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In The Mailbox: 03.28.23 (Morning Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Duke Nukem is confused by the wily Asiatics.

So much stuff in the Substack pile.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Cops Have No Sense of Humor, also, Almost 98% Of Mass Shootings Take Place In “Gun Free Zones”
A View From The Beach: Majors Changes To Army Recruiting Problems
EBL: John Wick: Chapter 4, MAGA Bat Boy, and Gordon Moore, RIP
Twitchy: CA State Sen. Wiener Kicks Off Troon Visibility Week, Occasional Cortex Claims The Ones Really After Your Kids Are Straight, and Adam Kinzinger Pretends He’s Still A Republican But Nobody Believes Him
Louder With Crowder: Don’t act surprised, but ESPN honored troon “Lia” Thomas for Women’s History Month, also, World’s dumbest criminals tunnel out of jail, only to be caught having breakfast at IHOP
Vox Popoli: Decline, Then Fall, Barbarossa, “Biden” is not Biden, America is not Byzantium, and The Mistakes of Empire
Stoic Observations: Why Is Woke?

Adam Piggott: Oven baked baby zucchini with risotto
American Conservative: How Planned Parenthood Peddles Porn in Red States, also, Tempest in a Teapot
American Greatness: Who Owns the University?, Far-Left Group Battles Efforts to Ban Private Funding of Elections, and How Communist China Does Your Thinking for You
American Power: 
American Thinker: Was Massive Vote Fraud Confirmed with a Fishtail?, Warriors Don’t Want to Fight for a Woke, Anti-American Military, and In Case You Forgot What Government Did to Us for COVID
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: This Week in Miami History: In 1983, a Cuban exile entrepreneur was found dead in a mansion along with 29 others, Two Cubans refugees land in Key West after a daring escape in a motorized hang glider, While milk is unavailable to Cubans, the Castro dictatorship produces gourmet cheeses for foreigners, and Voting in communist Cuba: Approved!
Baldilocks: Rubber & Road, California From The Inside, Rebuking The Flakiness, and Mistaken Identity
BattleSwarm: MiniLinkSwarm for March 25, also, Bald, Bearded, Bespeckled British Bloke’s YouTube Empire
Behind The Black: NASDAQ gives two more space companies delisting warning, India launches 36 OneWeb satellites, Curiosity heads to the west of the Hill of Pillows, and Are launch prices up, or is the demand continuing to be high?
Cafe Hayek: Should Protectionist Measures Be Ended All At Once or Gradually?
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday, NATO’s Evolution In Response To The Russo-Ukrainian War, and Transcript From The Defense Breakfast Seminar
Chicago Boyz: The Electrical Grid and the Gas Network
Da Tech Guy: Quick Thoughts Under the Fedora, Military says vaccine refusers can come back!, My Take From Ladd Ehlinger’s Doctor Who Doom Promo Review: Run Away Dude Run Fast and Run Far, and Review: Season 2 of Shadow and Bone
Dana Loesch: DEVELOPING – Female Shooter Kills Six At Nashville Christian School, also, Democrats Swiftly Blame “Assault Weapons” For Nashville Tragedy
Don Surber: Highlights Of The Week, also, How Trump Gamed The Media
First Street Journal: When you don’t tell the truth at first, don’t be surprised if fewer people believe you later, also, 28½ hours without power
Gates Of Vienna: Milan Resists the Woke Imperative, Legal Under Islamic Law: Women, Honk If You Love Sharia, Vaccine Roulette, Part 3, and Let the Fun Times Begin!
The Geller Report: Federal Prosecutor Admits D.C. Metro Police Department Undercover Officers Acted as Provocateurs at Steps of U.S. Capitol, also, Taliban Releases Photos of Military Equipment Left Behind by Biden in Afghanistan
