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In The Mailbox: 05.08.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Taylor Swift has thoughts on AI

357 Magnum: I’m Shocked That A Criminal Would Ignore A Sign! also, How Bud Light Ended Up With Dylan M. & A Controversy
EBL: Kentucky Derby Day, Coronation Kate, and The Last Ship
Twitchy: Dem Strategist Draws Venn Diagram Of Men With Guns & Men Afraid To Take The Subway, David Hogg Begs For Money Ahead Of Impending Harvard Graduation – It Doesn’t Go Well, and Claire McCaskill Preaches Heresy
Louder With Crowder: America’s oldest brewery counters Bud Light with new patriotic beer cans to benefit our veterans, New video destroys media narrative about Jordan Neely’s death, and Chris Pratt quotes Bible in response to his anti-Christian haters, also tells them what to stick up their butt
Vox Popoli: Past as Prelude, Better Than Trump, AI Disemploys the Left, Clown World’s Fake King, and Now Wait a Minute
Stoic Observations: On Parental Consent

Adam Piggott: Deconstructing Miles Mathis
American Conservative: The Return of the King, also, The ‘Cis-’ Slur and the War on Normality
American Greatness: Black Grievance Politics Is Destroying Civilization, The Impending Thermidor Reaction in Jacobin America, and Oklahoma Governor Axes PBS Funding Over ‘Really Problematic’ LGBTQ Content Targeting Children
American Power: Six Books About British Monarchs and Coronations, also, Demand for Property in Alys Beach, Planned Community on Florida’s Panhandle, Has Soared Over the Past Few Years
American Thinker: (Don’t) Take the F Train, Where Is the Missing Biden Witness, Gal Luft?, and Federal Government Burns the Whole House Down
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: On Karl Marx’s birthday, Cuba celebrates the failures and oppression of Marxism, Spain’s Meliá Hotels acquires three ‘historic’ hotels in Cuba, will also build new one in Havana, Cubans protesting in Caimanera, Guantanamo are hungry, and In communist Cuba, prostitution has become a method of survival
BattleSwarm: China’s Slacker City, also, Americans Reject Transexism Because It’s Anti-Reality
Behind The Black: Rocket Lab successfully launches two NASA hurricane monitoring cubesats, China’s X-37B copy lands successfully after 276 days in orbit, Sinuous ridge inside Martian canyon, and Webb takes infrared image of the disk of dust and debris surrounding Fomalhaut
Cafe Hayek: But Then Again, Washington DOES Endlessly Issue Commands, also,  Productivity Is Flat (Thus Explaining Flat Wages) While Productivity Is Rising (Thus Explaining Unjust Worker Exploitation)
CDR Salamander: From LCS To Missing Pay, The Wrong Mindset Remains
Chicago Boyz: Evil
Da Tech Guy: Five Interesting Things I Saw at Longhorn’s, What’s worse than the military recruiting crisis?, and The Question that Really Matters in Election 2024 wasn’t asked in the ABC Poll
Don Surber: Jeff Bezos’ Post Upset That Republican Does What Biden Did
First Street Journal: ‘Decarceration’ is deadly to black Americans, also, Danielle Outlaw will probably fire another good cop
Gates Of Vienna: What’s the Real Scoop on Nizhny Novgorod?, Santiago Abascal: A Message for CPAC Hungary, Viktor Orbán: “Progressive Foreign Policy Always Leads Us Into War”, and Hijab is Mandatory!
The Geller Report: Over 50% of Joe Biden’s Twitter Followers are Fake, According to Audit, Tucker’s First Speech After Fox: ‘Manufactured’ Media Lies Can End Democracy, and Biden Regime Still Largest Donor To Afghanistan As Taliban Persecutes Christians
Hogewash: The Hercules Galaxy Cluster, A National Anthem and a Restaurant, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, and A Lenticular Seyfert Galaxy
Hollywood In Toto: The Tears of a Shock Jock Clown, Jaws 3-D Is Even Worse Without that Third Dimension, and Still Offers Haunting Look at Fame, Parkinson’s Disease
