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In The Mailbox: 04.21.23

Posted on | April 22, 2023 | 2 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Finally done in the tax mines and back home in Tonopah, getting used to the high altitude again. Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.

Mayor Pete’s solution to the infrastructure problem

Ninety Miles From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Box Episode #2054
EBL: AI Created Rule 5, Shot Heard Round The World, The Treachery of Images, and Charges Dropped Against Alec Baldwin
Twitchy: Lauren Boebert Triggers, Then Owns Mayor Pete, Occasional Cortex Invokes Natural Disasters To Whine About New Blue-Check Tariff, and MTG Creates New & Appropriate Nickname For Eric Swalwell, Massive Leftist Butthurt Ensues
Louder With Crowder: ‘I’m A Man of God’: Based Grandpa Walks Out, Refuses To Dance With Drag Queen In Competition, Elon Musk’s response to Alyssa Milano’s Twitter meltdown is s***posting perfection, and Chaos ensues when guest lectures Piers Morgan that he’s ‘not allowed’ to be disgusted by Sam Smith
Vox Popoli: An Obvious Solution, The Failure of the Materialist Model, There is No Thucydides Trap, The War on Clown World, Losing Their Free Trade Religion, and Nothing Works Anymore So Plan Accordingly
According To Hoyt: Illusions, Unstable Equilibrium, Saying Goodbye, and Funny Only Once
Monster Hunter Nation: A Letter to Epic Fantasy Readers – I know Rothfuss and Martin hurt you, but it’s time to get over it and move on., also, So the Cancerous Tumor on the Prolapsed Anus of Fandom is Upset With My Letter About George Martin’s Laziness Fucking Over a Generation of New Writers. Oh Well!
Stoic Observations: What I Don’t Know About Women, also, Save Your Mind With BUckets
Gab News:

