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In The Mailbox: 03.30.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.
357 Magnum: Liberal Professor Calls For Murdering People You Disagree With
EBL: War of the Sicilian Vespers, Evan Gershkovich Has A Bad Day In Russia, and TRUMP INDICTED
Twitchy: DeSantis Says Florida Won’t Help With Trump Extradition, Protesters Hold “Die-In” At State Capitol To Indicate How Many Trans Lives Could Be Lost, and @LibsOfTikTok’s Chaya Raichik Goes To Serve Occasional Cortex With Ethics Complaint And Things Get Interesting
Louder With Crowder: Man recounts the violent way he murdered the three men who molested his kid, also, LibsofTikTok serves AOC with a defamation complaint, and then it gets hilarious
Vox Popoli: The First 30 Seconds, Is AI Lawful Evil or Chaotic Good?, Devil Mouse Shenanigans, They Can’t Compete, and President Trump Indicted

Adam Piggott: Tobacco & Booze, or zigging instead of zagging
American Conservative: Joe Manchin Feels Betrayed About the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Implementation
American Greatness: ‘Trans Day of Vengeance’ to Proceed in D.C. Despite Nashville Shooting, also, West Virginia Bans Sex Change Surgeries for Minors
American Thinker: How Much Longer Can Western Governments Spit on Their People?
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Income Tax News
Babalu Blog: Cuban dictatorship demands $10 million in ‘damages’ from baseball player who defected, The world today reminds us of the post-Vietnam era, Reports from Cuba: With elections over, trash on the streets of Cuba piles up again, and Image of the Day: High-rise luxury hotel nears completion in Havana while city crumbles around it
BattleSwarm: Austin’s Ongoing Policing Crisis
Behind The Black: Russia’s Soyuz-2 rocket launches classified military satellite, Virgin Orbit shuts down, H3 failure delays Japan’s entire space program, New startup unveils 3D printer for making rocket tanks and fairings, and Frank Rubio’s flight to ISS will exceed a year, setting a new American record
Cafe Hayek: Signs of Hope
CDR Salamander: The Weapons Gap With Red China the USA Created and Funded – It Goes Boom
Da Tech Guy: Five Fast Opening Day Thoughts Under the Fedora, also, This poll proves how devastatingly effective progressive indoctrination has been
Don Surber: Post-Trump, Biden Unleashes Hell
First Street Journal: What could possibly go wrong?, also, Who would want to be a landlord these days?
Gates Of Vienna: Don’t Bug Me
The Geller Report: END OF THE REPUBLIC – GRAND JURY INDICTS PRESIDENT TRUMP, also, Biden Cabinet Member Admits the Green Agenda Makes Us Reliant on China
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Galactic Winds, and A New (Official) Ally
Hollywood In Toto: Jennifer Aniston (Indirectly) Slams Cancel Culture, also, Snowfall’s Evan Allen-Gessesse Charts New Course
The Lid: Do You Remember When The Media First Introduced DEI Policies For Green Cluster Industries?
Legal Insurrection: More than Two Dozen Democratic House Members Join Republicans to Nix Biden’s Gas Stove Grab, “Mostly Peaceful” Leftist Mob Tries to Gain Entry into Tennessee State Capitol, Washington Post Mocks Parents for Wanting Transparency in School Curriculums, J6 ‘QAnon Shaman’ Jacob Chansley Secures Early Release from Federal Prison, and Israel Accuses Biden White House of “Inappropriately Meddling” Over Country’s Judicial Reform Plan
Nebraska Energy Observer: I’m sorry for this
Outkick: College Baseball Umpire Suspended For Viral Strike Three Call Says He Was Called ‘Uncle Tom’ By Fans, Kendrick Perkins Gets MVP Vote, Likes Tweet Suggesting He Won’t Vote For A White Player, New York Yankees Flex On Rest Of MLB With Unique Request As They Run Out Of Jersey Numbers, New York Magazine – Stop Watching The Men’s NCAA Tournament Because The Women Are More Exciting, and Kyrie Irving Calls Mavericks A ‘ClusterF**k,’ Meaning Dallas Is Screwed For A Very Long Time
Power Line: Of Mice and Walz, Sorry, Liberals, Audrey Hale Is Not the Victim, and A Rubicon Is Crossed
Shark Tank: Florida To Repeal “Resign To Run”?
Shot In The Dark: A Hell “We” Can Make Happen, What’s In A Name?, and To The Hardest Working Man In Science
This Ain’t Hell: LA releases personal info and pictures of 9,300 police to anti-cop group, World War II veteran reunites with 1st love in France 75 years after meeting, Russia’s ‘special operations’ impacts its ability to deliver military equipment, Routine Training Mission Claims 9, and Activating veteran Navy Sailors for deployment
Transterrestrial Musings: The QAnon Shaman
Victory Girls: Media Claims Protest In Tennessee Capitol Was “Peaceful”
Volokh Conspiracy: Meghan Markle Wins Dismissal of Defamation Suit Brought by Half-Sister Samantha Markle, also, How Biden’s Private Sponsorship Parole Policy Reduced Illegal Migration by Making the Legal Kind Easier
Watts Up With That: Body Blow To Activists: Whopping 82% Of Berlin’s Voters Refused To Support 2030 Climate Neutrality, UN’s climate panic is more politics than science, and Aussie Parliament Votes to Impose a Carbon Tax
Weasel Zippers: 24 Hours Later, DHS Secretary Mayorkas Still Can’t Provide A Definition Of An Assault Weapon, Netanyahu Rips Biden For Trying To “Bully” Israel, and Far-Left Rep. (D-NY) Bowman Screams “Cowards,” “Gutless” At Republicans About Gun Control
The Federalist: Ruby-Red Indiana Seeks Public Health Power Grab Despite Massive Covid Failures, The Six Christians Martyred In Nashville Are A Call To Repentance To All Who Will Hear It, Biden DOJ Throttled Arrests Of Violent Abortion Mob Surrounding Supreme Court Justices’ Homes, More Mail-In Ballots Were Rejected Than Margin Of Victory In Nevada Senate Race, and America’s Banana Republic Era Is Here
Mark Steyn: World War “C”

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