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In The Mailbox: 05.04.23 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: How Is That Bail Reform Working Out?
EBL: The Windsors, also, May the 4th be with you
Twitchy: #TwitterFiles Comes For The CBC, NYC’s Mayor Adams Hits Back At Occasional Cortex Over Death Of Subway Crazy, and Heretic Minister Proclaims “Jesus Was A 30-Year-Old Black Man On The Subway”
Louder With Crowder: Anheuser-Busch issues another statement on Bud Light disaster, claims it was “just one can”, Student speaks out after tranny whipped out penis in girls bathroom, assaulted smaller girl who disagreed, and Alex Jones shares what his Tucker Carlson sources tell him REALLY happened
Vox Popoli: The Death of Cities, also, History for Europe

American Conservative: Roman Lessons From Milley, Greek Lessons From Milley, and Dieu et Mon Droit
American Greatness: Left-Wing Justice Sotomayor Took $3M from Book Publisher, Didn’t Recuse Herself from Cases, Jim Jordan Demands Answers as to Why Supreme Court Protesters Were Not Arrested, and All Hail Greg Abbott, Conqueror of Woke Sanctuary Mayors
American Thinker: Unprecedented Rise in Hate Crimes against American Churches, also, The Countdown of Good vs. Evil – The 2024 Presidential Election
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily San Franmeltdown News
Babalu Blog: Reports from Cuba: Tired of Cuban inefficiency, Vietnamese abandon their successful rice project, Lifestyles of the Rich and Communist: Fidel Castro’s grandson goes skydiving during fuel crisis, Cuba claims one million tourists in first four months of 2023, half of them Canadian, and Texas update – Who’s challenging Senator Ted Cruz now?
BattleSwarm: Ted Cruz Draws A 2024 Challenger, also, Lina Hidalgo’s Continued Contempt for Transparency
Behind The Black: SpaceX launches 56 Starlink satellites into orbit, Maxar sale closes and company goes private, Two interacting galaxies, both with active supermassive black holes at their center, Two Russian astronauts shift airlock on ISS during 7-hour spacewalk, and Today’s blacklisted American: Biden administration threatens to shut down Catholic hospital system because of a candle
Cafe Hayek: Common-‘Good’ Statism
CDR Salamander: Our Navy Needs More Of The War, Less Of The College
Chicago Boyz: Whatever happened to FEE’s Fresh States Project?, also, Nuclear News Update
Da Tech Guy: YouTube Censors FilmLadd So Let’s Post His Video Here, also, Transableism is the next cause de jour that will be crammed down our throats by Leftists
Dana Loesch: It’s Almost Riot Season – The Left’s New Cause Celebre
Don Surber: SCOTUS Is The Left’s New Trump
First Street Journal: In trying to avoid calling street gangs gangs, The Philadelphia Inquirer has again beclowned itself, also, Remember when we were told that it was nobody else’s business what people did in their bedrooms?
Gates Of Vienna: Pope Francis Promotes the Great Replacement
The Geller Report: Whistleblower Says Joe Biden Engaged In “Bribery Scheme With a Foreign National,” ‘Money for Policy Decisions’, SEAL Who Helped Kill Bin Laden Fuming Over Navy’s Drag Queen Ambassador: ‘Can’t Believe I Fought Bor This Bullsh–t’, and The Border is Lost: Biden is Sending 1500 Troops As Title 42 Set to Expire
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, also, Death of a Planet
Hollywood In Toto: Could Guardians Vol. 3 Follow in Ant Man’s Tiny Footprints?, Comedy Coward – Roy Wood Jr. Trembles Before VP Harris, and The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Beclowns Itself (Again)
The Lid: Lawless San Francisco Is Becoming A Disaster Zone, also, Dem’s Smear Campaign Against SCOTUS Conservatives Boomerangs On Sotomayor
Legal Insurrection: Nordstrom Closing Two Stores in San Francisco, Citing Crime and Safety Issues, Environmental Activists Sue FAA Over SpaceX Starship Rocket Launch, ‘Dream Defenders’ Protesters Furious That DeSantis Staffer Ate Cake During Their ‘Occupation’ Of Gov’s Office, Colorado Teachers Union Passes Resolution Claiming Capitalism ‘Exploits Children and Public Schools’, and Nonbinary Child of Massachusetts Rep. Katherine Clark Gets Probation for Assaulting a Cop
Nebraska Energy Observer: Boy, oh boy
Outkick: Oakland A’s Fans Chant ‘Sell The Team’ During Home Game, San Francisco Beat Writer Calls Sam Darnold ‘Most Talented Thrower 49ers Have Ever Had’, Kentucky’s John Calipari Upset That Older Players Are Dominating College Basketball, Jay Williams The Latest ESPN Employee To Be Triggered By The ‘Mount Rushmore’ Metaphor, and Nikola Jokic Whiteness Cost Him The NBA MVP
Power Line: Another Biden Bribery Allegation, Postscript on the National Vote Compact, and In defense of Justice Thomas
Protein Wisdom Reborn: The Stephen Colbert Interview – Uncensored
Shark Tank: DeSantis Set To Sign Protection Of Medical Conscience Into Law
Shot In The Dark: Irrelevant, From The “Being A DFLer Requires Suspending Logic & Reason, If You Ever Had Any” Files, and Communicating With The MN DFL Part IX
The Political Hat: Gender Madness – Transitioning Is A One Way Street, Transitioning Is A Flip-Flop, and Lying To Parents About Children Transitioning
This Ain’t Hell: Pakistan gets US Aid for Transgenders, Sergeant Daniel Perry denied retrial, Gov. Abbott wants to pardon him, and Good girl on carrier
Transterrestrial Musings: AI And The Screwfly Succession, also, The New Ugly Americans
Victory Girls: Atlanta Shooter Caught. Now What, Media?, also, It’s Not About Ethics, It’s About Making SCOTUS Toe The Democrat Line
Volokh Conspiracy: Trump To Remove Criminal Prosecution To Federal Court
Watts Up With That: European Green War on Agriculture: Farmers Banned for Life if they Want Compensation, The Elephants in The Room, and “80% Renewables by 2030 – Its Bullsh*t”
Weasel Zippers: College Professor Banned From Using Words “Male” And “Female” In Research Over Fears of “Misgendering”, Jaw-Dropper: WH Credits Biden For Opening Schools When He Took Office, California’s Slavery Reparations Panel Hints At $1.2 Million Payments To Each Black Resident, and Palestinian Terror Groups Fire 104 Rockets At Israel In One Day
The Federalist: Thanks To The Brave Men Who Saved New York Subway Riders From Jordan Neely, Yes, The Trans Movement Is Coming For Your Kids, Maine Seeks To Enshrine Democrats’ Unpopular Abortion Extremism In State Law Against Citizens’ Wishes, NBC Fabricates Fake Trans Propaganda About Montana Mom Who Cared For Suicidal Daughter, Gov. Kemp Signs Bill Banning Dark Money From Georgia Elections, Dashing Democrats’ Latest Infiltration Efforts, and Alaska Court Rules State House Candidate Should Never Have Been Removed From Special Election Ballot
Mark Steyn: Snerdley Sings Sondheim?, also, Relationship of Fools

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