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, NGC 5486, Kissing Moons, and A Trio of Moons
Hollywood In Toto: Five Reasons The John Wick Franchise Can’t Be Stopped, FLASHBACK – When Hollywood Stars Stood Tall for Free Speech, When Will Authors Stand Up to ‘Sensitivity Readers?’, and Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Rolls a 20
The Lid: In Joe Biden Era, For First Time Ever Most Americans Think Their Children Will NOT Be Better Off, also, War Looms, But Military Spends Time Pursuing DEI and Climate Change Policies
Legal Insurrection: Israeli PM Netanyahu to Pause Judicial Reform Amid Nationwide Protests and Pressure From Biden White House, American Corporations Have Given a Staggering $83 Billion to BLM and Related Groups, Elizabeth Warren Going for a Third Senate Term, DEI Deans at MIT Refuse to Participate in Debate About DEI Policies, and Oxford Physics Professor/CERN Researcher Concludes “Wind Power Fails on Every Count”
Nebraska Energy Observer: Judica Sunday, Lent 5, also, Saturday, Finally
Outkick: Another Russian NHL Player Opts Out Of Team’s ‘Pride Night,’ This Time For The Buffalo Sabres, NFL Network Host Desperately Wants Super Bowl To Be Played On Saturday, Pitched Idea To Roger Goodell, FAU Amanda Wants You To Pray For Her Liver After Owls Advance To Final 4, Riley Gaines Calls ESPN ‘Spineless’ Following Network’s Lia Thomas Tribute, and Bubba Wallace Needs To Be Fired, NASCAR Teammates Fight, Chase Elliott Gives Finger, Hooters Gianna Goes Cowgirl
Power Line: The Daily Chart – The Bitter Fruit of the Left’s Cultural Assault, The FBI and the Proud Boys, Kennedy stumps the nominees, and Field this
Protein Wisdom Reborn: A Re-Declaration Of Independence
Shark Tank: DeSantis Bucks Congress, Says Education Is A State & Local Issue
Shot In The Dark: How I Spent My Saturday, also, Take “You’ve Got To Pass It To Know What’s In It”
STUMP: Checking in on French Retirement Age Protests, also, Saturday Sumo – Only One Day More
The Political Hat: Regenerative Society: Communism By Another Name
This Ain’t Hell: Kids and Army CSM shot, killed, Stolen Valor – Ukraine, Higher cancer rates among Military pilots and ground crews, Actions by China and Russia require ramping up military investments, and “This Interview’s Over, Folks”
Transterrestrial Musings: Failure Is Not Not An Option, The New Witch Trials, “Hispanic”, and The Economy Gets Wrung Out
Victory Girls: Parents Bill of Rights Sets Democrat Hair Ablaze, also, Notre Dame Shows Stanford How Free Speech Works
Volokh Conspiracy: Professor Suggests Murder as Alternative to Shouting Down Speakers, also, Supreme Court Should Take and Reverse Fifth Circuit Decision that Creates a Catch-22 for Takings Claims Against State Governments
Watts Up With That: “Last Chance Travel” (climate alarmism in a suitcase), Who Noticed Earth Hour This Year?, and Germany Rebels Against EU Ban on Petrol Cars
Weasel Zippers: John Kerry: “Important We Work With China” On Climate, “Can’t Get Bogged Down” By “Other Issues”, Kamala Harris Absurdly Claims Americans Are Recovering From High Prices, and CNN Accuses White People Of “Digital Blackface”
The Federalist: ESPN ‘Celebrates’ Women By Denying Their Existence, Mounting Evidence Shows ‘Go Woke, Go Broke’ May Be More Than A Mantra, Biden’s Empty Suit Presidency Is Resetting The World Order, And Not In A Good Way, Stanford Mob Shows How Speech Restrictions Reinforce Social Isolation, and With His First Veto, Biden Puts Woke Capitalism Before American Workers And Retirees
Mark Steyn: Your Generation – The Boomers Progress and The Wanderers, Tal Bachman – The Latest Emails Between God and Me, and Lullaby of Broadway

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