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In The Mailbox: 03.22.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Earned myself a week in Twitmo for calling Governor Hairgel a demented cretin. I need to be spending less time in that sewer anyway.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

Not even your waifus are safe from this perv.

357 Magnum: The Destruction Of California
EBL: Mayor Pete You Better Watch Your Speed, also, Trump Grand Jury Session Abruptly Cancelled?
Twitchy: Stanford Law DEI Dean On Leave After Failing To Uphold Free Speech Policy, “Dr.” Jill Leaves Cryptic Message On Sleepy Joe’s Shaving Mirror, and Florida School District’s “Donuts & Drag” Event Cancelled After Call From DeSantis Administration
Louder With Crowder: “F***ing arrest me”, Groom exposes bride for cheating on him, airs incriminating video during their wedding ceremony, and Football coach fired for praying on the field gets his job back and is $1.7 million richer
Vox Popoli: Clown World Law, Russia Backs Chinese Reunification, and Plot Twist

American Conservative: Why the Paleos Were Right About Iraq, also, Showdown at the Lavra
American Greatness: House Judiciary Committee Says ‘No Legitimate Basis’ for Biden Administration to Target Parents Protesting School Boards, Biden Administration Attempting to Bail Out Moderna, and Joe Biden Is Guilty Of Foul Deeds
American Thinker: Philosophy Professor Says ‘Don’t go to College! Become an Electrician.’
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Venezuela’s 21st Century Socialism: Ferraris and starving children, Mexico’s AMLO: Friend or foe?, and As Cubans suffer food shortages, Cuban dictatorship launches agricultural fair
BattleSwarm: Russia’s Rolling Tank Museum
Behind The Black: Virgin Orbit resumes limited operations, Russia’s Luna-25 unmanned lunar lander to be delivered to Vostochny in early June, Confused glaciers in a Martian crater, Hakuto-R1 enters lunar orbit, and Pushback: Doctors blacklisted by government for disagreeing on its COVID mandate policies now fighting back
Cafe Hayek: Revisionist History?, also, Getting 19th-century American Economic History Right
CDR Salamander: Japan Puts A Marker Down In Europe
Da Tech Guy: “Allen Bragg is an Asshole” is not a Reason to Vote Trump in the Primaries
Don Surber: Indicting Trump Is Jumping The Shark,
Gates Of Vienna: Chained to the New Trivium, Vaccine Roulette, Part 2, It Really is a Landslide Victory, and Swedish Court – Police Went Too Far When They Prevented a Koran-Burning
The Geller Report: Democrat Deep State Is Building A Vast Surveillance And Speech Suppression Web Around Every American, also, Biden’s Pentagon to Send Tanks, Missiles to Ukraine on FASTER Timeline As Red China Works For Peace
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Jupiter and the Galilean Moons, and I’m So Old
Hollywood In Toto: It’s Time to Honor D-Day’s’ Boys of Bedford, John Wick: Chapter 4 Shows Series Isn’t Dead (Yet), ‘Greatest Lie’ Silenced by Woke Mob, Media Silent, and Tom MacDonald & John Rich Crush iTunes Chart with ‘End of the World’
The Lid: Whaddayaknow? Joe Signed Off on Hunter/Burisma Statement
Legal Insurrection: FBI Mole Known as ‘One-Eye’ Would Tip Off Hunter About Any China Probes, ‘Derisive, Divisive and Demoralizing Misogyny’, Stanford Law Diversity Dean Placed On Leave, Student Disrupters Will Be Re-Educated Not Disciplined, Biden Administration to Use California as Tool to Smash Existence of Diesel Trucks In The U.S., and Challenges to New York’s End Run Around SCOTUS 2nd Amendment Ruling Argued At Second Circuit
Nebraska Energy Observer: A Brit’s view of the constitution of the United States of America (3)
Outkick: Spencer Rattler Spites Oklahoma Fans With Hope That Sooners Won’t Claim Him As Their Own When He Reaches NFL, Tom Brady, Gisele Split Had Nothing To Do With Football, She Says, Oregon Coach Unloads Fiery Rant About NIT Attendance, ‘World’s Hottest Speed Skater’ Jutta Leerdam Takes Her Off-Season Workouts Under Water, and Bikini Cowgirl Claps Back At Haters Who Say She’s An Inbred
Power Line: Liberals, Stop Trying to Keep Black Kids Down!, Ramirez on the Stanford disgrace, and Comer in shadows
Protein Wisdom Reborn: Democrats For “Assault Weapons”!
Shark Tank: Florida AG Moody Busts $400 Million Medicaid Fraud Case 
Shot In The Dark: As Predicted, also, When Reality Is Absurd Parody Is Pointless
The Political Hat: Ohio vs. Diversity Statements
This Ain’t Hell: Newsom pressured to give $360K reparations per, American military to have additional access in the Philippines, Defend the Guard Act, and Three More Accounted For
Transterrestrial Musings: Safety Third, It Should Be Safe To Be Unpopular, and What If All The Presidents
Victory Girls: CBO Suggests Means Testing And Taxing Veterans Disability Payments, MAGA “Christians” Compare Trump to Jesus, and ‘Drag is holy’? Christ is Not A Sock Puppet
Volokh Conspiracy: Alito: “I went to a law school where I didn’t learn any law.”
Watts Up With That: Help Save the Planet – Eat Lentils, also, A Requiem for Blueberries
Weasel Zippers: Liberal Dem Rep. DeLauro Admits Inflation “Killing People,” “People Do Live Paycheck To Paycheck” Under Biden, Biden EPA Wants $375 Million For “Environmental Justice Program”, and Occasional Cortex Horrified Over Rumor She Held A Military Recruitment Fair
The Federalist: The Bipartisan Iraq War Revisionists Are Dead Wrong On Ukraine, How Public Schools’ ‘Equity’ Policies Make It Impossible For Students To Succeed, Biden Admin Plans To Raze Native American Religious Site To Benefit Foreign Mining Group, The Bipartisan Rail Safety Bill Is A Reasonable Response To East Palestine Crisis, and New Video Shows ‘Socio-Emotional Learning’ Fanatics Confirming This Popular School Tool Is A Leftist Trojan Horse
Mark Steyn: The Criminalization of Political Opposition

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