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In The Mailbox: 03.29.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Compliance Does NOT Guarantee Safety
EBL: Dog Eating Dead Russian Soldiers in Ukraine Finds His Forever Home
Twitchy: Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) Comes Unhinged After Rep. Thos. Massie’s (R-KY) Suggestion To Stop School Shootings, Interior Sec. Haaland’s Inability To Answer Basic Questions Is This Entire Administration Summed Up, and DHS Sec. Mayorkas Wants To Ban “Assault Weapons” But Can’t Define Them
Louder With Crowder: Man attempts armed robbery of this grandmother’s food truck, but she has a gun of her own and he’s dead now, “I’d do it again”, and Democrat spox calls for “transphobes” to be murdered hours after trans shooter murdered Christian schoolchildren
Vox Popoli: Stonetoss Hits it Hard, The End of the Cult of Free, A Government of Literal Morons, and Substack Submerging
Gab News: Being Winsome And Nice Won’t Cut It Any More, Christian

American Conservative: The Wall Street Journal Takes the Pulse of a Dying America, also, Close the Border to Change Mexico’s Policies
American Greatness: George Soros Donates $1 Million to Wisconsin Democrats Ahead of State Supreme Court Election, also, Merrick Garland Refuses to Investigate Nashville Shooting as Hate Crime
American Thinker: Ukraine and the FBI – Profiles in Corruption
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Star pitcher for Cuba at the WBC defects, seeks to play in the MLB, Puerto Rico’s governor blasts Cuba’s sock puppet president for remarks on Puerto Rican independence, More apartheid, please! Cuba’s prime minister says tourists deserve more luxury goods and services, and NPR now stands for Not Popular Radio
BattleSwarm: Have 155mm Gun, Will Travel
Behind The Black: Hakuto-R1 snaps first picture of Moon from lunar orbit, Israel launches spy satellite, SpaceX launches another 56 Starlink satellites, Boeing & NASA Announce 1st Starliner manned mission to now launch on July 21, In U.S. sales of dumb phones are up, and Midnight repost – Genocide is coming to America
Cafe Hayek: I’m Sick of Having My Intelligence Insulted
CDR Salamander: Seriously…Who’s Been Running Our Wargames Then?
Da Tech Guy: Voices of the 2023 Catholic Men’s Conference Jeff Joaquin
Don Surber: LGB Without The TQ
First Street Journal: The laughable contortions taken by the professional media when a school shooter is #transgender
Gates Of Vienna: Culture-Enriching Knife Rampage in Lisbon, Fretting Over the Pronouns of a Mass Murderer, and Intoxicated Culture-Enriching Ecdysiast Terrifies a Church in Monza
The Geller Report: They’re Just Getting Started…Hyper-Violent Transgender Militants Call for Widespread Violence Against Christians
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, also, Zooming in on a Gravitational Lens
Hollywood In Toto: Russell Peters – Why Are We Celebrating Cancel Culture Bullies?, also, Guy Pearce Just Made Cancel Culture Worse
The Lid: REVEALED – Multiple Feds Embedded in J6 Capitol Crowd
Legal Insurrection: A ‘resistance’ coup just defeated Israeli democracy, California’s Descent Accelerates as Newsom’s New Bill Dings Oil Companies for “Excessive Profits”, Have Law Schools Abandoned Free Speech?, DOJ Memo Told U.S. Marshals Not to Arrest Protestors Outside of SCOTUS Justices’ Homes, and AZ Gov. Katie Hobbs’ Press Secretary Resigns After Threatening Violence Against ‘Transphobes’ After Nashville Shooting
Nebraska Energy Observer: The Public Order Bill
Outkick: CNN Draws Lowest-Rated Primetime Quarter On Record, Memphis’ Jamirah Shutes Pleads Not Guilty Over Handshake Line Punch Because, Hey, It’s Worth A Shot, Major League Baseball’s Pitch Clock Is Speeding Up Games, But There’s A Major Issue Lurking, Lamar Jackson Pushes Back On Claims Of Him Being Injury Prone, and Joe Rogan Is Right About The Absurdity Of Lia Thomas, Trans Threatening Female Sports
Power Line: A Walter Hudson footnote, Nebraska Fats or Minnesota Thins?, and As Matt Taibbi Testified About Weaponization of the Government, the IRS Made a Housecall
Protein Wisdom Reborn: Yet Another Hump Day Shrapnel Post
Shark Tank: Fried Files Ethics Complaint Against DeSantis
Shot In The Dark: Not For Turning, The H Word, and By The Book
The Political Hat: “Organoid Intelligence” Of Lab Grown Brains Mean One Thing – Hyperintelligent Bioroid Catgirls
This Ain’t Hell: Three More Accounted For, The last of U.S. combat troops out of Vietnam, 50 years ago today, Murder trial begins for Daniel Perry, who shot Garrett Foster in self-defense, and Marine Reaper Woes
Transterrestrial Musings: The Evolution Of Choo Choos, The Latest Economic Insanity From California, The IPCC Reports, and Starburst Ventures
Victory Girls: Twitter Says No Pointing Out The Vengeance Talk!
Volokh Conspiracy: Apache Stronghold v. U.S.: Religious Freedom and Government Property
Watts Up With That: Breakthrough! A Big Utility Says Net Zero May Not Be Reliable, also, Berliners Fail to Endorse Climate Neutral by 2030 Ballot
Weasel Zippers: Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) Pushes False Claim About Israeli Soldiers Attacking Palestinians, Sen. Kennedy (R-LA) Says Mayorkas Unqualified “To Manage Chuck E. Cheese”, Biden Claims His Economic “Plan” Is “Working”, and Biden’s DHS Budget Mentions The Word “Cartel” Zero Times
The Federalist: Twitter Bans Federalist CEO Sean Davis For Reporting On ‘Trans Day Of Vengeance’ Following Nashville Shooting, Rep. Tom Tiffany Requests Federal Funds Pulled From Indian Tribe Guilty Of Illegally Holding Wisconsites Hostage , How To Win The New Cold War With China: Restore Faith, Community, And Industry, Voter Suppression Is Real And It’s Not What You Were Told, and Twitter Cannot Be Saved. It’s Time For Free Speech Proponents To Let It Die
Mark Steyn: Misgendering a Murderer

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