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Why Is Ex-Fox Producer Abby Grossberg Trying to Encourage Anti-Semitism?

Posted on | May 5, 2023 | Comments Off on Why Is Ex-Fox Producer Abby Grossberg Trying to Encourage Anti-Semitism?

Today I was scanning headlines at Memeorandum, when I spotted this one from Rolling Stone:

Producer Tells All: How Tucker Carlson Became the GOP’s MAGA Puppeteer
A former producer on Tucker Carlson’s show is revealing just how far the Fox host went to bully top Republicans to come on his show and bend the knee to the MAGA agenda.
Carlson terrified top Republicans with threats to “destroy” them if they failed to do his bidding and used his platform to push a personal agenda on the party’s leadership, Abby Grossberg, who worked as a producer for Carlson’s show starting in August 2022, tells Rolling Stone.
Grossberg says Carlson pressured Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott to militarize the southern border, tried to threaten Rep. Michael McCaul over military aid to Ukraine, and pushed Kevin McCarthy — then the aspiring House Speaker — to create the Republican-led committee on the “Weaponization of the Federal Government.”
Grossberg, a former senior producer for Tucker Carlson Tonight, filed a lawsuit in March against the right-wing TV host and Fox News, alleging Carlson and Fox fostered a workplace climate of misogyny and toxicity during her tenure at the company. . . .

You can read the whole thing, but the details don’t matter nearly so much as the glaring fact — which I’m sure anti-Semites must be feasting on — that Tucker got sabotaged by a Jew. It’s just a bad look, OK?

Is there any awareness within the Jewish community of how important it is that they avoid acting in ways that might be interpreted as confirming the worst anti-Semitic stereotypes? Because if so, somebody forgot to tell Abby Grossberg, who might as well be an AI simulation of the Untrustworthy Jew stereotype. If she didn’t actually exist, some neo-Nazi propagandist would have invented her. Being a philo-Semite myself, I hate to see Jews giving aid and comfort to their enemies, which is basically what Abby Grossberg has done by backstabbing Carlson.

As a member of the Appalachian-American community (we can call ourselves “hillbillies,” but consider it an insult if others use “the H-word”), I try to be conscious about avoiding stereotypical hillbilly behavior. There’s a reason why I never learned to play the banjo, and why I don’t drink moonshine whiskey. There are no broken-down old trucks up on blocks in my front yard, and my wife is not my cousin.

Concern for the reputation of my own frequently stigmatized ethnic group inspires me to strive to avoid certain behaviors, and I would hope that other Southerners share my sense of the importance of not acting like redneck trash. Why then do some Jews seem to be oblivious to the way their behavior might encourage anti-Semitism? I mean, a belief isn’t a prejudicial stereotype if you can illustrate it by actual examples, and any Jew-hater can now point to Abby Grossberg and say, “See?”

Truly, she is a shanda fur die goyim.




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