The Lid: RFK Jr.’s Popularity Reminds Us That Democrats Endorse Conspiracies, also, Why Are Hollywood Spin Doctors Helping DOE Spend Its $62 Billion Budget?
Legal Insurrection: Revisions in Jobs Report Show a Slower Jobs Market Than Portrayed by White House, Has the War on Coffee Begun?, “You may not be interested in culture war, but culture war is interested in you”, Highlight Reel About ‘Conspiracy Theory’ of Gas Stove Bans Shows How the Media Lies on Behalf of Democrats, and ‘Peaceful Protesters’ Block NYC Subway Cars On Tracks As Dems Stoke Racial Conflict Over Jordan Neely’s Death
Nebraska Energy Observer: Random Obs…and just for you, also, Cantate Sunday
Outkick: New York Radio Hosts Accuse Tampa Bay Rays Of Cheating Following Series Win Over New York Yankees, C.J. Stroud Bizarrely Claims Ohio State Recruiting Quinn Ewers Was Disrespectful, Riley Gaines Urges Female Athletes To Refuse To Compete Against Trans Athletes, Jalen Rose Blames South Florida Weather For New York Knicks Embarrassing Loss To Miami Heat…Indoors, Opposing Jockeys Help Mage Co-Owner In Wheelchair Celebrate Derby Win In Touching Moment Of Sportsmanship, and Winter Olympian Funding Her Olympic Dreams With OnlyFans Goes Topless In Cabo
Power Line: Slow Joe’s Meds Are Not Working, The Sotomayor exception, Will Democrats Die on the Trans Hill?, and Communists Love Free Enterprise
Shark Tank: Scott & Roy Introduce Bill To Make Bureaucrats At-Will Employees
Shot In The Dark: Meanwhile In St. Anthony Park, also, This Is Blue America
STUMP: Video: U.S. Mortality Trends 2020-2022 part 6: Heart Disease and Cancer, also, Sunday Sumo: Preparing for the May Tournament
The Political Hat: Let’s See How Abolishing The Police Is Working Out In West Hollywood
This Ain’t Hell: Navy Reservists anticipating retirement eligibility notified that they have another three years to go, Senator Fights for Vetting of Veteran-Owned Businesses, Ukraine uses American Patriot Defense System to knock a Russian hypersonic missile out of the sky, Buzz Aldrin gets his very own star, and US soldiers partying in Colombia drank spiked drinks
Transterrestrial Musings: The Question On Climate, From Nashville To San Bernardino, The Coronation, and The Trans Bubble
Victory Girls: Hillary Clinton Wants “Enforceable Code Of Ethics” For Supreme Court, Comer Claims To Have Biden Family Evidence, and Marcotte Irony – Republican Women Are Self-Loathing
Volokh Conspiracy: Will There Finally be Some Development on the Land Condemned in Kelo v. City of New London?, also, “Citizen Non-Cooperation and Police Non-Intervention as Causes of Justice Failure and Crime”
Watts Up With That: New York Gas Stove Ban – Beginning of the End or End of the Beginning?, FERC commissioners tell senators of major grid reliability challenges, with some blaming markets, and California’s Retail Electricity Price Highest in the Continental U.S. & More than Double the Western U.S. Average Price
Weasel Zippers: Biden Thinks He’s Smarter Than You, “We Can’t Let Obama” Win Again, NYC Catholic Church Displays “God Is Trans” Exhibit, House Dem Leader Hakeem Jeffries Claims Biden Has Done An “Incredible Job” On Economy, and House Dem Chair Pete Aguilar Blames Border Surge On “Climate Change”
The Federalist: Like Bud Light, The U.S. Navy Steps On A Rake With Drag Influencers, Elon Musk Couldn’t Fix Twitter Even If He Wanted To, Washington’s Ban On Popular Rifles Doesn’t Hold Up Under Any Level Of Scrutiny, Making Jordan Neely The New George Floyd Is The Next Step In The Left’s War On America, How Can Media Identify ‘White Supremacy’ In Hispanic Shooter But Not Trans Murderer’s Anti-Christian Hate?, and Not Even Junk Polls Can Hide The Public’s Cratering Trust In Media
Mark Steyn: Royal Pain – King Charles III and the Agony of Succession, Tal Bachman – Selves in the Balance, and Of Rain and Wrecks

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