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In The Mailbox: 05.04.23 (Morning Edition)

Posted on | May 4, 2023 | 1 Comment

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Didn’t get this done last night because my slow-ass DSL connection took forever to upload this video, which is mostly about death and was inspired by Cobb’s video that I’ve linked below. Almost immediately after I’d finished uploading it, the internet died, so I gave up, went to bed, and got up way too early this morning.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

Ninety Miles From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Box, Episode #2068
EBL: Green California Transportation!
Twitchy: Did Democrats Threaten To Cut Funding For SCOTUS Security?“Zooey Zephyr” Loses In Court, Claims He Was SWATted, and Ayanna Pressley Claims Madman Jordan Neely Was “Lynched” On NYC Subway
Louder With Crowder: Woke TikToker gets scared when restaurant sings National Anthem, blasts it as “white people things”, US Navy thought this seaman turned drag queen was their answer to record low military recruitment, and Dude working drive-thru so stoned he bangs his head on microwave and forgets what customers are
Vox Popoli: How the Vaxx Causes Cancer, The Culmination of Avalon City, The History of the US Color Revolution, and Anywhere and Anytime
Stoic Observations: Data Engineering vs. Data Science, also, Maggie’s Mom

American Greatness: Watchdog: IRS has Spent $10M on Weapons, Ammunition, and Combat Gear Since 2020, American Eighth Graders’ History, Civics Scores Drop on National Test, and More People Choosing to ‘Identify’ as Handicapped
American Power: Scott Jennings Hammers Randi Weingarten on Pandemic School Closures — on CNN! 
American Thinker: Covid Hospital Protocols Destroyed Thousands of American Families, The Push for ‘Net Zero Emissions’ is Climate Hoax Fiction, Not Energy Reality, and The FBI’s Snipe Hunts
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Cubans stage protest in Havana, shut down main boulevard in the capital, An open letter to the Amazon labor union leader who admires Cuba’s Castro dictatorship, and Ana de Armas parties hearty in Havana
Behind The Black: Astronomers record moment star eats planet, In a Martian cold cauldron, boil and bake, SuperBIT balloon circling Antarctica snaps more high resolution astronomical pictures, and Pushback: Court rules that PA school district denied parent public documents in “bad faith”
Cafe Hayek: Negative-Productivity Administration Officials
CDR Salamander: No, No-one Tried To Assassinate Putin
Da Tech Guy: Drones, Moscow and Does Anybody Remember The Undeclared War Between the US and Germany During 1941?
Don Surber: Why These Boycotts Are Working
First Street Journal: Why should we spend money keeping junkies alive?, also, Killadelphia
The Geller Report: Fox Bleeding: FOR THE FIRST TIME, MSNBC Number One in Primetime After Tucker’s Abrupt Departure, also, New York State To Ban Gas Stoves
Glenn Reynolds: AI & The Screwfly Succession
Hogewash: Big Black Holes, Nice Court You Have There. Be A Shame If Something Happened To It, and Team Kimberlin Post of the Day
Hollywood In Toto: Beau Is Afraid Is Big, Bloated and Brimming with Wonder, Gutfeld! Unaffected by WGA’s Writer’s Strike, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 – A Noisy, Unnecessary Swan Song
Legal Insurrection: Left Wing Trans Activists Occupy Texas Capitol, Shut Down Proceedings, Federal Judge Rules Pennsylvania School District Must Allow After-School ‘Satan Club’, Savannah State U. Cuts Faculty and Freezes Open Positions Amid Lower Enrollment, Gendered-Oriented Funding in Academic Science Is Biased In Favor Of Women, and Survey: Conservative Seniors at Princeton ‘Uncomfortable Sharing Political Views’
Nebraska Energy Observer: Loyalty > Brand: Bud Light and Tucker
Outkick: Brooks Koepka Can Still Close, Knocks Up Sports Illustrated Wife Jena Sims, Trevor Bauer Diminishes MLB Crowds After Throwing Nasty Cheddar During Stellar BayStars Debut, Tributes Pour In As Olympic Gold Medalist Tori Bowie Dies At 32, How Long Until ESPN Makes P.K. Subban Apologize For Calling Lizzo Fat?, and Jessica Alba Resurfaces Out Of Nowhere At Knicks Playoff Game, Sets Internet On Fire
Power Line: Argumentum interruptum — live on Fox News!, also, Putin Assassination Attempt?
Protein Wisdom Reborn: The Protein Wisdom Interview – Stephen Colbert
Shark Tank: DeSantis Signs Bill Limiting Big Pharma Power
Shot In The Dark: There Were No Illusions On The Summer Side Of Life, Just Remember, and Communicating With The MN DFL Part VIII
STUMP: A Sampling of Political Mortality
The Political Hat: Louisiana vs. The Groomers
This Ain’t Hell: Russian “inspector” satellite continued to play “cat and mouse” with US satellite, Iranians seize US bound tanker, release footage of the attack, Three More Accounted For, Biden Sends Military to Southern Border. Again, and Joshua Kelley, Navy drag queen, leverages TikTok to aid Navy recruiting
Victory Girls: Portland Dumpster Fire: Rioter Ordered To Pay Damages
Volokh Conspiracy: No Application of Iranian Inheritance Law in Maryland Court
Watts Up With That: The Practical Impossibility of Large-Scale Carbon Capture and Storage, also, The Big Chill Will Save California from the Big Melt
Weasel Zippers: Biden Interior Secretary Deb Haaland Says There Are TOO MANY JOBS In The United States, Elon Musk Rips “Woke Mind Virus”, and MSNBC Clowns Outraged GOP Not On Board The Woke Train
The Federalist: From Sketchy Balloting To Shady Funding, New Montana Laws Say No To Rigged Elections, Cormac McCarthy Leaves His Last Will And Testament In Two Novels, Can We All Finally Admit ‘Ted Lasso’ Is A Terrible Show?, and Lawsuit Shows Government’s Hands All Over The Election Integrity Partnership’s Censorship Campaign

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