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In The Mailbox: 04.06.23 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

From the Northern Command Field HQ in Reno, Nevada, it’s In The Mailbox!
Silicon Valley delenda est.
357 Magnum: Soft On Crime Yields More Crime – Canadian Edition
EBL: The Last Supper, also, SCOTUS Sides With Troons (For Now)
Twitchy: Rashida Tlaib Accuses TN Legislature Of Fascism For Not Bowing To Mob, Teen Tranny Busted For Planning Shootings At Colorado Churches & Schools, and John Kirby Says It’s “Ridiculous” That We Left Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Stuff In Afghanistan 
Louder With Crowder: Joy Behar Goes On Bizarre Rant, Claims Gen Z Is Leftist Because Republicans Cause Tornadoes, also, TikTok Chick Eats Pounds Of Butter Every Day, Says It Helps Her Avoid Panic Attacks
Vox Popoli: Explain it Like I’m Five, also, Devil Mouse in Danger

Adam Piggott: High Fives and Cocktails
American Conservative: Memento Mori for Holy Week 2023
American Greatness: Trans Terror: Colorado Teen Facing Attempted Murder Charge After Allegedly Threatening to Shoot Up Schools
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Above the Law News
Babalu Blog: Reports from Cuba: 20 years since the Black Spring, the long shadow of repression in Cuba, For some crazy reason Finland seems to disagree with Putin’s definition of the “good the free and the just”–and joined NATO yesterday, Repressive agent of Cuban dictatorship granted humanitarian parole, now living in Miam, and Nearly a year after hurricane Ian hit Cuba, affected areas remain in ruins, with thousands homeless
BattleSwarm: The Democratic Party’s Foreign Sugar Daddies
Behind The Black: Spaceplane startup flies small-scale prototype for the 1st time using new rocket engine, Webb snaps infrared picture of Uranus, Global warming scientists whine about India defunding climate research center, Exploring the cratered southern highlands of Mars, part 2, and Pushback – Missouri school libraries sue to keep porno on their shelves, so Missouri lawmakers zero out library budget
Cafe Hayek: There Is No “Will of the People”
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Chicago Boyz: Is NPR ‘State Affiliated Media’?
Dana Loesch: Rebekah Jones & The Miami Herald Rage After Students Report Her Son For Death Threats
Don Surber: Joe Manchin’s Latest Scheme
First Street Journal: The foreign policy disaster that is Joe Biden
Gates Of Vienna: Fountain of Youth, also, Abduction of Children From Sweden, Video #3
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, A 1979 Saturn, Two Down, One Skates, and The Further Adventures of Rebekah Jones
Hollywood In Toto: Super Mario Bros. Movie Is Exactly What Fans Deserve, Guess What Team Barbie Is Hiding? (Hint: It’s Woke), and  Sly Nefarious Bridges Gap Between Faith, Horror
Legal Insurrection: FEC Commissioner Reminds Bragg That Officials Concluded Trump Case Isn’t ‘a Campaign Finance Violation’, Biden Admin Blames Trump For Biden’s Botched Afghanistan Exit, SCOTUS Declines Emergency Request To Reinstate West Virginia “Save Women’s Sports Act”, and CNN ‘Fact Checks’ Trump’s Claim of Soros/Bragg Connection, Accidentally Admits A Connection
Nebraska Energy Observer: Which one?
Outkick: Sloppy Dodgers Fans Get The 2023 Fan Fight Season Started At Dodger Stadium, Dan Le Batard Still Outraged Dana White Slapped Wife, Still Won’t Comment On Employing Arrested Wife Beater Howard Bryant, Deion Sanders Awards First Colorado Jersey Number To No. 1 Transfer As Shedeur Continues To Sling It During Spring Ball, Angel Reese Soaks Up Her 15 Minutes Of Fame, and Nike Uses Dylan Mulvaney to Promote Sports Bras And Women’s Leggings
Power Line: Corporate America Is Woke – Now What? also, Another “Trans” Mass Murderer Stopped
Shark Tank: DeSantis Goes The Extra Mile To “Back The Blue”, Announces 1750 Police Bonuses
Shot In The Dark: One Reason I Love Elon Musk, also, Asterisk
STUMP: Memento Mori for Holy Week 2023
The Political Hat:
This Ain’t Hell: Chinese CDC says “Raccoon dogs? Uh, no”, We love our sheep, we Dogs of War, and Kamala Harris’s staff complains about food quality on Air Force Two
Transterrestrial Musings: Climate Alarmism, Finally!, and Our French Revolution
Victory Girls: Bud Light Backlash: Will It Make An Impact?
Volokh Conspiracy: Louisiana Loses Social-Cost-of-Carbon Lawsuit in the Fifth Circuit (Again)
Watts Up With That: Climate Activists Are Coming for Muslim Zakat Donations
Weasel Zippers: WH Defends NPR “Hard-Hitting, Independent Nature Of Their Coverage Speaks For Itself”, Chicago Elects Socialist-Backed, Defund The Police Advocate As New Mayor, WH Claims Biden Economic Policies Are “Working” Despite Rampant Inflation, High Gas Prices, and Poll: Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Massively Underwater On His Handling Of The Economy, Immigration, Guns, Etc., Etc., Etc.
The Federalist: Maine Mom Sues School Board For Hiding Her Child’s “Gender Transition”, The West Needs To Stop Believing Red China Can Reform Itself, Russia Hoaxer’s Book About How The GOP ‘Went Crazy’ Is An Affront To History, Future GOP Victories Hinge On Positive Pro-Life Messaging, Not Ignoring Abortion, Meet The Double-Crossing Texas GOP Congressman Lobbying For Dangerous Border Cartels, and Exclusive: DeKalb County Officials Skirted Georgia Law To Acquire Funds From Left-Wing Dark Money Elections Group
Mark Steyn: Act Now, Leaven Later

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