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In The Mailbox: 03.13.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Marcellus Wallace has thoughts about the current state of affairs.

357 Magnum: The NYPD Exodus Continues
EBL: Depraved Hollywood: Brendan Fraser Accused Hollywood Executive Philip Berk of Rape, Biden Bank Runs: Biden Isn’t Jimmy Stewart and Yellen Isn’t Donna Reed, Banks Go Bust, but Barney is there for Biden, and Gertrude Bell and the 1921 Cairo Confrence
Twitchy: News Anchor Calls Out Mayoral Candidate For Calling 911 On Homeless Addict Pooping In Park, also, State Sen. Scott Wiener (D-CA) Opposes Teachers Ratting Out “Trans” Kids To “Violent” Parents
Louder With Crowder: Gov. Whitmer (D-MI) Admits  Banning Gardening to Fight Covid Didn’t Make Any Sense – Three Years Later, Dad turns himself in for murder after “finishing off” sex offender with moose antlers, and Trolling dad identifies as “Female Julius Caesar” at a school board meeting and hilarity ensues
Vox Popoli: Bösenschadenfreude, Onward to Valhalla, Knock-On Effects, The Persecution of Ricky Vaughn, and It Was Never About the Trinity
Gab News: The Christian Nationalist Counteroffensive Has Begun

