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The COVID-19 Fetish Community

Posted on | March 22, 2023 | 3 Comments

John Hoge blogged about the person pictured above with the headline “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know,” and yet at first, I didn’t believe it. Surely, I thought, this must be some kind of satire — a 4chan troll, a parody of extreme COVID-19 paranoia. But then I checked her Twitter timeline and discovered that (a) not only is she real, but (b) she’s part of an online hive of thousands of viral panic-mongers. These people are hoarders of bad news, obsessed with the phenomenon of “long COVID,” and convinced that the pandemic isn’t over yet. Three years since we began “15 days to slow the spread,” followed by “30 days to flatten the curve,” some people still can’t let it go. They’re addicted to fear.

Well, the good news is: I’m not dead yet. And since you’re reading this, obviously, you’re not dead, either. Back in September 2021, I got the Moderna vaccine, because I didn’t want to give the “Lockdown Forever” crowd any excuse to cite me as a statistic of “vaccine resistance.” The virus didn’t kill me, and the vaccine didn’t kill me, either, but when they started promoting COVID-19 booster shots, I was like, “Hold up there.”

All these new variants kept being reported — Delta, Omicron, etc. — and we were told that we needed more shots to fight the new variants. Meanwhile, there were reports of so-called “breakthrough” cases, where people got COVID-19 despite their prior vaccinations, even as there was talk of making the vaccine mandatory, and it was just about this time that I began to suspect it was all a racket. The push for 100% vaccination and even mandatory boosters was really about profits for Big Pharma.

Far be it from me to spread “misinformation” or “conspiracy theories,” but when an industry lobbies government to make their products mandatory? Wake up and smell the corruption.

Probably a lot of other people reached a similar conclusion, but regardless of whether they see the mandatory vaccine campaign as a Big Pharma scam, nearly everybody agrees: It’s over.

No more lockdowns. No more masks. No more panic-inspired testing of people every time they come down with a case of the sniffles.

We’re done with that, and we’re not going back, ever.

Raise your hand if you never once got tested for COVID-19.

See, that’s the dividing line. Over the past three years, I had one or two mild colds, but a couple of days of a runny nose and a cough never inspired me to rush out and get tested for COVID-19. For all I know, any one of those might have been a COVID-19 case, but if so, it wasn’t too much for my immune system. And since we’re talking about “The Science,” is there any reason to believe that the Wuhan lab was able to mutate the virus to such an extent to render normal human immune responses completely ineffective? Is mere exposure to the virus an automatic death sentence? Or is it the case, as I suspect, that most reasonably healthy people who were exposed to the Wuhan bug never experienced severe symptoms, never got tested, never sought medical care, and recovered without ever being counted as a COVID-19 case?

Excuse me for exercising what used to be called “common sense,” a trait that seems to have become much less common. At the core of the COVID-19 panic was a bunch of hypochondriacs, people vulnerable to suggestion, who became obsessed with the virus in the same way that some people develop sexual fetishes about high-heeled shoes, leather, or whatever.

The Internet allows these COVID-19 fetishes to find each other online, to form social-media cliques that turn into echo chambers where it’s 24/7 gloom-and-doom — all fear, all the time. Inside these online echo-chambers, the hypochondriacs feed each other news items — the latest research findings, etc. — that feed their irrational paranoia about the Deadly Super-Virus From Hell. It’s a sort of religious cult, where the voices of common sense are condemned as heresy. In a way, it’s a mirror-image of the cult of extreme anti-vaxxers, a place where True Believers seize upon anecdotal evidence that “proves” their point of view. Yes, there is such a thing as “long COVID,” and yes, some people die from bad vaccine reactions, but as a matter of statistical probability, you’re very unlikely to be affected by either of these phenomena.

It’s like “police brutality.” No matter how many times we’re confronted with claims that racist police have murdered an innocent black man, we know that (a) such cases are statistically rare, (b) cops are more likely to be killed by black criminals than the other way around, and (c) the “activists” who seek to turn every such case into an excuse to riot are motivated by hatred, greed and a lust for political power. Knowing the facts is the only way to protect yourself from being manipulated by these dishonest “activists” and their unscrupulous media henchmen.

What is to be done about the COVID-19 fetishists, like this lunatic woman with her science-fiction-movie protective gear? Mockery, yes, but other than that, we need to keep a watchful eye on these people for the simple reason that they’re crazy and, as you know, Crazy People Are Dangerous.




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