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In The Mailbox: 03.08.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

EBL: Ken Burns Transitions Into A Bitter Lefty Lesbian, also, Triangle of Sadness
Twitchy: Tucker Carlson’s Ratings Vs. Other, Narrative-Guarding Cable Networks, Elon Musk Trolls Chuck U. Schumer Over Tucker Carlson, and Adam RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA Schiff Says Repetition Is How Tucker Carlson Spreads Lies
Louder With Crowder: TikTok starlet Dylan Mulvaney has a sad because, even after expensive surgery, no one is sliding into (sigh) “her” DMs, Watch: Turns out the cute chick from the AT&T commercials is a raging leftist and wants the world to know, and Jada Pinkett-Smith “insiders” claim when Chris Rock calls Will Smith a b*tch, he’s really obsessed with her
Vox Popoli: Nothing Left to Steal, The Beginning of the End, and Political Deep Fakes
Stoic Observations: How To Game The Race Game

American Conservative: Lies The Ruling Class Tells Us, also, Tucker Carlson’s Naughty List
American Greatness: FBI Whistleblowers Say Threat Tags Were Used to Target Conservatives, FTC Demands All of Elon Musk’s Twitter Communications, Identity of All Journalists Granted Access to Company Records, and Biden FCC Nominee Withdraws Over Far-Left Rhetoric
American Thinker: Trump Is Leader of The GOP…and America, The Multi-Pronged Attack on Christianity, The Many Lies of the Housing Crisis Alarmists, and Should the GOP Adopt Ballot Harvesting?
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: First victim of ‘sonic attacks’ in Cuba calls intel report on Havana Syndrome ‘shameful and ridiculous’, Reports from Cuba: Cuba: From the worst of socialism to the worst of capitalism, and As Biden tries to cozy up to communist Cuba, the Castro dictatorship strengthens its ties with Russia
BattleSwarm: Joe Rogan and Michael Malice On The QAnon Shaman Revelations
Behind The Black: Watching the first launch attempt of Relativity’s Terran-1 rocket, ISRO successfully de-orbits defunct satellite, Cracks in Martian lava, and America’s blacklist culture: Survey finds almost half of America’s major corporations are eagerly willing to blacklist others
Cafe Hayek: On the Banana Republic Practice of Civil Asset Forfeiture
CDR Salamander: Nord Stream’s Tap on the Shoulder
Da Tech Guy: J6 Tapes, Weinstein, COVID and Epstein – it’s all the Same Issue for the Media/Deepstate/Left
Dana Loesch: Jill Biden Gives The “International Women Of Courage” Award To A Man
Don Surber: Rupert Murdoch Hates Fox News
First Street Journal: There are still a few customers without electricity in Kentucky
Gates Of Vienna: Biden Puts Muslim Brotherhood in Key Diplomatic and Intelligence Roles, also, Culture-Enriching Knife Rampage in Milan
The Geller Report: Newly Released Surveillance Footage Shows Capitol Police Ignored, Abandoned, No Communication, DELIBERATELY Left Unprepared
Glenn Reynolds: Stolen YouthAn Interview With Karol Markowicz & Bethany Mandel
Hogewash: The Dumbbell Nebula in IR, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, and You Keep Using Those Words
Hollywood In Toto: Scream VI – If It Ain’t Broke, also, Carnival Row Goes Communist (And Why That’s a Good Thing)
The Lid: Forty Years Ago America Had A President With A Backbone: Reagan’s Evil Empire Speech, also, The Fentanyl Crisis: Delusional Leadership and the Lies They Perpetuate
Legal Insurrection: Highest Paid Security Guard for Rep. Cori Bush is Anti-Semitic Spiritual Guru, Media Outlet Semafor’s New Partner has Close Ties to the Chinese Communist Party, Report: DHS Running a Secret Program Gathering Domestic Intelligence, and “QAnon Shaman” Lawyer: Feds Withheld Exculpatory Video Shown On Tucker
Nebraska Energy Observer: A Brit’s view of the constitution of the United States of America (1)
Outkick: Browns Coach Kevin Stefanski Credits ‘Madden’ For Improved Game Management Skills, Bobby Burack Says Kendrick Perkins Is Privileged, Unhinged And Unintelligent, Deion Sanders Doesn’t Regret Telling Players To Hit The Bricks: ‘Who Respects 1-11?’, Draymond Green Is The Most Childish Player In The NBA, and John Skipper, The Man Who Ruined ESPN, Has Terrible Idea To Save The PAC-12
Power Line: Who’s Deceptive?, Are Americans Getting Happier?, and The Star Tribune throws stones
Shark Tank: DeSantis Holds Shocking “Exposing The Book Ban Hoax” Media Event
Shot In The Dark: Manufactured Crisis, also, “The Only Way Home Is Through Berlin”
The Political Hat: The Systemic Infiltration Of “DEI” At The University Of Missouri
This Ain’t Hell: Interesting Supreme rejection, Immigrant Bald Eagle killers allowed to skate by Feds, Kidnapped Americans: Sen. Graham proposes military action, and More trouble for Sean Murphy, as ‘stolen valor’ charges, injunction issued
Transterrestrial Musings: Relativity Space, Room-Temperature Superconductors, and American Fascism
Victory Girls: NTSB To Investigate Norfolk Southern, also, Goosebumps Books Getting Woke Edits Without Author Approval
Volokh Conspiracy: “The World’s First Robot Lawyer Has Been Practicing Law Without a License —”
Watts Up With That: Give up Beef and Dairy or the Global Climate Gets It, Bureaucracies Utterly Incapable of Making Reasonable Tradeoffs, and America’s Suppression of Fossil Fuels Is Courting a National Security Disaster
Weasel Zippers: Biden DNI Chief Slammed For Assessing “Violent Extremists” As Bigger Threat Than Fentanyl, Woke Virginia School Ignores Whites And Asians When Offering College Prep Classes, and This Video Tells A Different Story of What Happened On Jan 6
The Federalist: Here Are 5 Brands Celebrating Men In Costumes This Women’s History Month, Democrats’ Climate Lawfare Campaign Jeopardizes America’s Energy Future, ‘I Keep Forgetting Which Party He Belongs To’, A Lone Bureaucrat Denied Due Process And Unemployment Benefits To Massachusetts’ Unvaxxed, and Dear Mitch McConnell: You Were Not Elected To Do The Bidding Of Chuck Schumer And CNN
Mark Steyn: Suffer the Little Children, also, The Dirty Stinking Rotten Corrupt J6 Narrative

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