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In The Mailbox: 04.03.23

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Silicon Valley delenda est.

EBL: The Vikings, Sanna Marin Loses, and Babylon
Twitchy: Rural Mom Claims You Don’t Hunt With An AR-15 Because “It Ruins The Meat”, Elon Musk Changes Twitter Logo To DOGE Dog, and Another Reason Bud Light Is Nuts To Put Dylan Mulvaney On Its Beer Cans
Louder With Crowder: Elon Musk strips NYT of its blue checkmark, rubs their face in it just because he can, Marjorie Taylor Greene leaves 60 Minutes host speechless over alleged pedophilia in Democratic Party, and American Idol contestant who was mom-shamed by Katy Perry has quit the show
Vox Popoli: The Clownfoolery Intensifies, Castalia History Series, Never Trust the Science, and White is the New Red
Gab News: Christians Must Learn To Hate Again

American Conservative: The Real Trump Development to Be Worried About, also, The Common Defense
American Greatness: Indict One—And All?, Supporters Chant ‘We Love Trump’ as He Arrives in NYC Ahead of Arraignment, and Banana Time for the Rule of Law
American Thinker: Yes, We Have Gone Bananas, NY Citizens’ Voter Audit Challenges Blue-State Hegemony, and Will Economic Freedom End this July?
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Image of the Day: Revolutionary transportation in socialist Cuba, Lack of plaster for casts in hospitals forces Cubans to use cardboard and wire to set fractures, Imprisoned Cuban journalists endure horrific abuse, and Chinese agency to promote Cuba as ‘priority’ tourist destination
BattleSwarm: Ukraine Also Updating T-55s, also, Weird Guns Used in the Russo-Ukrainian War
Behind The Black: Update on MOXIE’s two years on Mars, producing oxygen, SpaceX and Chinese pseudo-company complete launches, India successfully lands its own version of the X-37B on a runway, A journey into Martian chaos, and Pushback: University will hire no one who supports “critical race theory”
Cafe Hayek: A Note from a Reader, On Dollars In Global Trade, and A Review of Elizabeth Popp Berman’s “Thinking Like an Economist”
CDR Salamander: If It Flies, It Does, A Tale Of Two 4-Stars, and Breaking my Flag
Chicago Boyz: Applying the Turing Test to ChatGPT…Using Turing’s Own Example
Da Tech Guy: Nothing but net: When Nike fought back against a left-wing Operation PUSH boycott and won, The 2nd Most incredible comeback since I started playing in Status Pro/Dynasty Tabletop Baseball Leagues in 1987 or why Baseball is the greatest game there is, Falling short…again, and Five Very Quick One Liners Under The Fedora
Don Surber: Highlights Of The Week, Blaming White Republicans, and Crisis Breeds Fascism
First Street Journal: The Social Justice Warriors do not believe in people’s property rights, also, Killadelphia: With people being murdered every single day, is it any surprise when people move out?
Gates Of Vienna:  Is April Fools’ Day White Supremacism?, You Will Know Changes Soon, Keep the Boats Coming!, and Does Sending “Peacekeepers” to Ukraine Guarantee World War III?
The Geller Report: White House To Host Roundtable Promoting Transgender Mutilation Surgeries and Dangerous Trans Drugs, DUMPING THE DOLLAR, and China, Russia Leading Push to Replace US Dollar as World’s Reserve Currency
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, A Trifecta Galaxy, Tonight’s Sky – April, 2023, and 2001: A Space Odyssey
Hollywood In Toto: His Only Son Crashes Box Office Party, Literary Orgs Silent on Classic Book Censorship, and Film Site Says Faith-Based Nefarious Among Most Anticipated Movies