Adam Piggott: A Brutal Conclusion to a Successful Fast, Death to Women’s Sports, and Can we criticise our priests?
American Conservative: Learning From Vlad the Impaler, Originalists Against Satanism, More Than Teen Spirit, and A Free Republic Depends on Worker Power
American Greatness: Florida Passes Bill Enacting Death Penalty for Sexual Abusers of Children, Biden Vows to Give $1 Billion to U.N. Climate Fund that Sends Money to Red China, IRS Whistleblower Says DOJ is Obstructing Criminal Investigations of Hunter Biden, and IRS Whistleblower Claims to Have Information That Contradicts AG Garland’s Sworn Testimony to Congress
American Power: Alleged Pedophile Throws Himself Under Wheels of Utility Van, West Coast Cities Are Letting Drug Addicts Kill Themselves, and In Test Flight, SpaceX’s Starship Explodes Shortly After Launch
American Thinker: Biden’s Susceptibility to Blackmail has Unleashed Domestic and International Chaos, Both American Political Parties Have Adopted Lenin’s Strategy for the Destruction of Capitalism, and Netflix’s Black Cleopatra Exposed
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Hate Speech News, Animal’s Daily Biden Corruption News, Animal’s Daily Threat Assessment News, and Rule Five Lost Boys Friday
Babalu Blog: Members of Congress call on PAHO to punish Cuba’s dictatorship for enslaving doctors, Cuba’s Castro dictatorship ‘re-elects’ its sock puppet president for another term, Reports from Cuba: How has Cuba’s economy fared under Diaz-Canel? His five years in numbers, and UN finally admits Cubans are going hungry
BattleSwarm: Ex-LA Sheriff Alex Villanueva Discusses The Homeless Industrial Complex, Ninth Circuit To Berserkley – No, You Can’t Ban Natural Gas. Not Yours, Has The Ukrainian Counteroffensive Already Begun?, and LinkSwarm for April 22, 2023
Behind The Black: Starship/Superheavy did not explode!, The strange terrain in the basement of Mars, India’s Modi government releases its new space policy, ULA delays first launch of Vulcan to June at the earliest, and Today’s blacklisted Americans: NY bans whites from honoring American Indians in school nicknames
Cafe Hayek: Beware of ESG Investing, Which Proponents of Capitalism Believe Themselves NOT to Promote the Common Good?, To Repeat: Industrial Policy Is Naive and Blind Arrogance, and Phil Magness Debates Woody Holton on the ‘1619 Project’
CDR Salamander: Doomsday Inertia, The VA & Suicide Prevention, There’s Still Time To Get It Right, and Fullbore Friday
Chicago Boyz: I’m Surprised That He is Surprised, Quote of the Day, Retrotech, Revitalized, and DARVO
Da Tech Guy: Let’s go Brandon – Chicago exodus accelerates as Walmart closes four stores, My local leaders turn down the feds, South Africa, the Future of Chicago, Six Quick Thoughts on the Upcoming Boston “Satancon” under the Fedora, and Hello from Zilla
Dana Loesch: Man Charged For Shooting Teen Through His Front Door, also, Charges Dropped Against Alec Baldwin For Killing Halyna Hutchins
Don Surber: Save Your State – Vote Republican, Fox Shows It’s Disney Lite, and End The FBI Blackmail
First Street Journal: People are investing in nice housing in parts of Philly, but if the city doesn’t address rampant crime, such will eventually cease, Danielle Outlaw isn’t just toast, and The Amazoning of our lives
Gates Of Vienna: Germany Says Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants, The Great Replacement: French and Italian Perspectives, Germania Delenda Est, The Invasion and Ethnic Cleansing of a Small Archipelago, and Yesterday’s Conspiracy Theory Becomes Today’s Fact
The Geller Report: Bill Gates Donated Over $80 million To Org that Teaches 10-Year-Olds How to Become “Sex Workers”, Oversight Committee Has Evidence of Biden Family Connections to Human Trafficking of Prostitutes from US, Russia, Ukraine, and NO END: Biden Announces New Ukraine Military Aid Package of Another $325 Million
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Everything Is Proceeding As I Have Foreseen, Looking Upward From A Balloon, and When a Friend Falls
Hollywood In Toto: Wicked Games Goes All-In on Style, Lack of Substance, Candace Owens’ Greatest Lie Censored…with No Repercussions?, To Catch a Killer Evokes Real-World Fears of Mass Shooters, and Landau: Steven Crowder Censored Me, Fellow Comic
The Lid: Calif. Democrats Floating Law to Take Kids Away from Parents Who Aren’t Woke Enough, Afghanistan Surrender Was A Tragedy Biden Caused; Now He’s Blaming Others, and Maybe It’s Time To Fess Up, We Jews DO Run The World
Legal Insurrection: Twitter #FauciFiles Drops, Revealing Collusion Between Platform and Big Pharma, ‘People are Going to Die’: The Great Twitter Meltdown Over the Loss of Legacy Checkmarks, U. Chicago Refuses to Recognize TPUSA as Official Campus Club, Dem Rep. Rosa DeLauro Praises Pete Buttigieg for Promoting Female Crash Test Dummies to Promote Gender Equity, and Leftists Protest Matt Walsh at University of Iowa, Hack His Twitter and Personal Email Accounts
Nebraska Energy Observer: The Celtic Last Stand, Truth, and The Slow, Painful Death of Chi Town
Outkick: Former Cardinals GM Says Nick Bosa Warned Him Not To Draft Kyler Murray, Stephen Jackson Defends Dillon Brooks’ Trash Talk, New College Football Rule Would Keep Clock Running After First Downs, Heidi Klum Once Again Tests Instagram’s X-Rated Patience With G-String Post, NFL Suspends Five Players For Gambling, Including Four Detroit Lions, and Mark Davis Is NOT Happy About The A’s Moving To Las Vegas
Power Line: Some Small Signs of Sanity?, Thoughts from the ammo line, Carve ‘Em Up!, and Feeling Blue: The Check(mark) Is Not in the Mail
Protein Wisdom Reborn: The United States Of Queer, also, Libertarian Utopianism Was Always Bound To Fail
Shark Tank: Rubio & Scott Call For Waivers To Ease S. Florida Fuel Shortage
Shot In The Dark: Stochastic Terror Part I, Blue America Calling, Stochastic Terror Part II – Whitewashed, and Controlled Demolition Part III
STUMP: Video: U.S. Mortality Through the Pandemic, part 2 — Differences by State, Podcast: Financial Reporting v. Budgeting: SC Comptroller Resigns Over $3.5 Billion Error, and The French Continue to Protest Over Retirement Age Changes
The Political Hat: Designated Oppression, Green Authoritarianism: Planetary “Right To Health”; Killing Diesel In California; The Nevada “Green Amendment”, and Electric Equity – To Each According To Their Electricity Consumption
This Ain’t Hell:  Charges against Alec Baldwin dropped?, US foreign aid intended for the Afghan people might be going to the Taliban instead, Flushed toilet at military housing resulted in toilet water dripping from multiple spots on the kitchen ceiling, Valor Friday, and Ukraine to receive $325 million in military aid, includes HIMARS rounds
Transterrestrial Musings: Climate “Tipping Points”, Paganism, Anti-DeSantis Imbecility, Mocking The Trans Cult, and Ariane 6
Victory Girls: Do the Irish Still Want to Come to America?, FBI Is Stalling The Release Of Audrey Hale Manifesto, Fetterman’s Remarks At Hearing Are Alarming And Sad, and IRS Whistleblower Implicates Merrick Garland
Volokh Conspiracy: Judge James C. Ho’s Remarks on Justice Thomas and Judge Kacsmaryk, Russian Opposition Leader Vladimir Kara-Murza’s Powerful Final Statement to the Court, and Unanimous Supreme Court Affirms Right to Challenge Federal Agencies in Federal Court
Watts Up With That: Is Russia Preparing to Attack Offshore Wind Turbine Infrastructure?, Ford F-150 Lightning Spectacular EV Fire, New York Goes Full Central Planning for The Electricity Sector, and Scientific American – Social Bullying is the Best Motivator for Green Behaviour
Weasel Zippers: Michelle Obama Scolds Americans For Having Second Amendment Rights, UN-Backed Report Suggests Normalizing Pedophilia, PETA Says New York City Shouldn’t Kill “Sensitive” Rats, Biden Admin Cannot Assure Congress We Are Not Currently Funding The Taliban, Hakeem Jeffries Says Biological Men Playing In Women’s Sports Is An “Issue That Doesn’t Exist”, and Occasional Cortex Says Raises For Police Officers Are “Misplaced,” Decries “Militarized” NYPD
The Federalist: Louisville Shooter Killed Five To Get Firearms Banned —  Democrats Are Happy To Oblige, Dennis Prager Is Dead Wrong About Pornography, Whistleblower Points To Biden Admin Obstructing Hunter Biden Tax Probe, Transgender-Identified Montana Lawmaker Censured For ‘Hate-Filled’ Comments, Despite Drugs, Sex, And Serial Killers, Bret Easton Ellis Leaves Readers Cold, and Feinstein, Fetterman, And Biden Illustrate Democrats’ Double Standard On Mental Acuity
Mark Steyn: They Want You Dead, Walking Toward the Fire, Decadence and Decline, and Live Around the Planet: Friday April 21st

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