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In The Mailbox: 05.09.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

EBL: So Trump did not rape weirdo Jean Carroll, but he owes her millions of dollars for saying he did not rape her?
Twitchy: Tucker Carlson’s Bringing His Show Back…To Twitter!, Randi Weingarten Pushes A Social Media Scrub Tool – We All Know Why, and Parents Sue School District That Encouraged Their Kids To Join “Secret” LGBTWTFBBQ Club
Louder With Crowder: Reporter’s free beer experiment at a concert turns into an “unmitigated disaster” for Bud Light, NFL star lost job over rape allegations – new evidence shows he wasn’t even at the party, and Barista goes bananas on nice old lady she claims was “transphobic,” then turned and got violent
Vox Popoli: The Clowns Know Collapse is Nigh, Preparing for Defeat, The Russians Call Out NASA, and Want Has Nothing to Do With it

American Conservative: A Nation in Search of Men
American Greatness: Street Thugs and the Intellectual Thugs Who Enable Them, Senate Republicans Show They Have Votes to Block Debt Ceiling Bill, and Report: Former CIA Director Misled Signatories of Hunter Biden Laptop Letter
American Power: ‘Millions of Deportations’ 
American Thinker: How the Feds are Fueling a New Mortgage Crisis, also, From the L Word to Cultural Marxism
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Stupid Idea News
Babalu Blog: Three members of the Cuban women’s field hockey team defect in Barcelona, Cuban dictatorship admits 60% of its ambulances are kaput, no remedy in sight, and Suicide among top-ten causes of death in Cuba, along with accidents, heart disease, and cancer
Baldilocks: Racial Entanglements
BattleSwarm: The DEI Rot At UT, also, Three Cheers For The Death Star
Behind The Black: Momentus test orbital tug successfully raises orbit using water-ionized thrusters, NASA now demolishing the obsolete mobile launch platform used during Apollo, Space junk removal company ClearSpace signs deal to launch on Vega-C, Paperwork on Mars, and Pushback: School board forced to restore contract it tried to cancel because it hates Christians
Cafe Hayek: Gotta Mention the Iceberg, also, Michael Lind Slays A Minimum-Wage Straw Man
CDR Salamander: Lothair, Louis, Charles…and Sam’s Bar Tab
Chicago Boyz: Disinformation
Da Tech Guy: The Kinks at 60 – here are their 10 best albums, A Feature Not A Bug in Chicago, Is rock ‘n’ roll here to stay?, and Bud Light Limbo, How Low Can Sales Continue to Go?
Don Surber: White Supremacy – Not Just For Whites Any More
First Street Journal:  Hold them accountable! The good old boys’ network strikes again, also, I’ve said it before: today’s left are pro-choice on exactly one thing!
Gates Of Vienna: No to US Troops in Czechia!, Fox Appointed to Guard Henhouse, Shia vs. Sunni in Vienna, and Belligerence in the Buff
The Geller Report: SOROS To Buy Bankrupt Far-Left VICE NEWS, BIDEN BANS THE NY POST, and Tucker is Back!
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, The Crab Nebula in 3D, The Lupus 3 Dark Cloud, and That Pesky Bill of Rights
Hollywood In Toto: Adam McKay, Chelsea Handler Mum on Funding Attacks on Art, Society, Can Oppenheimer Bring Patriotism Back to the Big Screen?, Rob Schneider Calls Out Kimmel, Young for ‘Disgusting’ COVID Stances, and Joe Rogan Offers Perfect Description of Anti-Woke Comedy
The Lid: Cook County Prosecutor Quits After 20 Years Because Soft-on-Crime, Soros-Funded State’s Attorney
Legal Insurrection: Drone Catches Hundreds of Migrants Crossing Into Texas Days Before Title 42 Ends, Chicago Prosecutor Quits After 20 Years, Slams Leaders for Putting City ‘On a Course to Disaster’, Texas School District Failed to Tell Parents After First Grade Boys Allegedly Force Girl to Perform Sex Act, Filmed on iPad, Air Force Diversity Pilot Program Not Only Failed, It Likely Violated Its Own Non-Discrimination Policies, and Dept. of Energy Going After Dishwashers With New ‘Efficiency Rules’
Nebraska Energy Observer: Of Coronations and Liberty, also, Be aware – beware!
Outkick: Minor League Team Is Giving Away George Costanza Bobbleheads, Georgia Football Will Not Travel To White House For National Championship Celebration Because Of Date Offered, South Carolina Student Finally Reveals Herself As ‘Cocky’ Mascot At Graduation After Two Years On Job, The Pat McAfee Show Reportedly Could Head To ESPN, Woke NYT Columnist Who Crushed Olivia Dunne Is Silent On LSU’s Angel Reese Posing For SI Swimsuit Issue, Using Sex Appeal, and LSU Women’s Basketball Star Freshman Flau’jae Johnson Calls Out Haters In New Rap Shouting Out Hailey Van Lith
Power Line: The floggings will continue, ,The Daily Chart – Cars and Bagels and Electric Vehicles, the Wave of the Past
Shark Tank: DeSantis Signs $1 Billion Teacher Pay Increase, Imposes Limits On Union Bosses & School Board Members
Shot In The Dark: A Nation Of Cowards, also, Do Try To Keep Up
STUMP: Some U.S. Mortality Nuggets – Meep on the Beeb (Radio 4 podcast)
The Political Hat: The Gender Homunculus
This Ain’t Hell: Texas jerk shoots up mall, racist ties alleged, Mauricio Garcia, Texas mall shooter, washed out of Army infantry training, and Adams Plans Migrant Dumps
Transterrestrial Musings: The Trans Hill, Carless, Sexless Teenagers, If Something Cannot Go On Forever, and Condolences To Glenn Greenwald
Victory Girls: Are Wind Farms Killing Whales And Other Living Things?
Volokh Conspiracy: Federal Judges’ Standing Orders
Watts Up With That: Thanks, Guardian, For Reporting that Europeans Are Also Unwilling to Make Huge Lifestyle Changes to Stop Climate Change, The Auto Industry in Jonestown, and Americans Increasingly Choose a Warmer Life
Weasel Zippers: Biden Completely Malfunctions During WH Remarks, WH: Biden “Has Been Closely Consulting” With Kamala Harris On Southern Border Crisis, and The View: Blacks And Hispanics Not “Immune” From Being “White Supremacist”
The Federalist: Hollywood Learns The Downsides Of Mass Manufacturing Leftist Drivel With AI, E. Jean Carroll’s Original Claims About Trump Were Absurd, But That Didn’t Stop The Media From Amplifying Them, Biden Needs A Syria Policy, Not A Dangerous Replay Of Obama-Era Concessions, Conservatives, Get Busy Ballot Harvesting Or Get Busy Losing, and Government-Funded Censors Violated Congress’s Mandate To Target Only Foreign ‘Disinformation’
Mark Steyn: Now We Are Six

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