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In The Mailbox: 03.15.23 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

MN Lt. Gov. Flanagan: “When our children tell us who they are, it’s our job as grownups to listen and believe them.”

EBL: The Trad Wife Whisperer, also, The Murder of Julius Caesar
Twitchy: Socialist Party Beclowns Itself By Inventing Capitalism, Biden Declares Victory Over Big Pharma, and Bethany Mandel Owns Her “Brain Fart” On Wokeness, Making Woke Libs Even Madder
Louder With Crowder: ‘They Have Awakened A Sleeping Giant’, DeSantis strips Miami hotel of its liquor license for allowing kids to be exposed to sexually explicit Christmas show, and TikTok blonde nails why putting your pronouns on your resume disqualifies you for most employers
Vox Popoli: You Wanted Conan, Discernment and the Lack Thereof, Antisemitism, Han-style, and You Had One Job

American Conservative: ‘The World That We Will Live and Die In’
American Greatness: Claremont Institute Reveals Database to Track Corporate Funding of Black Lives Matter, Failed Banks Previously Lobbied to Loosen Banking Regulations, and Florida House Passes Bill to Ban Diversity Programs at Public Colleges
American Thinker: Biden – Worse than Jimmy Carter, The Democrat-Media Insurrection Myth, and The J6 Committee’s Obstruction of Justice
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Federal judge rules to enforce $2.79 billion judgment against Cuba’s dictatorship for murder and torture, Six out of every seven rooms in Cuba’s apartheid hotels were vacant last year, and Cuban state-run website takes down anti-gay speech by Fidel Castro
BattleSwarm: Important Safety Tip
Behind The Black: NASA agrees to Axiom’s third planned commercial passenger mission to ISS, Perseverance captures a movie of Ingenuity’s 47th flight on Mars, Firefly wins its second NASA contract to land payloads on the Moon, Geological evidence of past glacier found in Mars’ dry equatorial regions, and Pushback: Legal and public pressure forces California college to cancel plans to fire employees for not getting jab
CDR Salamander: Hendrix’s View from an Island Nation
Da Tech Guy: Quick Thoughts Under the Fedora
Don Surber: Newsless Papers
First Street Journal: Once again, the #woke credentialed media don’t want to cover the story
Gates Of Vienna: The Brutal Death of Luise
The Geller Report: New Body Cam J6 Footage Shows Police Inviting, Ushering Protesters Through Senate Chamber, Destroying Narrative Created By J6 Committee, also, Vermont Christian School Banned From All Future Tournaments After Forfeiting Game To Team With Male Player
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Einstein Rings, and Nothing to See Here. Move Along.
Hollywood In Toto: Sue Costello Sues Paramount Global, Demands Jury Trial for Breach of Contract, Follow the Dead Proves Smarter Than Your Average Zom-Comedy, and Why The Last of Us Is the Year’s Best (and Worst) TV Show
The Lid: Antifa Terrorists Violently Smash Windows Trying to Shut Down Charlie Kirk Event At UC Davis
Legal Insurrection: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Admits Authoritarian Orders Were “More Than We Needed to Do”, Free Speech Talk at U. Denver’s College of Law Requires Security Guards and Threats of Discipline to Proceed, ‘I’m Back’: James O’Keefe Launches New Media Company After Project Veritas Ouster, Gov. Abbott Taking Over Houston Independent School District ‘After Years of Academic Failure’, and Full Audio Confirms Stanford Law School Students Shouted Down Conservative Judge In Violation Of Policy
Nebraska Energy Observer: A Brit’s view of the constitution of the United States of America (2)
Outkick: Jim Boeheim Offers Multiple Bonkers Suggestions For March Madness, Ja Morant Speaks With ESPN’s Jalen Rose, Says He Doesn’t Condone Violence And Denies Owning Strip Club Gun, Should Daniel Jones Sacrifice Money In The Name Of Lamar Jackson?, Aaron Rodgers To ESPN’s Adam Schefter: ‘Lose My Number’, and Scottie Scheffler’s Masters Champions Dinner Menu Is Pure America, And It’s Awesome
Power Line: Biggest Victim of SVB Collapse? The Climate, Of Course, The Week in Energy: News on New Nukes, and Old, and The tears of Tirien Steinbach
Shark Tank: Senators Seek To Prevent Confederate-era Statue Removal
Shot In The Dark: Public Service Announcement
The Political Hat: The Ides Of March, also, Happy Pi Day!
This Ain’t Hell: Black Sea Follies, also, Victim of a Marine Corps conspiracy to erase their identity, now sentenced to prison
Transterrestrial Musings: What Happened To SVB?, also, Woke Colleges
Victory Girls: Gas Stove Ban Environmental Group Hires Stacey Abrams, also, From the VG Bookshelf: Stolen Youth
Volokh Conspiracy: ChatGPT-4 Aces the Bar Exam, also, New Law School “Mismatch” Data from UCLA Lawprof Richard Sander
Watts Up With That: Climate Crisis? What Climate Crisis? Part One: The Evidence, A Fresh Approach to Energy Policy, and Germany’s Coming Green Energy “Economic Miracle”
Weasel Zippers: U.S Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz Admits We Do NOT Have Operational Control Of Our Borders, Biden’s Plans To Tax Unrealized Capital Gains Called “Blatanty Unconstitutional”, MSNBC Wants Baseball Moved Out of Florida Over DeSantis’ War On Woke, and Treasury Reports Show Biden Family Made Millions from Chinese Company After 2016
The Federalist: Kamala Harris’ Husband Claims The Holocaust And Going To A School Board Meeting Are ‘Interconnected’, Democrats Deserve Plenty Of Blame For The Bank Crisis, Democrat Activist To Resign From Voter Roll Operation After Pressure From GOP States, No, Age-Appropriate Library Restrictions Are Not ‘Book Bans’, and DeSantis Yanks Hyatt Regency Miami’s Liquor License For Hosting Holiday Drag Show With Kids Present
Mark Steyn: One Big Crazy College Campus


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