The Lid: Biden is Gutting Our Navy as China Continues to Build the Biggest Fleet in History, also, RESTRICT Act Could Shut Down Truth Social, Rumble, Or Any App That Challenges ‘Reported Result’ Of Elections
Legal Insurrection: GWU Claims an Investigation Cleared it of Accusations of Anti-Semitism but Won’t Release Report, DeSantis Orders Investigation of Disney Deal To Thwart Legislation On Reedy Creek Control, Legislation Fighting DEI Policies in Multiple States Could be Legal Nightmare for Higher Education, Half of the CDC Team Investigating East Palestine Spill Fell Ill With Symptoms Similar to Residents, Dems & Media Agree – Troons  & Audrey Hale Are the Real Victims of the Nashville Massacre, and WaPo’s Glenn Kessler Posts Three Pinocchio ‘Fact Check’ On Bragg Being “Soros-backed,” Gets Schooled
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Palmarum, Palm Sunday, and The Countdown has Started
Outkick: Dave Portnoy-Jemele Hill Feud Reignites, John Feinstein, Sportswriting Martyr, Throws In Towel, Shaq Tells Keith Olbermann ‘Shut Your Dumb A– Up’ For Ripping Angel Reese, Iowa Coach Responds To Dawn Staley’s Postgame Rant, Cavinder Twins Respond To Haters After Miami’s Loss, and ESPN, A Network That Never Stops Talking About Racism, Ignores Blatant Racism That Doesn’t Fit Their Narrative
Power Line: Rush Limbaugh Warned Us, What Does It Cost to Buy a State?, Feeding Our Future: Bill Glahn’s update, and Liberals Try to Make People’s Lives Worse
Shark Tank: Book & Fried Arrested During Abortion Protest
Shot In The Dark: Good Guys & Gals With Guns?, Just A Little Day Brightener, Urban Progressive Privilege – It’s “One Minnesota”, And It’s All Theirs
STUMP: Sumo Saturday – Lull Between Bashos
The Political Hat: The Radical Fringe And The Overton Window
This Ain’t Hell: First Do No Harm, Navy doctor pleads guilty to conspiracy insurance fraud scheme, Shame and Guilt, and Marvin Jacobs, Army veteran, dies after nurse fails to clear his airway
Transterrestrial Musings: “No One Is Above The Law”, Ouch, Your Good-News Story Of The Day, and The School Trap
Victory Girls: Terfenstein Video Game Play Kills Priests And Other “Fascists“, A Man Is Shot Twice And Alvin Bragg Charges Him With Attempted Murder, and CMT Awards In Austin Offends On So Many Levels
Volokh Conspiracy: Plaintiff, Who Had Published an Article Describing Herself as Escort, Sues Newspaper for Calling Her an Escort
Watts Up With That: Yes, BBC, Global Warming Extends Plant Growing Seasons, Climate Obsessed British Politicians are Embracing Fantasy Energy Solutions, and SMH: Radio Silence Replaces Greenwashing Claims
Weasel Zippers: Biden HHS Flies “Transgender Pride Flag” Outside DC HQ, CBS News Bans Staff From Using Word “Transgender” To Describe Tennessee Mass Shooter, At Least 21 People Dead After Deadly Tornadoes Barrel Through Midwest, South, and Report: Chinese Spy Balloon Collected Intel, Sent Back To Beijing In “Real Time”
The Federalist: Women Deserve To Be Empowered By Doctors, Not Rushed To Medical Abortion Without Them, Minnesota Bills Push Discrimination With Race-Based Hiring Quotas, Punishments For Religious Colleges, When It Comes To The Nashville Shooting, Leftists Suddenly Ditch Their Identity Obsession, National Media Hides Accusations About Leftist WI Supreme Court Candidate Using Racial Slurs And Abusing Husband, The Left Keeps Parents Like The Nashville Shooter’s From Helping Their Anguished Kids, and Idaho Takes An Axe To Ranked-Choice Voting In Elections;  North Dakota And Arizona Could Follow Suit
Mark Steyn: The Prisoner of Windsor, Fifth Avenue Girl – The Quiet Screwball, and Tal Bachman – Why Does Everyone Have To Be Gay All the Time?

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