Adam Piggott: The Great Fast
American Conservative: The Gray Lady Hits the Wall, Why Jacob Chansley Matters, and Das Boot
American Greatness: The March Madness of the President, Joe Biden – Thanks to My Administration ‘the Banking System is Safe’, and So Much for Transparency
American Thinker: If We’re Doing Reparations, Here’s Who Should Pay Them, Pathocracy and the Liberal Mind, and This Great Stage of Fools
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Pope Francis denounces Ortega’s Nicaraguan dictatorship as ‘vile,’ ‘deranged,’ ‘obscene,’ ‘Hitleresque,’ and ‘Bolshevik’, Meet the two Republican sponsors of legislation to allow Cuba to buy American goods on credit, Reports from Cuba: A desperate Cuban regime hopes to soften up the U.S. through Vatican mediation, Ay, Dios mio! Nicaraguan dictator Daniel Ortega severs diplomatic relations with the Vatican, and Florida State Senators call attention to 20 alleged Cuban State Security agents now living in Florida
BattleSwarm: SVB – “An Extinction Event For Startups”, also, Why Silvergate Failed
Behind The Black: Endurance undocks from ISS with four-person crew, Some space startups threatened by Silicon Valley Bank failure, Russia and Red China launch satellites, Curiosity looks ahead: Which way to go?, and The sad state of free speech in America illustrated by three top universities
Cafe Hayek: Taxing An Intelligent Person’s Patience, also, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: “Ford’s pay hike: It wasn’t about [having his workers buy his cars]”
CDR Salamander: Spring Back to the Front of the NATSEC World on Midrats, also, Money Talks: the UK Edition
Chicago Boyz: Traute Lafrenz, Last of the White Rose
Da Tech Guy: Five Depressing one Liners, Family doesn’t cancel you, Review: Van Morrison’s Moving on Skiffle, and Reverse Missionaries in Action
Don Surber: Go Woke, Go Broke, Have The Fed Bail You Out,
First Street Journal: Journolists don’t like real journalism, also, In which the credentialed media unwittingly destroy the transgender ideology
Gates Of Vienna: Requiem for a Culture, Part 5: The Graves of the Ancestors, Getting Soaked to Save the Planet, Nitrogen Crisis + Asylum Crisis = Cabinet Crisis, and Nice Little Country You Got There, Hungary
The Geller Report: Top Democrat On J6 Committee Admits They Actually Didn’t Review Any Of The Surveillance Video, also, Dutch Government Sends in Military to Quash MASSIVE FREEDOM DEMOS Led by Farmers
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, The Fireworks Galaxy, and The Rumors of My Death
Hollywood In Toto: Shrinking Serves Up Perfectly Woke Storytelling, Tim Pool Threatens Suit Against Bandcamp for Unchecked Censorship, and Rob Schneider Blasts Democrats’ ‘1950s McCarthyism’
The Lid: Dems Soil Their Undies As House GOP Subpoenas Banking Records Of Hunter And Friends, US & Mexican Riot Police Hold Back Thousand Migrants Trying To Bum-Rush El Paso Bridge, and House GOP to Make Major Visit to J6 Defendants
Legal Insurrection: University of Minnesota Wants $97.5 Million From the State Due to Tuition Shortfall, Philadelphia Parents Object to Lottery System Meant to Diversify Top High Schools, Conservative Female Authors Attacked by Protesters at Book Launch Event, Manufacturers, Customers Lash Out at Biden’s ‘Climate Friendly’ Washing Machine Regulations, and LA Times Writer Slammed for Racist Claims that White Drivers are ‘Polluting the Air’ of ‘People of Color’
Nebraska Energy Observer:  Do you? Can you?, also, Saturday – just for you
Outkick: Lilia Schneider Celebrates Her Birthday In A Bikini, Two-Time Best Legs In Golf Winner Sam Stockton Stops By & An All-Time Baseball Mustache, ECHL Netminders Get The Crowd Going With Thrilling Goalie FIght, Tyreek Hill Just Embarrassed The Field At USA Track & Field Indoor Championships With A 6.70 60M, Someone Climbed A Mountain At A Ski Resort In Alaska To Draw A Giant Penis In The Snow, and Umpire Who Went Viral For Awful Strike Three Game-Ending Call Suspended Indefinitely
Power Line: Biden administration’s profligate spending claims another victim, more will follow, A Wake-Up for Woke Banks?, Bud Grant, RIP,  and Judge Duncan comments
Shark Tank: Rep, Cory Mills (R-FL) Says “Not One Dime Of Taxpayer Money For Bailouts”
Shot In The Dark: Things I Dream About, also, Priorities
The Political Hat: Iowa vs. DEI in Higher Education
This Ain’t Hell: Top DoD doc wants gun info, Disabled veteran says Charlotte restaurant didn’t allow service dog inside, No One Cares, and Public nuisance laws as a Trojan Horse against guns
Transterrestrial Musings: The Department Of Homeland Insecurity, It’s Dead, Jim, The Fiasco At Stanford Law, and A Life-Extension Breakthrough
Victory Girls: Fauci Has No Idea Why People Are Mad At Him, “Close To Sinful” Transgender Laws Per Biden, and Anti-Drag Queen NY Councilwoman Vickie Paladino Booted
Volokh Conspiracy: Is The DEI Juice Worth The Squeeze?, also, Stanford President and Stanford Law School Dean Apologize to Judge Kyle Duncan
Watts Up With That: Climate Act Cap and Invest Program Numbers Do Not Add Up, Was the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Caused by Climate Activism?, Biden’s Secretary of Energy say’s U.S. can “learn” from Red China on Climate Change, and The Economic Case for Net Zero Is Zero
Weasel Zippers: Biden Blames Bank Failure On Trump, Dem Rep. Eric Swalwell: “We Need To Take A Look At How” Fox News Is “Broadcast To Our Troops”, Dem Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: “Devilish” To Move Away From Prioritizing “Diversity” In Hiring, and Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) Gives Mexican Cartels A Pass, Says Drugs “Mostly Carried In By Americans”
The Federalist: Media Slander GOP States As ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ For Rejecting Voter Database That Compels Pro-Democrat Outreach, Rise Of The Fourth Reich Makes The Case For The Covid Reckoning America Desperately Needs, If The Dutch Government Thought Its Farmers Would Submit To Environmental Statism Easily, It Was Wrong, NewsGuard Claims Not To Be Government-Funded, But A $750K Grant Suggests Otherwise, and WaPo Confused Why It’s Wrong For Catholic Priests To Use Hookup Apps
Mark Steyn: Tal Bachman – Dear Old Testament God, Maybe It’s Time For A Comeback Tour, Begin the Beguine, and The Oscar – Triumph of the Heel

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