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In The Mailbox: 05.05.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.

EBL: War: Cinco De Mayo
Twitchy: Ayanna Pressley – “Clarence Thomas Must Resign”, Adam Schiff Laughed Off Twitter For Cringe Star Wars Tweets, and Check Out This Brutal Split-Screen As DHS Head Mayorkas Claims “The Border Is Not Open”
Louder With Crowder: Viral video of an empty Bud Light stand at Fenway Park proves what enormous trouble the company’s in, Woke nincompoops are coming after “Bluey,” accuse the world’s greatest dad of being a fat shamer, and Neil deGrasse Tyson Gets Obliterated, Out-Scienced on Twitter by…Steak-umm.
Vox Popoli: U-Stasi in Action, also, Running Out of Rabbits
According To Hoyt: It’s The End Of The World, The Order of Consequences, and Throwing Darts At Popcorn
Monster Hunter Nation: The Futility of Trying
Stoic Observations: Several AI Scenarios

American Conservative: Supporting, Not Transforming, American Agriculture, also, The War on Porn Is Not Enough
American Greatness: Soros-Backed St. Louis Attorney Kim Gardner Resigns, Israeli Whistleblower With Info on Biden Corruption Disappears in Cyprus After Saying Biden Regime Wants to ‘Bury Him’, and Colorado Teachers’ Union Passes Resolution Declaring that Capitalism ‘Inherently Exploits Children’
American Power: ‘Rochelle Walensky is a monster for what she did during the Covid pandemic.’
American Thinker: Savor Trump’s Electoral Landslide — Until the Phantoms Vote, also, US Weakness Invites Iranian Attacks on Shipping in the Gulf
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Global Currency Friday
Babalu Blog: Elderly man in Cuba faints from hunger while walking down the street, Cuban Catholic bishops should make no concessions to the Castro dictatorship, and Cuban dictatorship seals pact with Russia to launch ‘Russian-Cuban investment initiative’ (aka colonization)
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm for May 5
Behind The Black: ESA finally admits — sort of — that private enterprise can do it better, Lockheed Martin reorganizes its space divisions to better compete in the new commercial market, Celestis recovers astronaut’s remains from suborbital rocket explosion, Hubble captures shadows on star’s outer accretion disk cast by inner accretion disk, and The modern corrupt legislative way of doing business: Know nothing, fund everything!
Cafe Hayek: Oren Cass Again Grossly Understates the Rise In Ordinary Americans’ Wages
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Da Tech Guy: Feed the Bums (BudLight) Tuppence a Can
Don Surber: Keeping Us Confused
Gates Of Vienna:  Shanked on the Bus in Eupen, also, All Your Kids Are Belong to Us
The Geller Report: El Paso Declares Border Migrant ‘State of Emergency’, Soros-Backed Prosecutor Kimberly Gardner Resigns As Missouri AG Moved To Have Her Forcibly Removed From Office, and Emails Show Former CIA Director Mike Morell Conspired with CIA Director John Brennan to Call the Hunter Biden Laptop Story, ‘Russian Disinformation.’
Hogewash: H is for “Hot” and “Huge”, Fact Checking the Fact Chekists, I’m Not Making This Up, You Know, and Team Kimberlin Post of the Day
Hollywood In Toto:  Woke Killed Comedy (Check Out the Frightening Numbers), also, Richard Dreyfuss: Oscar’s New Diversity Rules ‘Make Me Vomit’
The Lid: Joe Manchin: Biden Won’t Like Him When He’s Angry
Legal Insurrection: Duke University Students Launch Campaign to Disinvite Law Prof Over Her LGBT Opinions, New York State Now Banning Natural Gas Hookups in Some New Construction, ‘Radical DEI Bureaucracy’ Reportedly Created at University of Texas, U. Albany Prof Arrested for ‘Obstructing Pro-Life Display and Then Resisting Arrest’, and UC-Berkeley Prof Admits She’s a White Person After Claiming She was Native American Her ‘Whole Life’
Nebraska Energy Observer: Scattershot Friday
Outkick: Veronika Rajek Done With Tom Brady, Parties With Shaq, David Njoku, Deion Sanders Is Turning Over Colorado Roster With Help From NCAA Rule; AD Rick George Fully Supports, Big 12 Will Spice Up Telecasts With XFL-Like Production Including In-Game Player Interviews, Mic’d Up Coaches, NESN Turns Off Twitter Comments After First Female D1 Baseball Player Blows First Pitch, Tommy Tuberville Says Megan Rapinoe Would Work At A Grocery Store If She Had To Compete Against Men, and Cam Newton Blames Hairstyle As Reason He’s Not In NFL
Power Line: Thoughts from the ammo line, Sheldon Whitehouse plays Elmer Fudd, and The Ruling Class at Play
Shark Tank: Cory Mills Calls Biden Cartels’ MVP, also, DeSantis Ends Legislative Session by Bashing Child Castration/Mutilation & Pedophiles
Shot In The Dark: Profile In Cowardice, Communicating With The MN DFL Part X, and Deadsville
STUMP: Podcast: Choices Have Consequences – Pension Obligation Bonds
The Political Hat: Firing Line Friday – The Nixon Presidency
This Ain’t Hell: Friday Short Takes – Army/Navy shortfalls, Sludge Light down, Valor Friday, Neighbor claims that a veteran was behind pounds of pasta dumped in the woods, Marine veteran places Jordan Neely in chokehold, Kathy Hochul wants justice, and Proposed rule change would require U.S. government approval for land related purchases near eight military bases
Transterrestrial Musings: About That Attack On The Kremlin, Our Disastrous Educational System, and The Need For responsive Space
Victory Girls: Hunter Laptop Letter Was Planted As Debate Cover For Joe
Volokh Conspiracy: Is It “Abuse of Corpse” to Have Sex on Mattress That Partly Covers Your Ex-Girlfriend’s Dead Body?
Watts Up With That: Silence of the Grid Experts, also, Biden and the Bank Crash – Why Biden’s Green Energy Push is Driving US Banks into Insolvency
Weasel Zippers: Kamala Harris’ Word Salad Of The Day: “Very Good In Terms Of Us Addressing The Concern”, also, Denver City Council Member: Tax White-Owned Businesses And Give It To Black, Brown-Owned Businesses
The Federalist: Conservatives Won The Word ‘Woke.’ Now It’s Time To Reclaim Accurate Language Everywhere, From Canning ESG To Cracking Down On Crime, Here’s The Major Wins DeSantis Scored For Floridians This Week, Republicans Move To Curb Biden’s Federal Interference In Elections, Of Course Prince Harry Thinks He Can Break Our Immigrations Laws, Everyone Else Does , and Pro-Life Pediatricians Org Survives Cyberattacks Just Weeks After Judge Rules In Its Favor In Abortion Pill Case

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