, and Fan favorites in the news
Victory Girls: Mom Of Fentanyl Victims To Biden: “How Dare You Laugh?!”
Volokh Conspiracy: Gun Carry Licenses, Self-Defense, and Sealing
Watts Up With That: ‘I had no reason to think this wasn’t established fact. I was wrong’, also, IAEA: Wants Papers Describing the Nuclear Path to Net Zero
Weasel Zippers: Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff: There’s Too Much “Masculine Toxicity” Out There, Biden Climate Envoy John Kerry Decries “Unabated Emissions From Fossil Fuels” — Like His Private Jet, and FBI Director Defends Agency Targeting Pro-Lifers
The Federalist: Teen Volleyball Star Lost Her Legs Because Of Soros Prosecutor Kim Gardner’s Pro-Criminal Policies, , New York Magazine Makes Gay Shaming Great Again In Hit On George Santos, If The Dominion Defamation Lawsuit Is A Slam Dunk, Why Are CNN And The New York Times Lying About It?, Faced With Their Own Idiocy On The Lab Leak, Media Double Down On Calling You A Racist Rube, and Aversion Therapy Is Back, And It’s Coming From The Trans Lobby
Mark Steyn: The Manchurian Prime Minister, also, A Double Anniversary (Sort of)

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