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In The Mailbox: 04.05.23 (Morning Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: What 4th Amendment?
EBL: Bing Crosby – The NATO Song
Twitchy: “We Will Not Normalize Serious Criminal Conduct”, Troon Pastor Compares Treatment Of Trannies To Christ’s Crucifixion, and Special K Hopes You Can Appreciate The Biden Administration “Doing Something” About The Chicom Spy Balloon
Louder With Crowder: Kid Rock shoots up Bud Light cans in protest. Unrelatedly, beer confirms Dylan Mulvaney as spokesdiva, LOL: Someone on the grand jury indicting Trump may have just committed a felony of their own, and Woke MN Democrat says biological men in girls school sports are okay since female athletes won’t amount to much anyway
Vox Popoli: The Inevitable Math, They Do Hire Liars, Another Nail in Darwin’s Coffin, and Amazon Kills Book Depository
Stoic Observations: The Engineering Path Not Taken

American Conservative: Americans Must Choose
American Greatness: Dem Reps Who Egged on Rioters at Tennessee Capitol Stripped of Committee Assignments & Face Expulsion, also, U.S. Manufacturing Hits New Low Under Biden
American Thinker: Texas Medical Board Suspends Doctor for Choosing to Do No Harm, Soros’s Justice in U.S. and Israel, and Liberals: Burn the Place Down!
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Written English News
Babalu Blog: Nearly 400 protests in communist Cuba during the month of March
BattleSwarm: Kentucky Ballistics + Slow-Mo Guys = Gun Destruction at 187,000 fps
Behind The Black: Virgin Orbit files for bankruptcy, Lockheed Martin picked by Australia to build two military communications satellites, FAA issues travel advisory for Boca Chica for April 10, 2023 Starship launch, The outermost edge of Mars’ north polar icecap, and Judges expand hiring boycott of elite law colleges that allow violent protests and censorship
Cafe Hayek: If Solitary Confinement Is Cruel and Unusual Punishment … Aren’t, Also, Lockdowns?
CDR Salamander: How Many Bottles Of Catsup Are In The Flag Mess?
Chicago Boyz: 
Da Tech Guy: Indulgence Calendar for April, Funny How the SF Mayor DIDN’T ask her own State for help, Easy street for electric vehicles, and Fast Thoughts Under the Fedora
Dana Loesch: Trump Indictment Unsealed
Don Surber: What Rule Of Law?
First Street Journal: The left really do hate Freedom of Speech and of The Press, also, A 2020 George Floyd rioter is sentenced to five years in federal prison
Gates Of Vienna: Geert Wilders – “Stop With the Craziness!”, The Eternal German Spirit of Subservience, Cock-a-Doodle-Do!, and Allons Enfants de la Patrie!
The Geller Report: Post Indictment, Trump’s Poll Numbers Skyrocket, E Pluribus Trump, and Soros DA Bragg Tells Judge To Gag Donald Trump
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, What’s Up for April, 2023, and Bud Light, Dylan Mulvaney, and Truth in Advertising
Hollywood In Toto: Woke Scolds Want to Cancel Pop Culture Classics, This Australian Comic Predicted Academia’s Woke Insanity – 7 Years Ago, and Money Trumps Woke As HBO Max Eyes ‘Harry Potter’ Series
The Lid: Passover And The Blood Libel
Legal Insurrection: Anti-Defamation League Blasted for Becoming Just Another Tool for the Left, Flyers at Pepperdine University Compare Opposing Trans Ideology to Genocide, Cornell Rejects Student Demands for ‘Trigger Warnings’ Before Class Discussions, Columbia Law Students Throw a Fit After Members of Federalist Society Meet With Justice Kavanaugh, and William & Mary Student Claims She Has Received Death Threats for Saying Men Cannot Have Babies
Nebraska Energy Observer: Neo said
Outkick: Chaos Breaks Out In Storrs After UConn’s Championship Win Over SDSU, Absurdity Of MLB Blackouts Exemplified By Game Unable To Be Aired Inside Stadium Where Game Was Played, Baseball Is Back! Drunk Fan At Brewers Home Opener Pees In Concourse In Front Of Other Fans, Trent Dilfer Responds To Hugh Freeze’s Spring Game Proposal By Standing Up To Nick Saban, Alabama, and UConn-SDSU Title Game Edges Women’s Final In Ratings, Draws More Eyes Than Every NBA Final From Past 3 Years
Power Line: Judge Ho’s thought for the day, Maybe Trump CAN win the general election, and Trump’s new lawyer
Protein Wisdom Reborn: The Audacity Of Woke
Shark Tank: FSHCC Backs Senate Bill For Private Nursing Program Funding
Shot In The Dark: Unexpectedly, Cold Flint/s
STUMP: Will there be a state and municipal public finance bailout?
The Political Hat:
This Ain’t Hell: AF General says F-35 JIT supply chain is wrong, Two weeks of leave in conjunction with family member’s death, John Watts – SEAL Team NONE, and Afghan Orphan update
Transterrestrial Musings: The Climate Cult, Can We Really Trust AI?, The Parable Of The Drowning Man, and The Death Of Downtowns
Victory Girls: Legal Minds Weigh In On Trump Indictment
Volokh Conspiracy: Divorced Father Inflicted “Mental Injury” on 12-Year-Old Son By Religious Criticisms of Son’s Felt Homosexuality, also, Justin Fairfax (Former Va. Lt. Gov.) Loses Libel Lawsuit Against N.Y. Public Radio
Watts Up With That: The Earth’s Green Future is Forked, Record March Cold Over the Western U.S. and Northern Plains, and California Gov. Newsom to make gas prices even higher!
Weasel Zippers: MSNBC: Being Anti-Trans Is “Anti-Gospel, Anti-Christ”, Elon Musk On NY Times Feed: “Twitter Equivalent of Diarrhea”, Fake Beer Signs Deal With Fake Woman, and Judge Warns Trump To Refrain From Posting On Social Media – Trump Posts Anyway
The Federalist: EXCLUSIVE: Biden Admin Is Funding Overseas Lithium Projects While Shutting Down American Mines, Hospitalized Or Not, Democrats Have A Plan For Fetterman, WaPo ‘Fact-Checker’ Humiliated After Smearing Criticism Of Soros-Backed DA As ‘Antisemitism’, How The Transgender Lobby’s Obsession With Its Own Victimhood Breeds Violence, and Illinois Dems Work To Shut Down Life-Saving Pregnancy Centers With Vague ‘Deceptive Practices’ Bill
Mark Steyn: Who’s Afraid of the Weeping Willow?, also, Steyn’s New BookThe Prisoner Of Windsor

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